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Flapper Girl

This morning as I was getting out of my supremely hip minivan, a group of ROTC kids ran by me. “Check out that amazing view, gentlemen!” one of them grunted. There were more grunts of agreement and I’m not gonna lie: I began to strut. Then I noticed the splindiferous sunrise behind me. Pinks and Blues and Yellows, totally upstaging me.

Ah, well.

Check it.

Porch Light cloche, Fossil cardigan, Nordstrom blouse, (old!)Express skirt, Chie Mihara mary janes

As I was leaving the bathroom this afternoon I heard a man say, “You look like you’re going dancing!” I looked behind me, just in case. Nah, he was talking to me. No sunrise in sight. Also, I looked like a damn flapper.

“Thanks?” I said.

He laughed and walked off and I totally missed my chance to do this:



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Lucky Number 7

Hat: Porch Light. Tights: HUE.

Necklaces: exex, Pyrrha, self-made

Cameo: thrifted

Outfit number slevin: very black and white, so I added my favorite heels for a pop of color. I love pairing this vest with this skirt. I can’t wait to add a bow tie to the mix.

Ugh, Monday. But! This is a short work week for me. It makes up for the fact that I’ll be working late tonight and won’t see my boys at all today. Just gotta make it to Wednesday. This weekend went by so fast as usual; I ended up watching a ton of Merlin on HULU.

It’s kind of like the Smallville version of the King Arthur legend, young people destined for greatness (or EVIIIIL) and all that. Loads of foreshadowing. Merlin’s cleaning leach jars now but just you wait until he grows that enormous white beard! Gwen’s a servant (and black, hi!) so she and Arthur are constantly doing the whole “As you wish, sire.” “Don’t call me sire! Now fetch me that water pitcher.” sort of thing.

And their love triangle needs work: Lancelot only shows up once a season, so the angst level is only a fraction of what it could be. MOOR LANCELOT.

Yesterday was Andy’s birthday but he was sick so we didn’t get to go out as planned. I’m hoping that when we’re in California one of our parents can watch the boys so that we can get some drinks or something. Gotta take advantage!



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Sweater: Fossil.  Belt: off vintage dress.  Skirt: (old) Express.  Tights: Hue.  Boots: Frye.  Hat: Porch Light

It’s the little things that do it for me: the neckline on this sweater, the flower on the side of my hat, the zippers on this skirt. Funny thing is, when I bought the skirt AGES ago in LA, I loved the color and the brass buttons, but the zippers confounded me. “It hurts to put my hand in my pocket! Fashion is PAINFUL!” But now, zippers RULE. Especially if they’re brass! I now wish that there were more of them! Two zippers on each side would do quite nicely.

God, I wish I could make my own clothes.


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Maryanne Shipoppins

Hat: Porch Light

Coat: Nordstrom (Tulle)

Shirt: Trovata (Gilt)

Skirt: Lived-in Lover (which is sadly no more)

Shoes: Nicole

The first time I wore this skirt a woman curled her lip at me and said, “I wore a skirt like that in Catholic school. Why in the world are you wearing my Catholic school skirt?!” NICE LADY! I was bummed for a second but then I noticed that she was wearing tevas and I realized we spoke completely different languages.

Anyway, this outfit is so Mary Poppins +

Anne Shirley, AM I RIGHT?

Very nanny. Very school teacher. My first year in college, at the ripe old age of sixteen (going on seventeen *spins round in a gazebo*) I was told that I looked like a school teacher. Just what a young girl wants to hear. Then, when I decided to major in English everyone said, “I KNEW IT!” Except I didn’t want to teach, nuh uh NO WAY. It just made way more sense than anything else.

Check out Anne Shirley. Besides her oversized puff sleeves, her outfit is made of win. *grabs clock brooch* And Gilbert…OH, GIL.

Anne, I am so mad at you right now. Stop. RESISTING.

I am not ashamed of loving this series SO MUCH (okay the third one sucked, but I still own it). I wrote Jonathan Crombie’s name with hearts next to it in my grade school (okay, and high school) journal. I still have dreams of visiting Prince Edward Island just so I can walk on sand dunes and say things like, “But you hurt my feelings EXCRUTIATINGLY.” to the ocean waves.

Apparently there’s a musical too? Be still my beating heart.


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Hat: Porch Light

Shirt: J. Crew

Vest: Old Navy

Pants: Express

Shoes: Doc Martens

Necklaces: exex, Pyrrha, self-made

Porch Light is the most jamazing, fantasmic, splindiferous store that ever did exist. It’s on par with Anthropologie for me. Indeed, it is heaven. Have you ever walked into a store and your brain melted because of all the things? All of the pretty, pretty things? I want everything inside of it. Everything. From the aprons to the armoires to the knickknacks to the jewelry. Well, maybe not the jewelry, I am very particular about my jewelry: I don’t like a lot of fuss. But anyway, PORCH LIGHT. I bought two hats there this weekend and I need to stay away lest I buy THE WHOLE STORE.

You know what this outfit needs? A bow tie. It’s on the list now. Bow tie. Monocle. Pocket watch. Suspenders.



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