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Two by two

Typewriter key earrings. J. Crew shirt. Anthro dress. J. Crew tights. Sock dreams socks. Frye boots.

Day Two! Two by two, hands of blue.

Okay, watch me work a segue out of that Firefly quote. Ready? Man, it was so cold today my hands were blue!

Yikes. No worries, I wore a coat. But who wants to see a picture of that? Also, for some odd reason I was sweating buckets. Does anyone else sweat a ton when it’s freezing outside? It’s so weird.

Also, my shirt is totally the same color as my tights . Not to go Psycho Matchy McMatcherson on you or anything, I just wanted you to know. I liked this outfit okay. I think it would’ve looked better if the shirt were a turtleneck. And I’m not even into turtlenecks, but it just seems right.

Did everyone have a happy Groundhog Day? I’m not quite sure what a happy Groundhog Day entails, maybe not being stuck in a temporal loop? Happy linear time day.

P.S.I had that damn Pennsylvania polka song stuck in my head all day.


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Hamsters is nice

Chiroptera booties

Oh Anthropologie. Why must you tempt me so? Too bad they’re three hundred bucks and some change.

frilljeffreycampbell madjeffreycampbelljpg

And here are some shoes of the cheaper but still insanely cute variety: Frill and Mad by Jeffrey Campbell. Soon. SOON.

It’s colder than it looks outside. Although it snowed this weekend, the sun is shining and I keep thinking that it won’t be so bad when I open the door but then a cold breeze of death hits my face and I feel like shouting, “FRICK!” really loudly. So. Staying inside at all times sounds about right. Except for the whole work thing.

This weekend I was curled up on the couch a good 99.9% of the time. When I wasn’t watching Z (i.e. letting him crawl all over me) I was watching episodes of Firefly. The fact that there’s only 14 episodes still burns me up inside. Soooo good. Current favorites: Jaynestown, Out of Gas, Objects in Space, and Shindig. Although Wash isĀ  “space Xander” he’s 10 times more hilarious. His reaction in Jaynestown when the mudders start singing “The Hero of Cantan”? “Wacky fun…”??? Kills. me. I still want to throttle Joss Whedon every time I watch the show or the movie, the jerk. God, it would be a dream of mine to be able to go to a Firefly/Serenity convention. *looks at Andy*

Here are some shots of me with child:

26 wks

26 wks

28 wks

28 wks

29 weeks tomorrow! Not even to the 30 week mark and I’m already insanely uncomfortable!

A week left of work and then a week and a half of glorious vacation! Unfortunately Andy will still be working so I won’t get to enjoy it that much. Next year I hope to spend that time in California with our families instead.


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