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Red, White and Blue All Over


Target cardigan, Fossil shirt, JCrew skirt, HUE tights, Happy Socks socks, Gee WaWa boots, Pyrrha necklace

twoarrowsA close-up of my new arrow hairpins. Man, I love Redux. Aren’t these puppies cute? Thinking of going back for the pink pair as well.

More things that I love:

1. Honey Hemp Conditioner by Oyin Handmade

It makes my hair feel and smell yummy.

2. Old Chevy/Ford Pick-Up Trucks


I saw this sweet thing on a walk with the boys. NEED.

3. Making dresses into skirts


4. Danny Castellano

My sister Bethany and I can’t get enough of The Mindy Project, mostly because of Danny and his ability to be awesome at every turn. He’s everything Mindy needs in life, why can’t she SEE that? LOVE that guy.

Also, we’ll talk later about how I want to raid Mindy’s closet. Fictional Mindy. Actually, real Mindy too.



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Red Letter Days

Redux earrings (LOVE), Fossil shirt, JCrew dress, Me Too flats

This is a perfect dress to just laze around with the boys. I bought it a little while ago from J.Crew – on sale, no duh- and have been wearing it pretty often ever since.

Andy and I celebrated our 9th year (married, 12th in general) together a week and a half ago, I was thinking of writing a blog post about how we met. I’m sure you’re all on the edges of your seats! Stay tuned.

My birthday is tomorrow – I’ll be 32 (!) years old. And the next day, my little Rio will be 1!


This kid, man. He gets into ERRYTHING. Put a blockade in front of him? STILL GETS THE JOB DONE. Every day I tell Andy, “Oh my gosh, he is so smart!” So smart. So STRONG! So cute. How adorable is this: he loves Vampire Weekend. Gets crazy excited when A-Punk comes on. He squeals, and then he grooves.

He loves his brothers unconditionally, following Mad into time out, even though I’m trying to protect him, doesn’t he understand that?! He sits in their laps when mine isn’t available. He steals food from their plates, too. They don’t like that at all. They get pissed! And hey – I’m not gonna lie, I find it HILARIOUS. And one day they too will be chuckling at the memory of Mad sobbing, “Take the cheerio out of his mouth Mama. Take it out!”

We love you Baby Rio, Happy Birthday!

Babel is out today! HOLLERRRRR.

Mums the Ford

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In Bloom

Cardigan: Fossil

Dress: Fossil

Tights: Sock Dreams

Shoes: Seychelles

Earrings: Redux

Whoa. I totally forgot about this post (I’m in New York right now with my sister Bethany and my auntie Annie).  I wore this dress sometime last week. I’ve only worn these shoes one other time. I’m not used to them yet, I tried my hardest not to fall on my face all day. I would write more but I need to go take a shower and brave the wilderness again. Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

ETA: I forgot to say that I got these shoes for thirty bucks on Amazon! I had seen them on another site for more than double that, too. Yeeeah. Still feels good.


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Blue and Yellow

Dress: Urban (BB Dakota)

Belt: Fossil

Sandals: Pink Studio

Earrings: Redux

I twisted up my hair the other day. It’s a nice go-to hairstyle for when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to do it every morning when I wake up.

I was going through Elsita‘s old posts and was happy to discover that we owned the same dress. MAN I wish I could raid her closet! Anyway, I decided to pair it up with yellow as well (and just a touch of pink). I got so many compliments! I do think this dress is adorable, although I can’t really bend over in it. I’m getting used to squatting to pick up my kids. Which I think I should be doing anyway? Much better for the lower back. I actually wore jean shorts underneath, and good thing I did because I might as well have stood over a subway grate the way the wind was flapping and flipping my skirt all about.

Good times.

Good times.


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Shirt: Trovata

Skirt: Anthropologie

Tights: Sock Dreams

Oxfords: Franco Sarto

Earrings: Redux

I look sooo bored modeling my clothes, don’t I? Poor me.

1. Hey look, another tights day in July!! The weather in Portland continues to confuse the shit out of me. I have no idea how to dress my kids half of the time, much less myself. Layers seem to be the best idea. This past weekend was nice though, Cannon Beach on Saturday and a play date on Sunday. I would love to be able to stay overnight at the beach at some point, hopefully we’ll be able to do that, with or without the boys (although I don’t know how I could leave them without at least one of us overnight!).

2. I really love this skirt although I find it difficult to match shirts to. The material has a nice weight to it and the pockets are nice and deep. Turns out it’s a miniskirt? I’m not used to wearing skirts above the knee, mostly because my bum is so … generous that the back usually hikes up much higher than the front, but tights help with my paranoia of overexposure. 🙂

3. One of my favorite things about this top are the off centered buttons, and the way you can change the look of an outfit with collar buttoned or not.  THE BEST.

4. I have these earrings in two colors, the purple ones will show up at some point on here, I’m sure. They add a nice pop to color to any outfit (even though my ears tend to leak if I wear them for too long-sorry, TMI).


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