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And the world spins madly on

So it got bleak for a moment there. I knew it would take some getting used to: juggling three kids, and on my own for the three months that I’m home, with varying needs and demands (and sometimes, all at the same time O_o). Just as I was beginning to feel a little less than overburdened, I GOT PINK EYE. Viral pink eye which is basically THE WORST kind to get? Because it lingers on for WEEKS and WEEKS? And is crazy disgusting to boot?

Yeah. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to curl up in a fetal position or hurl myself off of the St. Johns Bridge.

Pinkeye really, really sucks. Is it one word or two?


Luckily Andy was there to bring me back from the edge. I was also heartened by the fact that I was the only one that got it. I obsessively washed my hands and changed my pillowcases nightly and taped cotton rounds to my eye to keep this bit of loveliness to myself.


You’re also insanely adorable:

I love Halloween. There’s just something about dressing my kids up as predators and hearing people literally squeal in adoration. Because when I was a kid? My mother dressed my sisters and I up in sheets. Sadly we weren’t ghosts. We were wives and mothers of important men in the Bible. Weeeeee. And with that? A fire in my belly was LIT. As I lived and breathed, my children would be sharks and dragons!

P.S. Second best birthday present ever (the first being River)?

Gee Wawa Win Riding Boot.


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