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Work it harder make it better

This DVD has been kicking my ass. I’m slowly making my way to completing the full workout but. WOW. It’s  physically impossible really hard. I never knew I could sweat (or grunt) so much. Crazy beans.

The last month or so I have been trying to eat right and exercise several times a week. I’m two pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and I want to be 10 pounds less than that as well. I feel like I can notice a difference when I look in the mirror, but for now it just seems like a lot of thankless work (I was asked if I was pregnant again! Wah). These last ten pounds are not coming off without a fight! I try to drink mostly water and a LOT of it. No juice or soda (hardly ever drank it anyway) but I do occasionally have an Izze (which is simply nectar from the gods). I’ve switched to whole grain pastas and cereals. The only change to my diet that really gets to me is the chocolate ban  (Chocolate+Madrox=Fartbox). It doesn’t make it any easier to come to work and find a shit load of chocolate filled goodness in the back room: donuts, cheesecake, tootsie rolls. Kill me now. *drools*

I alternate between the Hot Mamas workout, Pilates for Dummies and Pilates Abs Workout DVDs. The last two are quick 30 minute workouts (grunt-lite), so I do those on the nights that I’m feeling lazy. Both Ana Caban and Tracey Thompson have some crazy toe pointing skills. I have a hard enough time lunging and squatting without breaking something. One day, though. ONE DAY.

I try to go to the gym on campus at lunch once or twice a week -I usually do the elliptical machines. I get really self conscious at the gym though, I prefer to sweat at home. 🙂

I’m pretty exhausted, but by life in general. There’s never enough time to do everything! But I’m going to keep this up.


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