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Snow Day





SAM_1376Thrifted Piretta coat, thrifted AA dress, HUE tights, Sock Dreams socks, Tretorn boots

Snow! It’s snowing! Everything is so bright and white and beautiful. *Sigh* And now that I’ve looked at it for two days, I’m ready for it to MELT. I’m such a Debbie Downer, I know. Eh. You just can’t take the California out of the girl.

I found this Finnish Piretta coat at Value Village a couple of weeks ago for 7 bucks. It’s AMAZING. The texture. The fit. The button-on hood. BEST.

Hair update: It’s been 10 months since I cut my hair and I’m so amazed at how fast it’s grown. I’m loving this stage! I decided to do a wash and go out of pure laziness and I really liked the results. I used Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap Conditioner and Hair Rules’ Curly Whip. My strands were a little crunchy, but I think I’ll use more oil next time to combat that. My big chop anniversary is in April and I’ll post a before and after collage.

And now, a little music to fit my mood:


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SAM_1118Creepy smile is creepy.







SAM_1129Fossil shirt and cardigan, thrifted AA dress (Buffalo Exchange), gifted slip (from my wonderful Aunt!), HUE tights, Franco Sarto brogues

I know who I’m going to be for Halloween next year! I just need some sweet red sparkly pumps to click together.



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Be Mine







I’ve raised a crop of honest hopes,  please tell me that you care. For if you’d be my valentine, “weed” make a happy pair.

I found this kitschy Valentine’s Day dress at Buffalo Exchange last weekend. The guy who was manning the dressing rooms was funny. He was surprised when it “worked out” for me and by the fact that I was taking it home. “You’ll find a perfect occasion to wear that dress.” he told me. “You’ll see.”

“Oh, I’m gonna wear it every day!” I told him, making his eyes go wide. And look- I’ve already worn it twice this week. Take that, random dude!


P.S. Happy Birthday to my Valentine, Andy 🙂


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And I know how to use them

Fossil cardigan and heels, Buffalo Exchange dress, c/o Sock Dreams tights, The Bridge gladstone bag

For a long time I thought that fishnets weren’t something that I could pull off. They attracted attention, and I liked to blend in. As I got older, I started to experiment with different looks and after I found a pair at Urban Outfitters for super cheap I bit the bullet and wore them to work one day. A little background: I worked for a home building business where sexual discrimination ran rampant. My male coworkers frequently took the company jet to Vegas while the women were expected to stay behind and hold down the fort. It was the worst job I ever had.

My boss walked up to me and let his eyes drift up and down my legs.

“Are those fishnets?” he asked.

“Um, yes.” I replied. “Is that a problem?”

His eyes met mine. “Fishnets are never a problem,” he said throatily.

I shuddered. Ew.

So it was back to opaque tights, usually of the black variety. A kitschy pair of Santa Claus socks that I received for Christmas one year opened the door to my obsession with patterned socks and knee high socks and thigh high socks and colored tights and naturally, shopping at Sock Dreams a lot. When they recently contacted me about modeling some of their tights I literally jumped for joy!

They were fishnets.

The fishnets in question are Philippe Matignon Retina Fishnet Tights, which are incredibly lovely tights of wonderful quality. When I started the initial pull I was worried that they wouldn’t fit – my thighs are pretty substantial – but I was pleasantly surprised. They stretched quite nicely, and over the course of the day I almost forgot that I was wearing them (almost, they are fishnets after all)!  I’m used to cinching up the band around my waist but these are crazy comfortable, no rolling or otherwise. I’m hard on my tights too, so durability is a plus. As soon as I pulled them on, one of my bangles snagged one of the strings but it snapped easily back into place with a little flick of my finger. I paired these fishnets with a more demure look, so that the texture added an edge to the outfit while still leaving me feeling modest.

I love them.

Thanks for the push, Sock Dreams! I wore fishnets to work today for the first time in years. I figure I’m safe, since I work with a priest.



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Through a glass darkly

What I wore yesterday:

J.Crew top and skirt (skirt thrifted at Buffalo Exchange), Frye heels

I’ve started saving up for my next pair of Chies. It’s gonna take a while but hopefully by Christmas, I’ll be the proud owner of these babies:

And not necessarily in that color.




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Dappled Donna

Fossil cardigan, Gap dress (Buffalo Exchange), thrifted belt, Biviel t-straps, self-made monocle necklace

I feel like Donna Reed in this dress.

Has anyone seen my bigger knife?

Coincidentally, I just did a GRIP of laundry yesterday. But not in this dress. On my stay home days during the week, there’s no way I would be wearing this dress to do laundry and clean things. Because that’s just stupid. I stay in black sweatpants and a shapeless top (the easier to breastfeed in). I’m usually covered in drool (River’s) and possibly boogers (also River’s). Sometimes I even forget to brush my teeth. Kids, it’s not a pretty sight. Not like perfectly coiffed Donna up there.

Oh, Donnas.

Go on and break me off. BREAK ME OFF!


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Defying Gravity


It’s been a while. Since we last talked my eldest turned FIVE.

Just a bunch of goofs.

O, Z. My pensive, sensitive little dinosaur. I love you like whoa.

Z starts kindergarten in the fall and that’s all I’m gonna say because I don’t want to wahhhhhhh all over this blog. Too much of the emotions.

What I’ve been wearing:

My favorite dress paired with Thakoon for Target skirt and Biviel t-straps

Goorin hat, Ralph Lauren Rugby shirt, J. Crew pants, otbt booties

I love me some Happy Socks.

I found this really cute Gap dress at Buffalo Exchange:

It matches my Chie Miharas perfectly.

And here’s a little piece I like to call Defying Gravity:



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