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To Have and To Hold

IMG_1070Oroton satchel (Ebay – $17.99), Dooney and Bourke satchel (Give and Take Resale – $7)

I found that MAGNIFICENT Dooney and Bourke last weekend. It was a fluke, I was in the dressing room trying on a couple of dresses and I heard the cashier training the new employee. I wondered if some of the things that she was saying were for my benefit (actually they turned out to be anyway – ha!).

“We encourage our shoppers to BRING THE CLOTHES UP TO THE FRONT COUNTER if they don’t work,” she told him as she stood incredibly close to the curtain separating them from my underwear-clad body.  “Instead of putting the clothes back, because they always put them in the wrong place, you know?”


“Yeah, totally.” he said. “I will do that.”

“Here are the purses,” she said. “We keep the ones we don’t want stolen behind the glass up at the front counter.”

“NEED MOAR PURSE.” I thought. “WAH.” I’d already looked through the ones on the rack just outside of the dressing room and I hadn’t seen anything that I liked. I rarely ever checked out the ones behind the glass because I’m not trying to spend a lot on a used purse. But that day I did, because NEED MOAR PURSE. There were only two behind the glass but as soon as I saw the D&B I did a double take.

“Oh my gosh, can I see that one?” I asked the cashier.

“You mean the one I just put there five minutes ago, the amazing Dooney & Bourke satchel that reminds me of my favorite Coach bag?” she asked and pulled out her Willis to show me. (Wait, that sounded weird.)

“Um, yeah.”

“You’ve got a good eye!” she said as she retrieved it for me.

IMG_1067Don’t I though?



What sucks is that even with this incredible find I’m still thinking about this red Coach Willis bag that I let another shopper have for $15 at Value Village. Argh! Why, brain?

IMG_1076I had to Google random terms to find out what label these bags were, as the lining had been ripped out of both. They’re a brand called Letisse, and I got them for 4 dollars each at a place called Sandy Trading Post. I think they’re so adorable and the leather is just lovely. And they have feet! LOVE.

IMG_1093Ralph Lauren (Goodwill – $9.99), Yelos Young (ReRun – $?), Miz Mooz (Value Village – $7.99)

I am still so excited about the RL saddle shoes that I found for a steal. I LOVE SADDLE SHOES and my Bass pair need new soles so these truly are the stuff dreams are made of. And they look practically new! The second pair are a brand I have never heard of and they’re slightly too small but I DON’T CARE. They’ll stretch. *nods*

IMG_1094Ignore the shoes, look at the cute baby toes!

IMG_1097Okay, now you can look at the shoes.




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The Hunt

IMG_0536I saw this pretty cool shirtdress at House of Vintage. It had a full skirt and super cute heart pattern but there were just way too many holes in it. Ah well, on to the next.

IMG_0714My heart went pitter patter at the sight of this one, but alas, the buttons served no purpose and it looked really weird on. Stains, too. Nope!


IMG_0770I wanted this dress BAD (the collar? the fabric? HI.) but, and this is a big but, it kind of hurt to breathe in it.

IMG_0814Cuuute. I like breathing, though.

IMG_0771Louder than I usually go for, but appealing nonetheless. Also, it might be a jacket.


IMG_0781I dropped by Hollywood Babylon and these ladies caught my eye. As soon as I buttoned up the blue dress I thought, “WE HAVE A WINNER.”

SAM_1226I found two pairs of floral tights at Anthro on sale with an additional 25% off. HELL YES. Andy told me that these made me look like a burn victim. Whatever.



SAM_1236LOVE this dress so hard.



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Play by Play





Three Things

1. I can’t get over this. Debra Rapaport is AMAZEBALLS, mkay? Her hats are splendid. Simply splendid I say!!

2. Autre Ne Veut

Have I already posted this song? If so, sorry I’m not sorry. LISTEN AGAIN. It’s the weirdest thing, the singer’s voice kind of annoys me and I don’t think he’s very good live, but my shoulders start popping every time I listen to this album. I can’t get enough. I just called you up to get the play by play by play by play…

3. Amber Riley and Derek Hough on DWTS.

I HATE reality shows/celebrity competitions/whatever but I get SO MUCH JOY from watching these two dance. I tried watching two of Corbin Bleu’s performances and NOPE. There is no there there. I also saw some bits of them “behind the scenes” or whatever and I repeat: I HATE REALITY SHOWS ZOMG. Anyway, what is up with the uber touchy feelies going on with him and his choreographer? The constant draping on each other and linking fingers when they’re holding hands…wait they’re holding hands? Okay, ya’ll. Simmer down. Anyway. I dare not try to watch anyone else’s cuz barf. Back to Amber and Derek: she can move like whoa and he is an amazing choreographer. Together they taste great! Their freestyle performance? WUUUUUUUUT. Their Charleston performance (both of them, actually)?! WUUUUUT. THEIR PASO DOBLE PERFORMANCE?! WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT.

Say. What.



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Dark days

SAM_1054Target sweater, thrifted dress and satchel, HUE tights, Doc Marten brogues


I hate Daylight Savings Time.

That is all.


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Twist out + satchel + feather dress = YEP!

SAM_1046Fossil cardigan, thrifted dress and satchel, Sock Dreams tights, Tretorn boots

I saw this satchel at Give and Take Resale and was like: “Helloooo.” But then I decided that I didn’t need it, as I have a grillion purses. LOLOK. I went back the next day and bought it. Because I NEED a satchel, mkay? So it’s by Jack Georges? Never heard of him. But the leather feels delish, yo.



SAM_1041I’m really delighted with the results of my twist out. Bouncy!




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The greatest of ease




SAM_0753Thrifted dress and belt, Frye heels, Fossil cardigan

Meet my Fly Trapeze dress, I found this lovely 70s dress for $6 at Give and Take Resale in Kenton. The tag says Polly Peck by Sybil Zelker: Made in England. So much potential!



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Shoeless Jen

SAM_0676AA shirt, thrifted skirt

Have I shown you this skirt? I haven’t? Well, I bought this pretty thing from Give and Take Resale a while back and I love its wrinkly folds like whoa.

I won’t be able to hang out on my porch barefoot anymore as THE RAIN IS BACK. 😦 Be prepared for tights and boots in the near future.



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