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Ace of Bass




No matter how many times my bangles catch on this sweater, it’s definitely a thrift store score. I LOVE ME SOME IT!

I didn’t know Bass made clothing too, I’d only heard about their saddle shoes (their gorgeous, gorgeous saddle shoes that have horrible, horrible soles that crack almost immediately upon wearing). Every Goodwill I’ve gone to has had a good amount of Bass shirts, though. It’s funny how that works. Certain brands that I’ve never heard of before, like Alfred Dunner, are labels I know I can count on seeing no matter the thrift store. And man, people really love to donate Relic bags!

SAM_1538I can’t stop wearing this sweater.



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Lupita Sweater




SAM_1519JCrew cardigan (Value Village -$?), Shirt (Teen Challenge Thrift – $2), Thakoon for Target skirt (Goodwill – $7), Miz Mooz heels (VV – $15)

So I call this my Lupita sweater because it reminds me of  the sweater that Lupita Nyong’o wore to the Toronto Film Festival.

lupita-nyongo-12-years-a-slave-toronto-international-film-festival-2013-portrait-2Seeeeeeee? Okay, so mine has buttons and is a deeper chartreuse, but I’m pretty sure that Lupita and I should be besties.

This sweater is one of those items that you find at a thrift store and think, “Who the HELL would give that away?” It’s just too perfect. It’s well made, has no blemishes and makes every outfit you pair it with DELIGHTFUL.  What gives, Person Who Donated Lupita Sweater? In any case, OMGTHX.



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Made in France

As soon as I touched the fabric of this shirt on the rack at Goodwill I knew I had to snatch it up. Even the cashier paused when she grabbed it from my small pile and said, “Wow, that’s thick!” And I said, “I know, right?!” The name on the tag was incredibly faded but I managed to make out the name of the brand: Orcival. Also this: Made in France. 100% cotton.

I wore it for like, 3 days straight? YEP.


SAM_1482Orcival Breton shirt: Goodwill. JCrew sweater: Value Village. Jeans: UO. Camper Pelotas: Ebay.

More about my Lupita sweater later.





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To Have and To Hold

IMG_1070Oroton satchel (Ebay – $17.99), Dooney and Bourke satchel (Give and Take Resale – $7)

I found that MAGNIFICENT Dooney and Bourke last weekend. It was a fluke, I was in the dressing room trying on a couple of dresses and I heard the cashier training the new employee. I wondered if some of the things that she was saying were for my benefit (actually they turned out to be anyway – ha!).

“We encourage our shoppers to BRING THE CLOTHES UP TO THE FRONT COUNTER if they don’t work,” she told him as she stood incredibly close to the curtain separating them from my underwear-clad body.  “Instead of putting the clothes back, because they always put them in the wrong place, you know?”


“Yeah, totally.” he said. “I will do that.”

“Here are the purses,” she said. “We keep the ones we don’t want stolen behind the glass up at the front counter.”

“NEED MOAR PURSE.” I thought. “WAH.” I’d already looked through the ones on the rack just outside of the dressing room and I hadn’t seen anything that I liked. I rarely ever checked out the ones behind the glass because I’m not trying to spend a lot on a used purse. But that day I did, because NEED MOAR PURSE. There were only two behind the glass but as soon as I saw the D&B I did a double take.

“Oh my gosh, can I see that one?” I asked the cashier.

“You mean the one I just put there five minutes ago, the amazing Dooney & Bourke satchel that reminds me of my favorite Coach bag?” she asked and pulled out her Willis to show me. (Wait, that sounded weird.)

“Um, yeah.”

“You’ve got a good eye!” she said as she retrieved it for me.

IMG_1067Don’t I though?



What sucks is that even with this incredible find I’m still thinking about this red Coach Willis bag that I let another shopper have for $15 at Value Village. Argh! Why, brain?

IMG_1076I had to Google random terms to find out what label these bags were, as the lining had been ripped out of both. They’re a brand called Letisse, and I got them for 4 dollars each at a place called Sandy Trading Post. I think they’re so adorable and the leather is just lovely. And they have feet! LOVE.

IMG_1093Ralph Lauren (Goodwill – $9.99), Yelos Young (ReRun – $?), Miz Mooz (Value Village – $7.99)

I am still so excited about the RL saddle shoes that I found for a steal. I LOVE SADDLE SHOES and my Bass pair need new soles so these truly are the stuff dreams are made of. And they look practically new! The second pair are a brand I have never heard of and they’re slightly too small but I DON’T CARE. They’ll stretch. *nods*

IMG_1094Ignore the shoes, look at the cute baby toes!

IMG_1097Okay, now you can look at the shoes.




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Gypsy Girl

Headscarf: Macy’s? (Hella old) Hoodie: Dizzie’s in SLO. Tank: J.Crew. Dress: Goodwill. Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Gee WaWa.

I was totally expecting to be asked how far along I was in this dress. Comfortable, yes. Flattering? Not so much.

Hope you all had a good Easter!

We took the boys out to Sauvie Island on Saturday and looked at a pig and some roosters and chickens. I really enjoyed looking at the pig because it was the biggest f%cking thing I’ve ever seen. Mad was a wreck the majority of the time. He can’t even deal with finding my hair on the floor at home (“MAMA! What’s this?!”) so he was pretty much finished after slipping in the mud, which there was A LOT OF. “MAMA! Fix it!” was cried out between sobs. From now on, double rainboots all the way (yep, I’m a dork). So we took off the boys’ pants and shoes and drove around the island and saw some emus. Those things are creepy.

Yesterday the sun continued to shine so we went to the park and walked through swarms of ant drones but I still didn’t want to go inside ever. And then last night Andy and I finished watching Cowboys and Aliens. It was okay. Daniel Craig will never not be a badass.

So why does Mounds have to be gamble chocolate? I bought a Mounds bar after a long drought and I opened it the way that Charlie opened that chocolate bar that his grandparents chipped in and bought for him for his birthday? Like: Maybe? Maybe this time? Delicious, smooth chocolate? Maybe? But NOOOOOOOOO.

Looked kind of like this:

That’s some ashy chocolate.


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Chunky Sweater

Cardigan: Goodwill ($7!). Shirt: American Eagle. Skirt: Zara. Tights and Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Gee WaWa.

It’s been crazy cold around these parts lately! So it’s a good thing I found this chunky sweater at Goodwill the other day, huh? I was super excited, mainly because I have had NO LUCK there for years. Maybe my luck is changing? I really want to do more thrift shopping, it’s such a thrill to find that great one-of-a-kind stuff. And it’s cheap. Which is good because all I want to do is shop lately. And I’ve been watching New Girl, and it’s not helping! Everything Zooey Deschanel wears needs to be in my closet. EVERYTHING. I remember seeing her Cotton commercial years back and shrieking, “CUTE!” constantly. Man, she’s so adorable I could just smash her face.




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