Stop playing, Zara!

I managed to go to Zara every day I was in New York. And every day I found something new to have a meltdown about. In short: JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL! LEAD ME NOT INTO TEMPTATION! VERILY!

*clears throat*

I ended up leaving with

two dresses,

a cardigan (which is very similar to one that I already have but too good to leave behind), mustard colored tights and some socks for the boys.

But let’s talk about what was LEFT BEHIND, mkay? First of all…the COATS.

This lovely creature:

This skirt will HAUNT MY DREAMS.



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4 responses to “Stop playing, Zara!

  1. *slaps the last skirt with gusto* STOP IT! STOP!

  2. The brown polka dot dress with the peter pan collar is my fave, esp. with those socks!

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