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Moody Mumford

Bruce Springsteen has ruined me for other bands.

His show was just that: A SHOW. He and the E Street band played for 3 hours. He took requests, he pulled people onstage, he crowd-surfed, he made me FEEL THINGS. Seriously, who’s the Boss? THAT dude.


Andy and I went to a Mumford and Sons show Monday night. And, well…meh. First of all, Marcus seemed to be in a bit of a mood. And well…knock it off, son. This is your job. Entertain me. Make me feel like I’m the only person in the room. I can see you have some chops there, and ya’ll sound hella good in concert. I was clapping and swaying to the music and feeling your strings section. But I was expecting a bit more warmth. And conversation! Not two openers and barely an hour and a half of the headlining band! We got a babysitter! ENTERTAIN ME!

Hey, look at my overpriced T-shirt!



SAM_0468Shows can make or break a band for me. I fell out of love with Pete Yorn many moons ago after hearing him sing through his teeth. I became aware of Frank Black’s genius after accompanying Andy to a show. Same goes for Tiger Army (could seriously see those guys over and over).

You dropped the ball M&S!! Be more like Springsteen! And seriously, as I was thinking that very thought during the show, they broke into “I’m on Fire.” That’s not what I meant boys, but nice try. I kept telling Andy how disappointed I was that they weren’t more like Bruce and all he could do was grin like a fool, because he’s the Springsteen guy, and say: “I’m so glad you enjoyed the show.” Well, yeah…but WHAT ABOUT MUMFORD?

Thank God for Ben Lovett, ya’ll. He tried to connect. And his shoes kept a lot of my attention, I wish I’d gotten a better look at them. Because they looked amazing.


toodsP.S. I’ll probably buy the next album but I’ll definitely be sitting the next show out. And probably the next. Mums the Ford, INDEED.

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A little bit closer





Goorin hat, Tegan and Sara hoodie, What Would Geordie LaForge Do? shirt, UO jeans, Born brogues, typewriter key earrings

Have I mentioned that I’m digging my new haircut? I am. Hats fit so much better on my head!

Heartthrob, Tegan and Sara’s latest, has been playing on repeat in my house and car. My boys LOVE it, as do I. The last time I felt this strongly about one of their albums it was 9 years ago (So Jealous).

So, so good. Can’t get enough. All I wanna get is. A little bit closer.

I bought my hoodie at a show of theirs that we went to ages ago. I balked at spending $40 on it at the time (effing shows and their overpriced merch) but it was so cute and I must say, it’s held up pretty well. Every time I wear it I get a compliment, or someone tells me a story of this one time they met them at some random place. It’s a great conversation starter.


That’s them up there, in case you were wondering.

I’m so excited. Do you think they’ll pluck me out of the crowd to sing a duet with Marcus? We’ll seeeee!



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Red Letter Days

Redux earrings (LOVE), Fossil shirt, JCrew dress, Me Too flats

This is a perfect dress to just laze around with the boys. I bought it a little while ago from J.Crew – on sale, no duh- and have been wearing it pretty often ever since.

Andy and I celebrated our 9th year (married, 12th in general) together a week and a half ago, I was thinking of writing a blog post about how we met. I’m sure you’re all on the edges of your seats! Stay tuned.

My birthday is tomorrow – I’ll be 32 (!) years old. And the next day, my little Rio will be 1!


This kid, man. He gets into ERRYTHING. Put a blockade in front of him? STILL GETS THE JOB DONE. Every day I tell Andy, “Oh my gosh, he is so smart!” So smart. So STRONG! So cute. How adorable is this: he loves Vampire Weekend. Gets crazy excited when A-Punk comes on. He squeals, and then he grooves.

He loves his brothers unconditionally, following Mad into time out, even though I’m trying to protect him, doesn’t he understand that?! He sits in their laps when mine isn’t available. He steals food from their plates, too. They don’t like that at all. They get pissed! And hey – I’m not gonna lie, I find it HILARIOUS. And one day they too will be chuckling at the memory of Mad sobbing, “Take the cheerio out of his mouth Mama. Take it out!”

We love you Baby Rio, Happy Birthday!

Babel is out today! HOLLERRRRR.

Mums the Ford

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20: Welcome to the working week

Pea Coat: Gap. Cardigan: Target. Belt: Ladybird’s General Store. Skirt: Vintage. Tights:whoknows. Brogues: Franco Sarto

20 of 30

I know it don’t thrill you, I hope it don’t kill you. Dude, Mondays suck. Maybe that’s why I look like someone pissed in my cheerios? Woof.

Skipped yesterday; there was no way that I was getting dressed. I stayed in my pajamas and robe all day long and it was glorious. Caught up on some shows (Community, 30 Rock), watched my favorite scenes of Jeffrey (OMG LOVE). Listened to Mumford and Sons. A LOT. Especially this song:

This outfit was the closest I could get to not changing out of my robe, because I really didn’t want to get dressed again. But I kind of had to. Anyway, so cozy! I never used to wear brown and black together, but I really love how the brown in this outfit makes everything so much..sharper. The belt and brogues are totally MFEO, amirite?

So here are outfits 11-19:

Also, how awesome is Bethany for this one?

Pretty awesome.


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12: A Family Affair

My aunt’s dog, Mazel!

It’s important to stop and smell the flowers.

Me: Sweater: Fossil. Shirt: Urban. Skirt: Fossil. Belt: Ladybird’s General Store. Socks: Sock Dreams. Tights: ? Boots: Frye. Silver Collar Necklace: gift from Mom (to Ana, I stole it from her).

Anastasia: Wrap: Nordstrom. Cami: TJ Maxx. Skirt: Anthro. Boots: Rocket Dog.

My big sister Anastasia decided to join me for my outfit pictures today since she BAILED on me with the challenge. *sniff* Still stings. Andy took these pictures, sometimes stopping in between each shot to laugh at us. “Take a picture of me jumping!” I’d tell him and he would, and then he’d instruct, “Try not to make jump face next time.” But alas, it is damn near IMPOSSIBLE not to make jump face, especially when you’re jumping. Model/sexy face + jumping = rocket science.

We had a ton of fun doing this, can you tell? 😛

My baby sister Bethany decided to join in the fun from Montreal. Cause we’re sisters. We stand together. Something something spots. Something family.

And then there’s my precious nephew Ethan and his Mumford and Sons inspired outfit:


Mumford and Sons.

Their music is so good it’s STUPID. I can’t even. I mean, wow. Andy was listening to them during our drive; I was trying to sleep and failing and all I could say was “Pretty. So pretty.” over and over.

And I’m spent.


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