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SAM_0708Thrifted dress, Sock Dreams socks, OTBT booties, Fossil pumps, Gee WaWa boots

Today in I Can’t Stop Collecting Dresses News: Say hello to my other $2 find. I love its loud pattern and bronze buttons!

It was a bit big for me, so I had it taken in. And now? Perfection. The only thing that could make this dress better is pockets.


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I get so emotional, baby

Target beanie, AE shirt, Fossil cardigan and bag, thrifted cords (Gap), otbt booties

Sunday outfit. Oh, did I mention that I got these booties in grey? Or olive or whatever color they are. It’s hard to tell sometimes. But yeah, I LOVE THESE SHOES.

And I can finally got this bag’s strap fixed a year after breaking it in New Orleans (I’m lazy, what can I say) so I’ve been wearing it a lot lately.

See exhibit A:

I have no feet.

Hey look, I’m in a comic book. Fun with Picasa!

Sad times: my friend Kerrie is moving back to New Zealand and we said our goodbyes yesterday. I met her 5 years ago at work; at first she intimidated me: I assumed she was Australian and as you know, made an ass out of u and me. Or she and me. Or just me. Whatever. But we got to know each other and I found out how sweet and funny she was. IS. We emailed each other non-stop instead of working, talking about everything from crazy family members to religion to race relations. We experienced our first pregnancies together. We share a love of cheese and chocolate, Dexter and Mad Men, books and hood scarves.

I’ll miss her tons. HEAPS, as she would say. I can’t wait to visit her and her family in New Zealand, but for now: there’s still email. And skype! Love you, Kerrie!


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Mad about Plaid

WWGLFD tee (PAX), Pendleton pants (wanderlust), otbt booties

I played dress up today with a couple of plaid pieces that I recently bought and can’t quite wear out yet.

Andy was a champ and bought this shirt for me when he went to PAX back in August. He knows what’s up. Levar Burton was big in my house, I grew up watching Reading Rainbow and Star Trek TNG pretty religiously. And who could forget his role as Kunta Kinte in Roots? So of course I died when I saw this on Community:


Every time I wear this shirt my kids cry out: “GEORDI LAFORGE!” I feel such pride when that happens. As for the pants, I found them at a bin sale for Wanderlust and Lodekka, they need to be shortened a bit and they’ll fit better once I *cough* lose ten pounds; I feel like a true Portlander in them.

Aaand here’s the dress I was telling you about earlier:

Thrifted Laura Ashley dress (Little Edie’s), HUE tights, Chie Mihara mary janes (ebay)

The collar’s a little too pilgrim-y and the sleeves a little too puffy, (although not, as Anne Shirley would say, “The puffiest!”) so I think I might have some alterations done. But for the most part: I LOVE THIS DRESS. Andy saw me in it and said, “Yeah that totally looks like you.”

My second born is turning 3 on Monday!

We had a playdate with cupcakes today (playcake?) and he got so embarrassed when we sang Happy Birthday to him. He’s so adorable. And so smart and clever and sweet. He makes me laugh with his questions and observations. He makes me swoon when he sings with me. He makes my heart go boom.

Happy Birthday Mad!


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February Stars

Floating in the dark. Temporary scars.

Fossil cardigan, thrifted shirt and skirt, HUE tights, otbt booties

I found this great Thakoon for Target skirt at Goodwill last weekend. Then I stopped by Little Edie’s Five and Dime and snatched up the cutest plaid Laura Ashley dress with a peter pan collar and matching belt. I can’t wait to wear it but sadly it’s not conducive to breastfeeding so *waves sadly to dress*. See you in 7 months! C’est la vie.

La vie.

Also, just found out how conducive is really spelled. Thanks spellcheck!

So, Little Edie’s.

LOVE THAT PLACE. So much of the good in so little of a space. And yet, it still feels like I haven’t REALLY seen everything that it has to offer. I obsessed about it all week and went back today and rifled through clothing and bags whilst listening (and laughing) to This American Life. It was the perfect shopping experience even though I went home empty handed.

Off to finish re-watching Star Wars Episode One with Andy! Jar Jar Binks is even more annoying than I remembered!!


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Lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with youuuuuuuu

Sweater and Skirt: Fossil. Polo: AE. Tights and Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Tretorn.

More chunky sweater goodness.

I’m so excited about my little-big sister Bethany, brother-in-law Josh and nephew Ezra visiting for Christmas! Can’t. Wait. It feels like ages since we’ve seen each other, but apparently we visited in March? What’s that good old trite phrase again? Oh, right. Time Flies. But it’s so true. River is a tank already and I’ve only got two* weeks left of maternity leave… oh, and I’m THIRTY-ONE now. I was too busy pushing out a baby to really focus long and hard on the fact that I am getting old…er.

Man, I’m such a whiner.

Not too much more to say so here’s my ever-growing Christmas/general want list (no pressure):


OTBT Rockdale bootie


ASOS Premium Belted Coat


Happy Socks big dot tights

4.Miz Mooz Dorian flat in grey. Dorian Grey. HA!

*ETA: Just re-calculated and realized I have THREE weeks left. WEEEEEE!


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