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Rumpled ruffles

Shirt: J. Crew

Skirt: Anthro

Socks: Gap?

Oxfords: Franco Sarto

I like the idea of this outfit, but the execution…not so much. So many wrinkles! Wrinkles+ruffles=Rumplestiltskin. Maybe I’ll balance out the ruffles on the skirt with a simpler shirt next time?

I do like the bottom half of this outfit, it made me feel like a school girl. *skip* Can’t get enough of these oxfords.


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Bad in Plaid

Dress: Fossil

Skirt: American Apparel

Sandals: Pink Studio

I decided to put my skirt on the outside of the dress this time, was pretty pleased with the result. I really love the pattern of this dress and of course the epaulets.

I bought a new dress at Buffalo Exchange (and some pants, but those won’t debut until the fall/winter) and I love it so much! Can’t wait to wear it, but have to have a couple of buttons replaced first.


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Golden Girl

Dress worn as a shirt: Dizzy’s in SLO (closed now, I think)

Skirt: Nordstrom

Sandals: Pink Studio

Jump. For my love. JUMP IN.

My kid’s making an appearance in this post. Have no idea what he’s looking at when his mom is doing something SUPER COOL.

I need more summer clothes, I have a wealth of tights and cardigans and things upon/with which to layer, but I need sleeveless and legless things. I don’t own any shorts, but I like the look of these:

and these:

and these:

and these:

…just kidding.

Speaking of things that go on my legs (nice segue, right? Right.),  I just ordered some awesome (on sale!) Hansel from Basel kneepad thigh highs:

Yeah, I’m obviously not in the summer mindset yet.


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Blue and White Stripes

Shirt: Old Navy

Pants: J. Crew

Shoes: Converse

Earrings: Redux

Another casual work outfit from earlier in the week. Gotta love my chucks, have another pair in black as well. I need some in brown, low tops maybe.

I’m listening to Band of Horses right now. Can’t get the song NW Apt out of my head. Northwest Apartmeeeeent. Apartmeeeeent. I was dancing earlier with the boys, and then I  started sweating. We’re on our way to the park now. If I’m going to be sweating,  I might as go outside and do it.


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Dress: Fossil

Sweater: Fossil

Shoes: Biviel

Necklaces: exex, Pyrrha, selfmade skeleton key necklace

Don’t you just love my “Aw, shucks…” pose/look? I’m gonna run with it.


Have you ever had a pair of shoes that you just loved to stare at, and sometimes daydreamed about? Yep. THESE SHOES. Probably in my top five. I love them to bitsies (even though they’ve stretched a little more than I would like). I saved up for months for them, but they’ll last forever. I’m all about investments.

Yay, it’s Friday! We’re going to go to Powell’s and take long walks, maybe squeeze a playdate in.


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Shirt: Trovata

Skirt: Anthropologie

Tights: Sock Dreams

Oxfords: Franco Sarto

Earrings: Redux

I look sooo bored modeling my clothes, don’t I? Poor me.

1. Hey look, another tights day in July!! The weather in Portland continues to confuse the shit out of me. I have no idea how to dress my kids half of the time, much less myself. Layers seem to be the best idea. This past weekend was nice though, Cannon Beach on Saturday and a play date on Sunday. I would love to be able to stay overnight at the beach at some point, hopefully we’ll be able to do that, with or without the boys (although I don’t know how I could leave them without at least one of us overnight!).

2. I really love this skirt although I find it difficult to match shirts to. The material has a nice weight to it and the pockets are nice and deep. Turns out it’s a miniskirt? I’m not used to wearing skirts above the knee, mostly because my bum is so … generous that the back usually hikes up much higher than the front, but tights help with my paranoia of overexposure. 🙂

3. One of my favorite things about this top are the off centered buttons, and the way you can change the look of an outfit with collar buttoned or not.  THE BEST.

4. I have these earrings in two colors, the purple ones will show up at some point on here, I’m sure. They add a nice pop to color to any outfit (even though my ears tend to leak if I wear them for too long-sorry, TMI).


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Grey Matters

Dress: Anthropologie

Sandals: Pink Studio

Necklace: Pyrrha

I sooo lucked out with this dress. I had been lusting after it for a while but couldn’t rationalize paying over a hundred dollars for it. You know how it is. And THEN it went on sale for $29.99 and I managed to snag it before it sold out two seconds later! Still feeling the high. Good times. It’s the most comfortable thing ever and look! It has pockets!!!

The necklace came on a completely different chain that broke almost immediately after I got it (really Phyrra?!) so I replaced it with another, shinier one from Something Silver. Etsy has some great, less expensive wax seal pendants/necklaces:

Suegray jewelry


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