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I just finished watching The Age of Innocence and I can’t believe that I still get choked up every time I see it. A more accurate description is that I feel like I’m suffocating while I’m watching it, like there’s a very heavy weight on my chest. It’s so tragic. There’s so much pining and heavy emotion and love and loss, that it makes it almost unbearable to watch. But I love it. I love Daniel Day Lewis for one, and he is absolutely fantastic as Newland Archer. I love watching his face because he constricts so many emotions, a lot of his performance had to rely on unspoken feelings and truths. I rewind a lot of the scenes where he and his fiance/wife are speaking because there are so many layers of truth there; they don’t come right out and say what they’re thinking but it’s there…lurking. I felt so sorry for him, he looked like a drowning man.

I also rewind all of the scenes that Newland and Ellen (Michelle Pfeiffer’s charater) have together. Unlike most films that involve some tragic love affair, Newland and Ellen are slightly more subdued and chaste. They took what they could get: touching hands, kissing the tip of a shoe, the inside of a wrist…it’s too good. Painfully good.

Off to bed 🙂

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But I being poor, have only my dreams…

Hmmm. I have no idea what to write about. And yet I must, or else look foolish.

Today was a very hot day. That’s worth mentioning because Oregon weather is rarely predictable, but here we are in the summer and it actually, ya know, feels like summer. (Why I am talking like I know what Oregon weather is like? I haven’t even been here a year!) It’s really nice though. Andy and I might even go to the beach this weekend. A couple of weekends ago I went home to Sacramento and visited my family, and I completely forgot what Sacramento weather is like, so I packed sweaters. Sweaters. For 105 degree heat. Where is my mind? For serious.

That’s all I have for now. Deal with it.

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