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You're welcome

My coworker Kerrie and I got some delicious Thai food for lunch today at a place called Tsunami Thai (the sticky rice sucked though). A lot of people have commented on how inappropriate the name of the restaurant is due to the tsunami that ravaged Thailand four years ago, so I came up with some other names that might work better:

Snowstorm Thai

Neat and Thaidy

Thaired of Thai?

All Thaid Up

and the bestest name EVAR: Thaifood fever (GEDDIT???)

Yeah…you’re welcome.


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Good Hair

I want to see this film.

When I was a kid, my sisters and I were always told that we had “good hair” because it was long and supposedly more manageable than most. I didn’t really know how to take that, should I be happy? Relieved? And why does this woman have her hand in my hair? She won’t stop…stroking it. As I got older, I saw confrontations between black women that seemed to revolve around hair, that culminated in threats to cut off someone’s ponytail if they got too uppity. It’s insane how a head of hair can enrage or intimidate someone. But we all have hair envy. Curly girls want their hair straight, those with straight want it curly…the grass is always greener on the other side.

I was actually intimidated by my hair up until my college years. When I was younger my mother would always blow it out and braid it or curl it. I never knew how to deal with my natural hair, and felt more comfortable with it straight. Now, I go back and forth. Straight is still my preference, but mostly because it takes less work and less product. When my hair is curly, and all curly girls know this,  I’m always on the search for that holy grail curl product. So much so that I have a box full of bottles that promise to give my hair the perfect bounce and moisture that it needs. I hardly ever go to the salon to get it straightened, partly because I live in Portland and partly because I can do  my own hair pretty damn well. I also hate being pressured by strangers to do things I don’t want to do with my hair. I will never have a perm again in my life, shut up about it! How many inches do you intend to cut off of my hair? Is that really necessary? The worst thing is seeing young black girls with that “creamy crack” plastered on their heads. You’re telling them at such a young age that their hair is something that is too wild and crazy for the simple measures, better get used to sitting in this uncomfortable chair every 6-8 weeks! That’s the price of beauty my sweet. Now stop writhing around, you know it doesn’t hurt that much!I don’t really have an issue with perms(although they’re not for me), but I do have an issue with young girls getting them. I think that the last thing a young girl should be worrying about is how “kinky” or “nappy” her hair is.

Good, bad, it’s all bullshit. Hair is hair. I think you should have fun with it, experiment with it! Straight does not necessarily equal beautiful/professional, nor nappy ugly/ghetto, etc etc. Which reminds me: FAIL (Here’s the response from Glamour). I will say though, every time I have worn my hair naturally to work, be in twists or curls, it seems to be an invitation for someone to touch my hair. Which is kind of annoying. But  telling someone that their natural hair is “unacceptable” in an office setting ??? Jesus. Lawsuit, anyone?

Oh, hair. It’s hard not to get tangled up in it.


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When I started watching the first episode of the second half of the new season I knew something was up. It was simply, too good to be true. There was Dualla! On the screen! Speaking words! I thought someone had actually listened to me. But then she blew her brains out. So. I’m pretty sure that means no more Dualla?? Yeeeeah.  And although it was shocking, it kind of wasn’t. Of course she would die. At her own hand, no less (EXCLAMATION POINT). And of course all of the annoying assholes would live another day. President Roslin? I’m looking at you. You too Gaius. Let’s just get this season over with, shall we? TEDIOUS.

This? Not a good movie. Looking at this poster you’d think Angelina was the main character or something seeing as she’s about 3 times the size of James McAvoy. No, she’s just what brought the boys to the yard. And I…am…confused. Like Andy said, she looks like a Lollipop girl with that big ole head stuck on her negative pound frame. Not sexy. NO.

I had a huge issue with the storyline even though I’ve never read the comic. It was, as I said when the credits started rolling, “kinda lame”.  Who decided this garbage was fit for human consumption? Why are assassins running textile mills? Oh, there’s names hidden in the weaving? Names of people who need killing? That’s…stupid. Then there’s the usual wimp/loser/ball-less wonder becomes major super badass montage. And although it’s completely unnecessary, a kiss between Angelina and James. *yawn*

It’s snowing here. Again. I am…enraged.


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We love to see you grimace

There’s a McDonalds commercial that comes on the radio every morning when I’m driving to work (one of the many reasons I hate the radio):

Woman (thinking): Oh I know she did not just cut ahead of me in line…(speaks aloud) Excuse me, I know you saw me standing here. You better be glad I already had my <disgusting McDonalds meal of some name or another> or it would be on! Whoooo! *cackling laughter*

Hey drivers/pedestrians? Don’t mind me and my violently swerving vehicle. I’m not actually trying to kill you, my mind just melted. Are there really people out there who listen to that and think, “I’ve been in her shoes! Where’s the nearest McDonalds?”

And speaking of fast food, all free food is not created equal. I’ll get rid of 10 Facebook friends for something delicious, but a Whopper? SICK. My dad used to take advantage of the “whopper for a dollar” thing when I was in grade school/junior high and when picking me and my siblings up, would toss one to each of us with gusto. We’d get excited because we never got to eat out that much. But I’d always eat about a quarter of it and then chuck it. Nevermind the fact that mayo was slathered over every inch of the thing, it just tasted like ass. It’s been well over a decade since I ate a whopper and who knows? They might’ve improved it. But it’s Burger King so I doubt it.


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