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Stop playing, Zara!

I managed to go to Zara every day I was in New York. And every day I found something new to have a meltdown about. In short: JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL! LEAD ME NOT INTO TEMPTATION! VERILY!

*clears throat*

I ended up leaving with

two dresses,

a cardigan (which is very similar to one that I already have but too good to leave behind), mustard colored tights and some socks for the boys.

But let’s talk about what was LEFT BEHIND, mkay? First of all…the COATS.

This lovely creature:

This skirt will HAUNT MY DREAMS.


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In Bloom

Cardigan: Fossil

Dress: Fossil

Tights: Sock Dreams

Shoes: Seychelles

Earrings: Redux

Whoa. I totally forgot about this post (I’m in New York right now with my sister Bethany and my auntie Annie).  I wore this dress sometime last week. I’ve only worn these shoes one other time. I’m not used to them yet, I tried my hardest not to fall on my face all day. I would write more but I need to go take a shower and brave the wilderness again. Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

ETA: I forgot to say that I got these shoes for thirty bucks on Amazon! I had seen them on another site for more than double that, too. Yeeeah. Still feels good.


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I need these coats in my life. NEED.

You say epaulets, I say SWOOOON.

So cute, it burns!


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I wish you could put yourself in my suitcase

Some pics of what I plan on wearing in NY:

(Not pictured: my red and cream striped Corey Lynn Calter dress, it’s at the seamstress’ right now…)

Newsboy caps, my favorite cloche, some shirts, cardigans and BDG jeans.

Frye boots, Bass saddle shoes, Pink Studio MJs and Pink Studio sandals.

Is this too much for 3.5 days? Probably, but a girl needs options! I also plan on stopping by Uniqlo and Zara so I’ll be bringing back some stuff (hopefully) as well. Must…not…overpack…

Teach me eHow!


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Bomber: Andy and Bax

Shirt: Buffalo Exchange

Jumper: Old Navy

Sweater: Fossil

Tights: Rite Aid?

Brogues: Franco Sarto

Belt: Ladybird’s General Store

Here’s an outfit from a couple of days ago.

Four days until I head off to NYC for my thirtieth birthday! I’m excited and scared; I’m trying not to think about how much I’m going to miss my guys. Packing is going to be interesting. I want to bring multiple outfit options for each day but I don’t really want to have more than one carry on bag (I’m only going to be there for 3 days). I’ll try to post outfit ideas, not sure if I’ll have time though.

I can’t wait to see my sister Bethany and my Aunt! And I can’t wait to see the city again. The last time I was there I was eight years old. My memories of New York are still so vivid though: I can remember the packed streets and the brownstones. The top of the Empire State Building (I kept imagining my year old brother falling, I was so scared!). TRAFFIC. The crowded apartment in Queens where we were staying. And let’s not forget impaling myself on an iron fence.

Good times.

Good times.

SRSLY though: New York, New York! It’s a wonderful town!


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Maryanne Shipoppins

Hat: Porch Light

Coat: Nordstrom (Tulle)

Shirt: Trovata (Gilt)

Skirt: Lived-in Lover (which is sadly no more)

Shoes: Nicole

The first time I wore this skirt a woman curled her lip at me and said, “I wore a skirt like that in Catholic school. Why in the world are you wearing my Catholic school skirt?!” NICE LADY! I was bummed for a second but then I noticed that she was wearing tevas and I realized we spoke completely different languages.

Anyway, this outfit is so Mary Poppins +

Anne Shirley, AM I RIGHT?

Very nanny. Very school teacher. My first year in college, at the ripe old age of sixteen (going on seventeen *spins round in a gazebo*) I was told that I looked like a school teacher. Just what a young girl wants to hear. Then, when I decided to major in English everyone said, “I KNEW IT!” Except I didn’t want to teach, nuh uh NO WAY. It just made way more sense than anything else.

Check out Anne Shirley. Besides her oversized puff sleeves, her outfit is made of win. *grabs clock brooch* And Gilbert…OH, GIL.

Anne, I am so mad at you right now. Stop. RESISTING.

I am not ashamed of loving this series SO MUCH (okay the third one sucked, but I still own it). I wrote Jonathan Crombie’s name with hearts next to it in my grade school (okay, and high school) journal. I still have dreams of visiting Prince Edward Island just so I can walk on sand dunes and say things like, “But you hurt my feelings EXCRUTIATINGLY.” to the ocean waves.

Apparently there’s a musical too? Be still my beating heart.


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Tanks: J. Crew

Skirt: Anthropologie

Shoes: Frye

I had plenty of light when I started taking pictures. Jack, where’d the sun go?

5:54 FTW. In the Army Now. So much awesome, TRUST.

Here’s my favorite skirt again! I want to get as much wear out of it as I can, I don’t tend to wear it during the cooler/rainier months.


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