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Saints Be Praised



Whoops, no green here. Too bad I don’t have the green version of this dress:

Today we went to Powells so that Andy could sell some books and buy some new ones and the boys could waffle over which corny Thomas book they would choose. I got nothing since I have an itchy Amazon trigger finger and have far too many ebooks and library books that need to be read.

And in about…8 minutes Andy and I are having a North and South viewing party with some friends and I am EXCITED!

Because DUDES.

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.




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Purple Velvet

Bowler Hat: Goorin. Blazer: Gap. Shirt and Vest: J.Crew. Pants: Express. Shoes: Doc Martens. Scarf: Therapy.

Okay, it is getting really freaking cold out! I need to dig out my gloves, but I have no idea where they’re hiding! And people continue to calmly walk about in their flip flops while my feet freeze in my boots and Docs. I’ll never understand that, but then my feet are always cold. As soon as I get home I slip into these puppies, er… monkeys. Except with pom poms. They feel DELIGHTFUL. After the boys go down, I wear these and my robe and watch my favorite North and South clips over and over again.

Sweet Lord. I’m such a sucker for total-asshole-accidentally-falling-in-love-with-haughty-opinionated-girl tales I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU. Hello, Pride and Prejudice? Anne of Green Gables (ETA: Gilbert did not break a slate over Anne’s head. I am a dork. But he did tuggeth a ponytail, which makes him an asshole. And he called her carrots. Yeeeeah…go with it…)? Except it gets to the point where I want to shove the girl and say, “If you don’t say ‘take me!’ pretty soon I will seriously punch you in your baby maker. WHY ARE YOU MAKING HIM WORK SO HARD?!”

He’s all, SRSLY?! You know you want me.

Margaret needs a sassy gay friend to tell her, “look at your life, look at your choices!”



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