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People are strange

After I got off work today I took the train as usual over to Andy’s job. I was wearing heels, which I usually don’t like to do when I have to walk a lot because they make my butt stick out more than normal and of course, they make my feet hurt. But alas, I don’t have brown flats that matched my outfit today. And my feet are still killing me. Ah…the price of beauty.

Anyway, when I got off the train some guy with a notebook followed me, caught up with me at the stoplight and said, “I hope you don’t think this is strange…” and held out a ripped out page to me. I looked at it with this You’ve GOT to be kidding me look on my face and he (hilariously) says impatiently “Just take it.”

Then he walked away really fast.

Who knows if he goes around handing out (misspelled) poet-treh to any and everyone, but it was sort of sweet.

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