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Spring in my step

Trovata shirt (Gilt), J.Crew skirt (Buffalo Exchange), Frye heels, The Bridge gladstone bag (Ebay-$27!!!)

I paired up two of my recent purchases yesterday: an AMAZEBALLS The Bridge gladstone/doctors bag that I scored at a STEAL on Ebay and a J.Crew skirt that I randomly picked up at Buffalo Exchange. The skirt was an impulse grab, I was more excited about two Corey Lynn Calter skirts that I found but this one had the better fit. And once it was on I started picturing it with this Trovata asymmetrical top. Match made in heaven, I say.

My coworker told me that I looked like I should be pushing a pram something something Downton Abbey and I said, “That’s the best compliment anyone could ever give me. I’LL TAKE IT.”

I’ve had a lot of thrifting luck lately, but I find that the more I score something incredible the more I’ll get obsessed with what I’m going to find the next time and the next and I feel like I can’t walk away from a store without making a purchase. I’ve bought a couple of things lately that upon reviewing them later at home I’ll wonder, “WHY did I buy this?” Five dollars or fifty, crap is still crap.


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Gypsy Girl

Headscarf: Macy’s? (Hella old) Hoodie: Dizzie’s in SLO. Tank: J.Crew. Dress: Goodwill. Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Gee WaWa.

I was totally expecting to be asked how far along I was in this dress. Comfortable, yes. Flattering? Not so much.

Hope you all had a good Easter!

We took the boys out to Sauvie Island on Saturday and looked at a pig and some roosters and chickens. I really enjoyed looking at the pig because it was the biggest f%cking thing I’ve ever seen. Mad was a wreck the majority of the time. He can’t even deal with finding my hair on the floor at home (“MAMA! What’s this?!”) so he was pretty much finished after slipping in the mud, which there was A LOT OF. “MAMA! Fix it!” was cried out between sobs. From now on, double rainboots all the way (yep, I’m a dork). So we took off the boys’ pants and shoes and drove around the island and saw some emus. Those things are creepy.

Yesterday the sun continued to shine so we went to the park and walked through swarms of ant drones but I still didn’t want to go inside ever. And then last night Andy and I finished watching Cowboys and Aliens. It was okay. Daniel Craig will never not be a badass.

So why does Mounds have to be gamble chocolate? I bought a Mounds bar after a long drought and I opened it the way that Charlie opened that chocolate bar that his grandparents chipped in and bought for him for his birthday? Like: Maybe? Maybe this time? Delicious, smooth chocolate? Maybe? But NOOOOOOOOO.

Looked kind of like this:

That’s some ashy chocolate.


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Doctor, Doctor

Thrifted coat (Little Edie’s), Fossil cardigan and dress, Sock Dreams tights and socks, Gee WaWa boots, self-made monocle necklace, doctor bag (Etsy)

I’ve bought three doctor bags in the past two weeks. Two of them need a little work done but I couldn’t just leave them there. Andy’s eyebrows are now permanently at hairline level, “Another one?” he asks politely.

Last weekend I found this at Little Edie’s:

And this beauty is on it’s way to me from Bordeaux (Etsy):

Sigh. I just can’t get enough.


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