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Stuff n Junk

What I’ve been listening to:

Matt Pond PA. I just bought this album last week and have been obsessively listening to tracks 2 (People have a way), 5 (Honestly), 7 (Sunlight), 11 (The Crush), and 12 (Giving it all away). Some of the songs make me feel like I’ve heard them before: Honestly reminds me of DC Talk (haha, shades of high school and christian rock), and Giving it all away reminds me of Peter Gabriel, but I don’t mind. It’s a great album that will prompt me to buy their earlier work.

*They also have a great cover of Holiday Road that I looove.

What I’ve been watching:

Big Love.

Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic, a big big love. I have big big love for this show. Andy asked me why I watch it the other day and the simple answer is: it’s good. I mean, I’m annoyed by Bill half the time and wish Barb would rock his world and leave his ass, Nicki is uptight and crazy, Margene is too naive and sweet…oh, it’s so delicious! And who wouldn’t love a cast like this one? Whenever I see Bill Paxton I think of his horrible performance in Boxing Helena and have to laugh out loud. So over the top! Chloe makes me think about The Brown Bunny and the articles I read about her sex scene with Vincent Gallo (SICK), and Harry Dean Stanton will always be the heartbroken broke-ass dad from Pretty in Pink.

Crazy Mormons. Polygamy, the principle, the compound…I always wonder if the show is true to life and if so…cuckoo! But crazy makes good tv.

Freaks and Geeks. My Christmas present! I’ve been watching it for the past couple of days!

Lindsay Weir, former Mathlete, starts hanging out with the freaks at school after she has an epiphany. Something about her grandmother dying and not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel…anyway, she puts on an oversized army jacket, starts hanging out with the slackers and everyone’s world gets rocked. Her brother Sam, is a geek who is in love with a cheerleader. He and his buddies consistently get their balls busted by the jocks/whoever else feels like busting the balls of the weak. Story as old as time right? Well, unlike most high school dramedies, this show feels real. The characters are all people that we’ve known or met at one time. Andy said that he had never seen a D&D montage on a show before and that equals awesome.

Seth Rogan got his start on this show, went on to The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. Watch any Judd Apatow flick and you’ll see these faces pop up again and again.


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Why ask Y?

I want to be like Andy, and since Andy writes comic reviews…so shall I. So shall I!

Random Tangent: Hey isn’t it kinda lame how on Battlestar Galactica the president/admiral/captain/head/whatever will give this long drawn out speech and then at the end there’s the equivalent to a slow clap? Usually it’s the XO or some drunk yelling “So say we all! So say we all!” Then everyone joins in? It’s sooo cheesy. /end

*clears throat* Andy got me into Y: The Last Man, and man alive have I gotten sucked in! I’m usually kind of picky when it comes to comics. I like a certain type of writing, a certain type of dialogue. The way a story flows has to be just so. Otherwise my brain implodes, and as you know…I like my brain intact. Most of the comics that I enjoy don’t have decades of back story. And it’s hard to read the usual superhero vs. supervillian kind of comics where everyone’s spitting witty one liners mid-kick and shit. Man, that irks me. Except when Brian Bendis does it. He’s good at making things sound like what people would say when they’re mid-kick.

My favorites include: Fables, Exiles, Midnight Nation, Rising Stars (haven’t finished reading these because by the time the next issue would come out I’d have completely forgotten the story), Ultimate Spiderman (also behind in this one, but it’s good nonetheless) and some X-Men story arcs.

The facts are these (who here’s a fan of Pushing Daisies? It’s good ain’t it? So say we all? SO SAY WE ALL!): The entire population of men dies out, except for Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand. Hilarity insues. Actually a good measure of hilarity coupled with sadness and despair. So essentially Yorick is trying to find out why he and his monkey are the only two dicks left on the planet. His sidekicks include Agent 355 (Yorick’s bodyguard who works for the US Government) and Dr. Allison Mann (a kickass geneticist). He’s got a girlfriend, Beth, in Australia that he wants to reunite with, and a sister, Hero, who went batshit when her boyfriend died in her arms (I love Much Ado About Nothing, and I would love to name my daughter Hero. I don’t know if Andy is behind the name 100 percent, though). I’ve been reading the trades, so each time I finish an “issue” it’s crammed full of action and adventure minus the cliffhangers. This world without men seems real and plausible. Notable mentions include prostitutes with glued on facial hair and gangs of women calling themselves Amazons decrying men as evil and worthy of obliteration.

What I love most about Y: The banter between 355 and Yorick. The camaraderie…the sexual tension. Somethin’s a brewin’! She goes from being just a number to opening up and even joking with Yorick, whose personality reminds me a lot of Wash…I mean, c’mon, he owns a monkey and spends a lot of his time doing magic! But it’s safe to say he has some tricks up his sleeve. (Der!) I really love the entire threesome: the dynamic of 355, Yorick and Dr. Mann; seeing their layers get peeled away one by one is riveting, to say the least.

And then there’s this: Holy sea of minority main characters, Batman! Thank you, Jeebus.

It’s good, it’s real good. A road trip story with twists and turns, every stop on the road leading to some kind of crazy discovery. I love it, and I’m pissed that it’s going to end next month!

P.S. If and when this is ever optioned to be made into a film I better not see either Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie playing 355.

…Make me lay down my religion.

ETA: Oh! The coolest part? 355 and Dr. Mann talk in gibberish. GIBBERISH. Brings back the memories, it does.


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Thread about my new threads

I think it’s funny that I’m actually doing this: posting pictures of myself posing in my new threads, preening in front of the camera like a big fat DORK! But here I am. I’ve bought some junk that I want to show off.

Wearing a new Goorin hat that I love (the fedora that I bought for Andy is also Goorin, they rock) and earrings (Christmas present).

I’m looking at my awesome new boots from J. Crew! I wanted something a little different from the usual Uggo look.

Pay no attention to my idiotic expression. I bought the blazer from this great store called Lady Luck Vintage. It was made in Uruguay! I went there a while back and found this great long green coat. Oh, so many lovely coats/blazers to choose from…there was a coat there with a fur collar that was SO AWESOME, but the sleeves were too short for my arms. 😦 Anyway, this blazer has elbow patches! All I need now is a corncob pipe! It also has three pockets on one side. Why didn’t I capture all of these things in the picture? Uh…meh?The scarf is from Therapy in SLO, one of the two I bought there. Love. it.

Plaid skirt from Lived-in Lover. What’s up with my arms?

Other plaid skirt from Lived-in Lover. I feel pretty. Oh so pretty.

Necklace that isn’t exactly my style, but I love it just the same.

You can wear it like this too!

Mmmm.Retail therapy. That’ll do the job!


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It's a long way down the holiday road

Merry Christmas! Andy and I exchanged gifts this year. For me: earrings and the Freaks and Geeks box set. For him: Super Mario Galaxy, a Joe Strummer CD and a random book that I found on an old Amazon wish list. He has no idea how it got there. I totally wanted to surprise him with a gift he wasn’t expecting and I did, too bad he doesn’t really want to read it. 😛 But: I feel good about the birthday gift that I got him that didn’t arrive until a couple of days ago (I ordered it early November). It’s a Jamie Madrox shirt (Multiple Man). Is it cheesy to say that it mad rocks? YEEEAAAH.

I get so excited when I get gifts for people that I know they really will enjoy. There’s a shop in SLO called Therapy that I L-O-V-E. I bought a scarf there when we were in town for Thanksgiving and ended up calling them when we got home to Vancouver and ordering 5 more scarves. I shipped them to my sisters, my aunt and my mom for Christmas gifts. And kept another one for me. 🙂 Giving good gifts one year kind of makes up for years and years of not giving. It’s fun to give, especially when you want what you’re giving. That’s when you know it’s a good gift. My office did a whole secret santa thing and I managed to find my person the gift that I really knew that she would enjoy… I actually bought one thing and then said, “Nah, I can do better.” Andy got really annoyed and said, “I hope she knows and appreciates how stressed out you’re getting about this!” But it was so awesome when she opened her gift and said my first and last name: I knew I’d done good. It made me feel fuzzy, it truly did.

Speaking of which: funny story involving this co-worker who is also named Jen. She was heading off to run errands on campus and I was typing an email to Andy. She let me know where she was going, and said that she’d be back soon. I said okay, but wasn’t really listening to what she was saying. She said goodbye. I said, “I love you.” It didn’t even register until she was turning the door knob and froze to stare back at me that I said, “Wait, what did I say?” and she said, “Wait, what?” at the same time. My face got really hot…then I couldn’t stop laughing about it. Fuck, that was embarrassing!

Zain got tons of gifts from my in-laws: …so many lovely brown outfits…BROWN! You have no idea how excited I am about this. The sheer amount of baby blue clothes in stores for boys angers me. Where’s the brown? The orange? The grey? If we have another boy I will do what I can to find anything BUT blue to dress him in. So sick of that color.

Tangent: There are two vintage stores in Portland that are amazing. Bombshell Vintage and Lived-in Lover. They’re owned by the same woman, and have clothing there that J Crew overcharges for on a daily basis. Old school knee length plaid skirts? Check. Lovely cardigans? Check. Fifties cocktail dresses? Check. And they’ve got a great array of clothes for guys. It’s usually hard for me to shop at vintage clothing stores since everything is so pretentious and trendy nowadays. I remember back in high school how I could get an outfit for a dollar at my local thrift store. People would ask me where I shopped, kay? It was good times.

I’ll end this post with these photos (note the lovely silver sneakers!):

what’s out there?

No power in the ‘verse can stop him. Z the Mighty!


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Squee bop. Squeedle bop bop.

When I was a kid, my sister Bethany and I performed “L-O-V-E” in our bedroom with these heartshaped seafoam green and peach pillows (my mom was o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with the color seafoam green at the time). We taped this special performance, because it was THAT stellar. The song was the Natalie Cole version, as we listened to her album Unforgettable nonstop.

Now, listening to Christmas music as I work, I cringe everytime I hear Natalie’s voice. It’s not because I’m wistful or anything like that, it’s simply because her voice really annoys the hell out of me. And when she tries to scat? Jiminy Christmas! Put me OUT of my misery. It kind of reminds me of Mumble from Happy Feet: he wants to express himself in the same way as his mom and dad, and he ends up ruining everyone’s day with his ugly squawk. So he sticks to keeping his mouth shut and tap dancing on ice. My point? Some things don’t run in the family, but everyone wishes to God they did. Stick to…whatever else you can do Natalie. That’d be drugs, right? (Harsh!) Lisa Marie Presley put out an album and everyone got scary, drawing waaaaay too many similarities that don’t even exist. And when she danced in one of her music videos people were like, “Great Scott! Is she doing her father’s hip gyrations! Like father like daughter!” Does Chuck Berry have a daughter? Let’s get her a record deal!

*listens* Why does Christmas music have to suck so hard? And this station plays the same 5 songs over and over again. Mariah Carey, Frank Sinatra, Karen Carpenter (vomit), Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Josh Groban…the safe bets. Hardly any variation. Where’s Holiday Road? That’s one song I don’t think I could tire of. It’s so darn peppy! Then again, hearing it on a steady loop might change that. On second thought, don’t play it. Keep this one thing sacred.



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He's a pisser!

Z peed all over his face today. You could say it surprised the hell out of him: he gasped, looked up at me with fright, then started crying and rubbing his eyes. I yelled “Augh!” and called for Andy (my hands were too busy wiping up his plentiful shit) . Can a baby go blind from getting urine in his eyes? I mean, I kid…but I also shudder to think of it. Even if it is like 99% less potent than adult piss, it’s still got to sting, eh?

Like sands through the hourglass…

Another quickie: after getting home today from shopping around town (i.e. Portland, since Vancouver sucks a big one) I took Z out of his car seat to feed him. He was balanced on my legs, looking into my eyes smiling when he grabbed my face tenderly and started sucking on my chin. So adorable it burns!

So everything’s been going well. The Christmas season is upon us. Z switched child care centers…he’s now at a Montessori school just minutes from Andy’s job. It’s very convenient, but I’m not used to it yet. One of the teachers there is kind of annoying, but I’m hoping it’ll pass as time goes by. Z seems to be making the transition okay, he’s not having an issues eating (he’s just started eating solids…hooray!) and the teachers all call him a “lovebug” because he loves to cuddle.

More later!


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Dear Weeds,

What the fuck is this? Is this supposed to be sexy? Awkward sexy? Like whoops…didn’t know she had it in her, did she? You’ve lost me. I tried to let all the references to her “hotness” wash over me, (meanwhile all of the black women on the show are either fat and sexless or straight up hookers!) all the while snickering into my figgy pudding.

But I’m done. Mary-Louise Parker (what is it with actresses and the double name thing?) can only use her patented wide eyed deer in headlights look so many times. The talking out of the side of her mouth is also wearing thin. She never DOES ANYTHING ELSE! She could be playing a drug addict Mormon, a young woman with AIDS, an abused housewife, whatever…Mary is Mary is Mary is fucking MARY!

Hey you! Yeah, you! You wanna be an actress and win tons of awards? Pop a couple quaaludes and you’ve suddenly got what it takes. Stumble around the set while you give a long rambling monologue…that’ll add to the realness of it! Speak as if your own words either terrify, amuse or depress you. Or just act really bored. It all works!

Oh and Weeds: you aren’t as cutting edge as you think…yeah, you try to be badass by peppering your dialogue with racist humor (cuz that’s real life!), throwing in a coupla jabs at Dubya, and of course showcasing drugs on a regular basis. But Weeds? You’re still just a show about a desperate white woman, housewife or not. Nice try, though.


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Let us give thanks

Thanksgiving. Short version: We flew out to Sacramento Thursday (Nov 15th) afternoon, spent quality time with my family there, then drove to Santa Cruz Saturday afternoon to see my sister and her family, then drove to Templeton to see Andy’s dad and step-mom for a day, then drove out to San Luis Obispo to see his mom and have an early Thanksgiving dinner with her side of the family (also saw Peter Weber and the family, went shopping, etc), then went back to Templeton to have Thanksgiving dinner with Andy’s dad’s side of the family. Then on Friday we drove back to Sacramento and flew back home Saturday morning.


To elaborate: We spread ourselves thin. I had a stomach bug during the visit with my family, which sucked but we still managed to get some good times in. We had a great time showing Zain off (a lot of our family members were able to see him for the first time at the welcome shower, but grandparents and aunts and uncles finally got to for Thanksgiving break. Except for Andy’s paternal grandparents who were noticeably absent. Not going out of my way for you fools again!) Everyone loves him to pieces, as they should. 🙂 I got a little antsy when we were visiting my in-laws and it seemed like we were playing the pass the baby game but I suppose that I should get over it, especially since I have no problem when it’s my side of the family doing it. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly close with my in-laws. I don’t call Andy’s parents mom and dad (he calls my parents by their first name as well). I suppose I could start, but I don’t really want to. It would feel too forced. I don’t feel like I have a “relationship” with any of them. I guess that my children will be the connection between us. I’m not a person who believes that blood is what makes a person family, since my current mother figure is my aunt (although not by blood, but in every other way that counts). But it’s hard to form bonds with my in-laws. I hardly ever see them, and it’s doesn’t seem to get easier. And don’t get me started on step-in-laws. JESUS. I’m so glad I never had a step-parent, although I feel like when you grow up in a COGIC church everyone thinks they can step up. Actually, having a step mother wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world. I see Andy, and he has two women that raised him and love him unconditionally, and will love Z unconditionally. Mine is off somewhere in Georgia, having never seen her grandson. There’s love there, but I feel like she’s MIA. *sigh*

Heh. I’ve been listening to my Jim Gaffigan CD lately (Beyond the Pale) and he has this bit about Thanksgiving and how the best tradition we could come with was to overeat. He plays it out: “Hey I got an idea! Why don’t we just eat a lot?” And someone protests, “But we do that everyday!” Then he says, “Okay, let’s eat a lot with people that annoy us.” Not an original joke, but you gotta love Jim Gaffigan. His voices (and delivery) make me piss my pants every time. HUGE pick-me-up.

Aaand I’m done for now.


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