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Michelin Man

Sweater: Zara. Tunic: Fossil. Jeans: Urban Outfitters. Boots: Doc Martens.

So I really want to love this sweater, but then I look at pictures of myself in it and I think, Yeeeeeesh.

I love the material, I love the side pocket, I love the epaulets and so I may need to cut it down the middle and make it into a cardigan. Which reminds me, I need to buy a sewing machine. I took a sewing class several years ago that resulted in a charmingly hideous pillowcase but no actual knowledge of how said pillowcase was created. I feel like if I just spring for a sewing machine and like, tink around a little bit that knowledge will return as well as other interesting tidbits. Like how to make a poodle skirt. Stuff like that.

Another day, same pair of boots.

I found this really cheap utility backpack from Andy and Bax and decided it would be my new diaper backpack. It has just enough pockets for my (and River’s) needs and is super cute to boot.

Sweater and Skirt: Fossil. Shirt: Thrifted. Leggings and Socks: Hue. Boots: Doc Martens. Backpack: Andy and Bax.

I’ve been living in this skirt lately. The elastic waist is just what I need right now, seeing as I still have ten pounds to lose. Ten pounds should be easy, right? Right? Especially since I’m not eating two breakfasts, two lunches and a sensible dinner. A couple of weeks after I had River we went out to eat and I ordered the amount of food I would’ve eaten when I was still pregnant and was surprised that there was a lot left over. I thought, OH. Duh. I no longer have a parasite in me (no offense River!). I’m still hungrier than usual since I’m breastfeeding, but I’m glad I’m no longer craving red meat with a side of red meat every meal. Also, Andy’s recently gotten obsessed with green smoothies, so I feel like I’m eating pretty healthy lately. And those things are tasty.


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Now I’m gonna go puke on that couch. Merry Christmas.

Bomber hat: Andy and Bax. Jacket and cardigan: Fossil. Shirt: AE. Skirt: J. Crew. Tights: HUE. Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Doc Martens.

During the 30 for 30 I kept wishing I had included this shirt just so I could pair it with this skirt. I really think the combo is the elephant’s instep for some reason.

Andy and I let the boys open a gift tonight and we’ll continue that way until Christmas so as to not completely fry their brains. Did I mention that they’ve got crazy piles waiting for them? I’m more excited than they are, tonight I practically begged Andy to let them open another one and he gently told me No. Boooo. In other news: I’ve been trying not to OD on cherry candy canes and chocolate, I am using the holidays as an excuse to eat sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m worried about cavities, naturally, but not enough to stop. Speaking of which, I never had a cavity until my early twenties and now it’s like I look at a piece of candy and I need to get a filling. What’s the deal with THAT? I might have stolen that second to last line from Jim Gaffigan. Isn’t Jim Gaffigan THE BEST? Food Humor FTW. He’s also got some funny things to say about other things. Christmas, for instance:


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Color block

Dress: BB Dakota.  Sweater: Fossil. Tights: HUE. Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Frye. Hat: Andy and Bax.

Taking pictures in the rain is going to be interesting. I need a cute umbrella. And a remote might help. But for now: HATS.

I finally got up the courage to wear this dress to work! I was a bit worried that it might be too short so I wore another skirt beneath it, and a long sweater on top to trick my brain into feeling secure. I’ll make sure to throw on a belt next time to neaten the look a bit, but I really love this outfit.  And these tights are so warm and comfy!  I’ll probably end up wearing these boots every day this winter, they make every outfit look better (and keep my feet warm!).



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Bomber: Andy and Bax

Shirt: Buffalo Exchange

Jumper: Old Navy

Sweater: Fossil

Tights: Rite Aid?

Brogues: Franco Sarto

Belt: Ladybird’s General Store

Here’s an outfit from a couple of days ago.

Four days until I head off to NYC for my thirtieth birthday! I’m excited and scared; I’m trying not to think about how much I’m going to miss my guys. Packing is going to be interesting. I want to bring multiple outfit options for each day but I don’t really want to have more than one carry on bag (I’m only going to be there for 3 days). I’ll try to post outfit ideas, not sure if I’ll have time though.

I can’t wait to see my sister Bethany and my Aunt! And I can’t wait to see the city again. The last time I was there I was eight years old. My memories of New York are still so vivid though: I can remember the packed streets and the brownstones. The top of the Empire State Building (I kept imagining my year old brother falling, I was so scared!). TRAFFIC. The crowded apartment in Queens where we were staying. And let’s not forget impaling myself on an iron fence.

Good times.

Good times.

SRSLY though: New York, New York! It’s a wonderful town!


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Jenny Bomb

Sweater: Fossil

Shirt: Anthropologie

Belt: Lady Bird’s General Store

Skirt: Anthropologie

Tights: Hue

Oxfords: Franco Sarto

Bomber Hat: Andy and Bax

Are you wondering WHAT I’M LOOKING AT? Well, I’ll tell you. Trees. Houses. The occasional cat shitting in my backyard. You know, really interesting stuff.

This new belt of mine is made for my brown brogues. I like how there are two loops, one leather and one brass. I found it at this vintage store that I just discovered nearby, Lady Bird’s General Store. Oh, it’s the cutest little store, and the music that was playing was the perfect soundtrack to my shopping experience. Anyway, I’m trying to find an excuse to wear it everyday.The same goes for the hat. Now that the rain is back who knows?*

*Okay, nevermind, it’s back to 85 and sunny. O_o

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