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Jen Burgundy


SAM_0688Thrifted tunic (Little Edie’s), UO jeans, Chie Miharas (Ebay)

I found this really soft, great oxblood/maroon/burgundy tunic/shirt/muumuu thing at Little Edie’s the other day. It is SERIOUSLY the most comfortable thing ever (besides my Chies and my Campers, both of which make my feet feel as if they’re walking on air. Gotta love Ebay!).

SAM_0689Tulle jacket, Camper sneakers (Ebay)


I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this outfit often.

toodsP.S. Wave hi to Mad!

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‘Tis the season


Happy Holidays!!!

We’re just mad about plaid, how about you?

I’ve been wearing the same pair of sweats for the past week; the whole family came down with the flu and it hasn’t been pretty. Meh-ry Christmas, am I right? Seriously though, it was horrible. Fevers, coughing, sneezing, chills. Not the way I pictured spending my vacation.

We’re finally on the mend though. Thank you GOD.

And hey, check out this dress I found at Little Edie’s last week.






Thrifted (Little Edie’s) dress, Target cardigan, HUE tights, Chie Mihara mary janes

It isn’t perfect, there’s some weird stitching on top and there are a couple of stains but ARE YOU KIDDING with the cut? The fabric? I’LL TAKE IT.



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Flapper Girl

This morning as I was getting out of my supremely hip minivan, a group of ROTC kids ran by me. “Check out that amazing view, gentlemen!” one of them grunted. There were more grunts of agreement and I’m not gonna lie: I began to strut. Then I noticed the splindiferous sunrise behind me. Pinks and Blues and Yellows, totally upstaging me.

Ah, well.

Check it.

Porch Light cloche, Fossil cardigan, Nordstrom blouse, (old!)Express skirt, Chie Mihara mary janes

As I was leaving the bathroom this afternoon I heard a man say, “You look like you’re going dancing!” I looked behind me, just in case. Nah, he was talking to me. No sunrise in sight. Also, I looked like a damn flapper.

“Thanks?” I said.

He laughed and walked off and I totally missed my chance to do this:



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A bowler hat for my bowler friends

Hey there! *waves*

Goorin hat, JCrew shirt, Anthro dress, Chie Mihara mary janes

So, not too much to say. Here’s what I wore today, nothing new: a comfy dress, those lovely Chies and my bowler hat that I’ve never felt quite suited me (although I really like the way it looks with my short hair).

I’ve been crazy exhausted lately, Rio has been waking up several times a night and I stay up way too late reading or watching Misfits clips online. Which reminds me – I should really get to bed.



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Defying Gravity


It’s been a while. Since we last talked my eldest turned FIVE.

Just a bunch of goofs.

O, Z. My pensive, sensitive little dinosaur. I love you like whoa.

Z starts kindergarten in the fall and that’s all I’m gonna say because I don’t want to wahhhhhhh all over this blog. Too much of the emotions.

What I’ve been wearing:

My favorite dress paired with Thakoon for Target skirt and Biviel t-straps

Goorin hat, Ralph Lauren Rugby shirt, J. Crew pants, otbt booties

I love me some Happy Socks.

I found this really cute Gap dress at Buffalo Exchange:

It matches my Chie Miharas perfectly.

And here’s a little piece I like to call Defying Gravity:



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Just like Candy

Pistil hood scarf, Tulle coat, Anthropologie dress, HUE tights, Chie Mihara mary janes

This would be the perfect dress if only it could cease that annoying bunching thing it does when I’m in motion. *clenches fists and shouts to the heavens* WHY?! Is it too much to ask that something be awesome in theory AND execution?

Is it?

I can’t get enough of Little Edie’s:

AWESOME Banana Republic coat (can’t see it too well here but JUST YOU WAIT, HENRY HIGGINS, JUST YOU WAIT), Anthro shirt and doctor bag.

Can’t wait to go back.

I saw this picture on Urban Weeds the other day and almost died. I need that coat like I need air in my lungs.  I have a serious crush on this girl. Can we be friends who are both named Jennifer so everyone has to call us by our first AND last names?!

If she had a blog I would SO follow.


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Mad about Plaid

WWGLFD tee (PAX), Pendleton pants (wanderlust), otbt booties

I played dress up today with a couple of plaid pieces that I recently bought and can’t quite wear out yet.

Andy was a champ and bought this shirt for me when he went to PAX back in August. He knows what’s up. Levar Burton was big in my house, I grew up watching Reading Rainbow and Star Trek TNG pretty religiously. And who could forget his role as Kunta Kinte in Roots? So of course I died when I saw this on Community:


Every time I wear this shirt my kids cry out: “GEORDI LAFORGE!” I feel such pride when that happens. As for the pants, I found them at a bin sale for Wanderlust and Lodekka, they need to be shortened a bit and they’ll fit better once I *cough* lose ten pounds; I feel like a true Portlander in them.

Aaand here’s the dress I was telling you about earlier:

Thrifted Laura Ashley dress (Little Edie’s), HUE tights, Chie Mihara mary janes (ebay)

The collar’s a little too pilgrim-y and the sleeves a little too puffy, (although not, as Anne Shirley would say, “The puffiest!”) so I think I might have some alterations done. But for the most part: I LOVE THIS DRESS. Andy saw me in it and said, “Yeah that totally looks like you.”

My second born is turning 3 on Monday!

We had a playdate with cupcakes today (playcake?) and he got so embarrassed when we sang Happy Birthday to him. He’s so adorable. And so smart and clever and sweet. He makes me laugh with his questions and observations. He makes me swoon when he sings with me. He makes my heart go boom.

Happy Birthday Mad!


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