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Don’t step on my New Blue Shoes


I scored some cute Jeffrey Campbell slingbacks several months ago and now that the weather is warming up I’m finally gonna be able to take them out on the town. They were like, zero dollars. Literally. I used some credit that I had saved up at Give and Take, huzzah!


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Joy to my world

My Chies have come! Let Earth…receive….*trails off*

So I’ve mentioned my love of Chie Miharas once or twice and now I can finally say I own a pair! It doesn’t matter that I bought them (gently) used on Ebay. LOOK!

They’re so pretty! I told Andy, “I’m so excited! My first pair of Chies!” He gave me this funny look (I had just been talking about how they’re usually  3-4 hundred buckeroos, except I probably said dollars) and said, “You mean your ONLY pair?”

Silly child.



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Blue and Grey

Cardigan: Target Maternity. Dress: Old Navy Maternity. Skirt: American Apparel. Tights: Drugstore. Mary Janes: Pink Studio.

Cardigan and Dress: Fossil. Tights: Drugstore. Heels: Biviel.

Shirt: American Apparel. Jeans: Old Navy Maternity. Sandals: Pink Studio.

There are about 4 or 5 pregnant women on the campus where I work and yesterday we all congregated in the same place at the same time – THE DINING COMMONS. Dun dun DUN. Pretty much blew everyone’s minds. Painfully engorged stomachs, gently protruding stomachs, stomachs that were just right, oh my! I found myself saying the very thing that I abhor about one of the other women (who is due in about ten days): “Holy testicle Tuesday, she’s HUGE!” But I get a free pass, right? Right. Anyway, we’re all expecting boys. Something is definitely in the water.

I’ll be 27 weeks on Tuesday, almost to the third trimester! I keep telling people that I’m due in September, even though my (technical) due date is October 3rd. Wishful thinking? Yeah. I should really enjoy the calm before the storm, eh? Maybe. Also: Andy’s going to PAX this year, I’ll be 35 weeks along and a little nervous about lumbering painfully after two boys on my own for two days. I’ve enlisted my friend Kerrie to (please! please!) help me out on one of those days.

Remember when I mentioned my obsession with shoes lately? It’s gotten worse. Lately all I want is a pair of Chie Mihara shoes. Or several. Problem is, they cost ALLLLLL of the money. All of it.

I’ll take these babies:


in any of these colors. Or all of them. I especially like the white, silver and black and I really detest (maybe that’s too strong a word?) white heels usually. If I have to save for an year and a day (but hopefully not that long!) I WILL have a pair of Chie Mihara’s. Trust.


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Shoes, glorious shoes!

Necklace: exex. Shirts: Fossil. Jeans: Urban Outfitters. Heels: Biviel.

So maternity clothes (also known as muumuus and clown pants) suck. Basically. I’m trying to fight against the need to wear them, but it’s a battle I WILL lose. So I’ve become fixated on shoes since my feet are still small and slender (knock on wood). I pulled out my teal Biviels the other day when it wasn’t pouring outside and felt instantly perked up.  And I’ve recently purchased two pairs that I am completely jazzed about.

Fossil Flora pumps. I wanted these in black but they sold out. EVERYWHERE. Whatever, Dillard’s had them in cream? For $30 cheaper? I’LL TAKE THEM. Those stacked heels are glorious. Glorious, I say!

Seychelles A Kiss at Midnight pumps.

I couldn’t pass these up, great price ($30!) + super cute= done. DONE. MOAR HEEL DROOLING. Also, Did I mention that both pair are CRAZY comfortable? Although getting the shoes ON is a bit of a challenge. Might need Andy’s help from here on out.


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I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!

What I’m wearing:



Fur Collar: Ebay. Cardigan: Fossil. Skirt: J. Crew. Tights: Sock Dreams. Booties: Piperlime (on sale!).

That’s basically how I feel about these Desert Boots. Except I did the running man.

What I’ve been watching (What I’ve watched? You get it):

The Republic of Love.

Gosh. What a wonderful movie. Absolutely, positively splendid.

Bruce Greenwood. Every time Andy sees him he says, “Hey, Nowhere Man! That was a good show.” Every. single. time. He really liked it, I guess? Yeah. So now, even though I’ve never seen it I think, “Hey, it’s Nowhere Man!” every. single. time. I see Bruce Greenwood.

And then there’s Emilia Fox, who will FOREVER be Georgiana, sister to Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Look what I made!

In a nutshell? Nowhere Man (a thrice married radio talk show host) and Georgiana (a mermaid researcher) fall in love at first sight. In Canada.

It’s pretty awesome.


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Slippery when wet

Pardon my emo.

Cardigan: Fossil. Dress: Gap. Tights: ? Heels: Frye. Necklace: Erica Weiner.


This is pretty much the same outfit but with an olive cardigan and tights.

So the most embarrassing thing happened while I was wearing this outfit: I fell. In front of several people. I had no intention of walking anywhere but on the carpeted hallways of my office building. No tile floors for me, thanks! See, I reeeeally wanted to wear these shoes, even if it meant that I had to stay glued to my seat all day.

Friend: Hey Jen, you want to go get some coffee and walk across wet tile floors?

Me: Suuuure! Even though it’s all rainy outside and these shoes have little to no traction, I’m gonna tempt fate! I can handle it!

Fate: *tempted*



But it gets worse. You know how people ask “Oh my God! Are you okay?” when you fall? Nice, right? Not after the NTH time. I mean, let’s all forget this as soon as possible, okay? Nothing to see here, kids! But nooooooooo. News is spreading like wildfire across the campus as we speak (I’m exaggerating. SORT OF.). People are telling me, “I heard you fell! Are you okay? Oh my god, what happened?!” Um, I fell. Not much else to report. “Oh, okay. So you’re just really clumsy today?” Exactly.

And since I love tangents: I’ve probably seen A Goofy Movie about a million times, my brothers were pretty obsessed when we were kids. Tevin Campbell? Pauly Shore? YES. My kids WILL love that movie. It’s all about Goofy’s kid Max who has this HUGE crush on this girl and so to impress her…okay, I won’t ruin it for you!

Anyway. Whoever made this video:

is a GENIUS.


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Lucky Number 7

Hat: Porch Light. Tights: HUE.

Necklaces: exex, Pyrrha, self-made

Cameo: thrifted

Outfit number slevin: very black and white, so I added my favorite heels for a pop of color. I love pairing this vest with this skirt. I can’t wait to add a bow tie to the mix.

Ugh, Monday. But! This is a short work week for me. It makes up for the fact that I’ll be working late tonight and won’t see my boys at all today. Just gotta make it to Wednesday. This weekend went by so fast as usual; I ended up watching a ton of Merlin on HULU.

It’s kind of like the Smallville version of the King Arthur legend, young people destined for greatness (or EVIIIIL) and all that. Loads of foreshadowing. Merlin’s cleaning leach jars now but just you wait until he grows that enormous white beard! Gwen’s a servant (and black, hi!) so she and Arthur are constantly doing the whole “As you wish, sire.” “Don’t call me sire! Now fetch me that water pitcher.” sort of thing.

And their love triangle needs work: Lancelot only shows up once a season, so the angst level is only a fraction of what it could be. MOOR LANCELOT.

Yesterday was Andy’s birthday but he was sick so we didn’t get to go out as planned. I’m hoping that when we’re in California one of our parents can watch the boys so that we can get some drinks or something. Gotta take advantage!



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Nice and threesy

Scarf: Husband’s. Necklaces: Pyrrha, exex. Belt: Fossil.

Day Three.  You could say that I’m three times a lady. Although this jumper and these saddle shoes make me feel like a school girl.

Down down baby, down by the roller coaster, Sweet sweet baby, I’ll never let you go,
Shimmy shimmy cocoa pops, Shimmy shimmy pow!
Shimmy shimmy cocoa pops, Shimmy shimmy pow!
Gramma gramma, sick in bed,
Called the doctor and the doctor said,
Let’s get the rhythm of the head – ding dong
Let’s get the rhythm of the head – ding dong
Let’s get the rhythm of the hands – clap, clap
Let’s get the rhythm of the hands – clap, clap
Let’s get the rhythm of the feet – stomp, stomp
Let’s get the rhythm of the feet – stomp, stomp
Let’s get the rhythm of the – hot dog
Let’s get the rhythm of the – hot dog!
Put it all together and what do you get?
Ding dong, clap clap, stomp stomp, hot dog!
Put it all backward and what do you get?
Hot dog, stomp stomp, clap clap, ding dong!

*shakes head* Where was I?

Oh, right. Third outfit.  Very cozy and comfortable, thinking I should’ve doubled up on the tights because it is chilly out there! But! I’m glad the sun is out.

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!



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Dear hood scarf

Hood scarf: Pistil (via Imelda’s).  Coat: Tulle.  Sweater: Zara. Dress: Gap. Tights: HUE. Brogues: Franco Sarto. Doctor Bag: Etsy.

Dear hood scarf,

Remember when we first met? I saw you at Imelda’s and thought, “Oh snap! That’s hot sauce. I need that in my life.” Then I took you off of the shelf and saw that you cost one hundred dollars and thought, “Oh snap! NOPE.” and I walked away in anger. But. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I would tell everyone about you: “Dude, there’s this hood scarf at Imelda’s that I am in love with, it’s soooo soft and pretty.” and then finally my husband said, “BUY THE DAMN THING SO YOU WILL STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.” And so I saved and saved and finally you were mine. The end.


P.S. I thought black and white was appropriate for the third shot since I look like I’m about to go kneel in front of a crucifix. *softly sings Ave Marie*

P.P.S. I love this bag but I don’t love HOLDING it. It looks good on porches and fences though, don’t it?


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Purple Velvet

Bowler Hat: Goorin. Blazer: Gap. Shirt and Vest: J.Crew. Pants: Express. Shoes: Doc Martens. Scarf: Therapy.

Okay, it is getting really freaking cold out! I need to dig out my gloves, but I have no idea where they’re hiding! And people continue to calmly walk about in their flip flops while my feet freeze in my boots and Docs. I’ll never understand that, but then my feet are always cold. As soon as I get home I slip into these puppies, er… monkeys. Except with pom poms. They feel DELIGHTFUL. After the boys go down, I wear these and my robe and watch my favorite North and South clips over and over again.

Sweet Lord. I’m such a sucker for total-asshole-accidentally-falling-in-love-with-haughty-opinionated-girl tales I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU. Hello, Pride and Prejudice? Anne of Green Gables (ETA: Gilbert did not break a slate over Anne’s head. I am a dork. But he did tuggeth a ponytail, which makes him an asshole. And he called her carrots. Yeeeeah…go with it…)? Except it gets to the point where I want to shove the girl and say, “If you don’t say ‘take me!’ pretty soon I will seriously punch you in your baby maker. WHY ARE YOU MAKING HIM WORK SO HARD?!”

He’s all, SRSLY?! You know you want me.

Margaret needs a sassy gay friend to tell her, “look at your life, look at your choices!”



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