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Another Toe

SAM_0933Fossil cardigan, Anthro dress, Hansel from Basel tights, OTBT booties



I was looking though my Stylefile board on Pinterest and I was struck by how similar my outfit was one that I’d pinned ages ago:

gabifreshGabi Fresh

I’d KILL for that bag, btw.

The Pixies put out a new EP recently and I’m really loving it, especially this song:


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A bowler hat for my bowler friends

Hey there! *waves*

Goorin hat, JCrew shirt, Anthro dress, Chie Mihara mary janes

So, not too much to say. Here’s what I wore today, nothing new: a comfy dress, those lovely Chies and my bowler hat that I’ve never felt quite suited me (although I really like the way it looks with my short hair).

I’ve been crazy exhausted lately, Rio has been waking up several times a night and I stay up way too late reading or watching Misfits clips online. Which reminds me – I should really get to bed.



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Ma Nature’s Lyrical


Thrifted shirt (Little Edie’s), Anthropologie dress, Fossil pumps, Thrifted gladstone bag (Ebay)

Lately I can’t get enough of flower patterns and these Fossil flora pumps and the obvious reason is because of the season. Because…Ma Nature’s lyrical, with her yearly miracle. SPRING!

Those crazy kids. Psst. You guys. Ephraim is totally checking out Dorcas. Watch out Benjamin!
Maybe I should have a Seven Brides for Seven Brothers interlude in every post? You think?
Anyway, I found this shirt at Little Edie’s and I must say it compliments my color block dress well, especially since I’ve never felt comfortable with the top half. Actually, I need to take the shirt and the dress in to my seamstress, both are a bit of an odd fit.

I wore this the other day:J. Crew shirt… yeah, you’ve seen it all before and will see it again. I would talk about how nice the weather’s been lately but then I’d just sound like a broken record (spring, spring, spring!). But I’m really enjoying having brown sons for a minute!

What else? A lot of playdates and A LOT of book reading. A lot of cookie eating. A lot of changes: my babies are disappearing before my very eyes, I can’t get over how Z will start kindergarten in the fall. I’m pretty nervous about it actually, so I try not to think about it too much. Mad is loving puzzles lately, and Rio is *this close* to crawling and gets frustrated when he can’t make his body do what he wants it to. After a while of dragging himself all over the place he uses his raptor shriek to let me know that he’s done doing all of the work so could I please hold him under his arms while he lurches around to his heart’s content? Thanks Mom!



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Just like Candy

Pistil hood scarf, Tulle coat, Anthropologie dress, HUE tights, Chie Mihara mary janes

This would be the perfect dress if only it could cease that annoying bunching thing it does when I’m in motion. *clenches fists and shouts to the heavens* WHY?! Is it too much to ask that something be awesome in theory AND execution?

Is it?

I can’t get enough of Little Edie’s:

AWESOME Banana Republic coat (can’t see it too well here but JUST YOU WAIT, HENRY HIGGINS, JUST YOU WAIT), Anthro shirt and doctor bag.

Can’t wait to go back.

I saw this picture on Urban Weeds the other day and almost died. I need that coat like I need air in my lungs.  I have a serious crush on this girl. Can we be friends who are both named Jennifer so everyone has to call us by our first AND last names?!

If she had a blog I would SO follow.


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Fanny Pack

Tulle jacket.  Fossil shirt. Anthropologie skirt and flats. HUE tights

So. I bought these shoes:

several months ago on super sale from Anthro and while they are INSANELY cute, they are also more painful than the heels that I own. Basically, wtf. Why must it be this way Beetle Trinket Flats?!

That being said, I’ll keep them. Usually comfort > HOMGCUTE  for me but since they were a steal I feel better about damaging my back-ankle skin for the sake of such soft suede AND DID I MENTION THE BEETLES HOMGCUTE.

Here’s an outfit from a couple of weeks ago:

Thrifted sweater, shirt and purse (Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange and Little Edie’s Five and Dime). Sock Dreams tights. Gee WaWa boots.

I loved all of the different textures and colors of this outfit; I found this borderline ugly purse at Little Edie’s that I couldn’t leave behind, so buttery soft and strangely appealing.

It reminded me of a really well worn in motorcycle jacket.

Andy says it looks like a fanny pack. Yep.


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27 & 28: Holy Frijoles*

Sweater: Target. Shirt: Nordstrom. Skirt: ? Tights: HUE. Sock: Sock Dreams. Boots: Frye. Kid: Madrox.

27 of 30.

What can I say? This was a Monday outfit: no belts, jewelry or scarves because I was too tired to care or try. But there is a kid! He comes courtesy of my womb. Hooray!Anyway, Mad is my sweet boy. He’s very attached to me. He loves to “caress” my hair, which is usually super sweet but occasionally reeeally irritating. I can’t hold him without his hands grasping for strands to pull. Sometimes when I’m about to reprimand him, he leans back, stares at me and says, “Heh.” And then I melt. Speaking of hair, I haven’t felt like doing it the past couple of days. Hence the hood scarf below.

Hood scarf: Imelda’s (Pistil). Dresses: Zara and Buffalo Exchange. Tights: HUE.  Boots: Frye.

28 of 30.

Hey, what is that down there? Oh, just another step. Which leads to another one! Amazing.

I decided to wear my shirtdress over my Zara dress after seeing this picture in the latest Anthro catalog:

And then I added the polka dot tights for kicks and giggles.

And speaking of tights, can Hansel from Basel make these babies in larger sizes?! Please? Thank you.


*I’m not sure why I used that title. Probable because that’s what I say every time I go outside. It’s that cold.


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22: Epaulets and pockets and cloches, oh my


Cloche: Porch Light. Bomber jacket: Fossil. Cardigan: ZARA. Shirt: Trovata. Jumper: Old Navy. Tights: HUE. Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Frye.

22 of 30!

It has BEGUN. My coworkers have started playing Christmas music! AUGH!!! Don’t get me wrong, ’tis the season and all, but I swear it’s like the same 10 songs on repeat for an entire month. Songs I’ll never get tired of: I really love Matt Pond PA’s Snow Day and his cover of Holiday Road. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee. Anything Nat King Cole sings. God, his voice. *le sigh* So beautiful and velvety.

Also. I’m probably going to end up eating my weight in peppermint bark this month.

Anyway, the outfit: perfect for the cold and foggy day. I would usually pair my bomber hat with this jumper (something about the plaid just calls out for it), but I decided to wear the cloche to soften things up a bit.

On my wish list:

Mary Shirtdress

This dress is calling my naaaaame.  EPAULETS! POCKETS! HOMGIZZLE. And it’s on sale!


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What’s new pussycat?

Cardigan: Fossil. Shirt: Old Navy. Skirt: Anthropologie. Tights: HUE. Brogues: Franco Sarto. Belt: LadyBird’s General Store.

I’ve realized that cats are cutest when they don’t belong to you. Like this cat! Super cute! It really is quite endearing how she tries to sneak into our house at all hours, waiting patiently for us to simply crack open the door! And when she weaves in and out of my legs when I’m trying to take a simple walk with my kids? Adorable! The boys, of course, love her to bitsies and would have succeeded in crushing her in childlike wonder if we didn’t shoo her away each and every time. Run for your life, kitty! But she just keeps coming back! Seriously though, she really is the sweetest cat ever. How cute is that third shot? Super cute, I say!

Anyway. Here’s my outfit from yesterday. I’ve been wearing these tights and shoes a lot, I just love the way they look together!!


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Sweater: Fossil

Shirt: Dress from Dizzie’s in SLO

Skirt: Anthro

Tights: Sock Dreams

Shoes: Gianni Bini

These tights are on their way out. I found a hole in them the other day. They’re so comfortable, but I doubt that I’ll be purchasing another pair at 35 bucks a pop. BUT I just bought three new pairs in charcoal, mustard and olive green: I look forward to not having to shave my legs for the next several months! Kidding. Sort of. Mad (my youngest) thinks the mustard ones are odd, whenever I’ve had them on he’s stared at my legs for a moment and then poked at them with an outstretched finger. Tights, I tell him, and he repeats the word and wanders off but comes right back to poke my legs two seconds later. I understand where he’s coming from though. I’m not quite comfortable with yellow legs yet, I keep taking them off in favor of black or brown.




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Tanks: J. Crew

Skirt: Anthropologie

Shoes: Frye

I had plenty of light when I started taking pictures. Jack, where’d the sun go?

5:54 FTW. In the Army Now. So much awesome, TRUST.

Here’s my favorite skirt again! I want to get as much wear out of it as I can, I don’t tend to wear it during the cooler/rainier months.


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