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1 dress, 2 ways

Remember this dress?

Of course you do. Turns out it’s really hard to pump in. So I cut off the top in a fit of LACTATING RAGE:

Just kidding. I just folded the top inside the skirt and zipped it up halfway and then belted it to make it less obvious.


It turned out pretty well.

Zara dress, JCrew shirt, Thrifted belt, The Bridge gladstone bag, Fossil pumps, self made monocle and key necklaces


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And I know how to use them

Fossil cardigan and heels, Buffalo Exchange dress, c/o Sock Dreams tights, The Bridge gladstone bag

For a long time I thought that fishnets weren’t something that I could pull off. They attracted attention, and I liked to blend in. As I got older, I started to experiment with different looks and after I found a pair at Urban Outfitters for super cheap I bit the bullet and wore them to work one day. A little background: I worked for a home building business where sexual discrimination ran rampant. My male coworkers frequently took the company jet to Vegas while the women were expected to stay behind and hold down the fort. It was the worst job I ever had.

My boss walked up to me and let his eyes drift up and down my legs.

“Are those fishnets?” he asked.

“Um, yes.” I replied. “Is that a problem?”

His eyes met mine. “Fishnets are never a problem,” he said throatily.

I shuddered. Ew.

So it was back to opaque tights, usually of the black variety. A kitschy pair of Santa Claus socks that I received for Christmas one year opened the door to my obsession with patterned socks and knee high socks and thigh high socks and colored tights and naturally, shopping at Sock Dreams a lot. When they recently contacted me about modeling some of their tights I literally jumped for joy!

They were fishnets.

The fishnets in question are Philippe Matignon Retina Fishnet Tights, which are incredibly lovely tights of wonderful quality. When I started the initial pull I was worried that they wouldn’t fit – my thighs are pretty substantial – but I was pleasantly surprised. They stretched quite nicely, and over the course of the day I almost forgot that I was wearing them (almost, they are fishnets after all)!  I’m used to cinching up the band around my waist but these are crazy comfortable, no rolling or otherwise. I’m hard on my tights too, so durability is a plus. As soon as I pulled them on, one of my bangles snagged one of the strings but it snapped easily back into place with a little flick of my finger. I paired these fishnets with a more demure look, so that the texture added an edge to the outfit while still leaving me feeling modest.

I love them.

Thanks for the push, Sock Dreams! I wore fishnets to work today for the first time in years. I figure I’m safe, since I work with a priest.



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Ma Nature’s Lyrical


Thrifted shirt (Little Edie’s), Anthropologie dress, Fossil pumps, Thrifted gladstone bag (Ebay)

Lately I can’t get enough of flower patterns and these Fossil flora pumps and the obvious reason is because of the season. Because…Ma Nature’s lyrical, with her yearly miracle. SPRING!

Those crazy kids. Psst. You guys. Ephraim is totally checking out Dorcas. Watch out Benjamin!
Maybe I should have a Seven Brides for Seven Brothers interlude in every post? You think?
Anyway, I found this shirt at Little Edie’s and I must say it compliments my color block dress well, especially since I’ve never felt comfortable with the top half. Actually, I need to take the shirt and the dress in to my seamstress, both are a bit of an odd fit.

I wore this the other day:J. Crew shirt… yeah, you’ve seen it all before and will see it again. I would talk about how nice the weather’s been lately but then I’d just sound like a broken record (spring, spring, spring!). But I’m really enjoying having brown sons for a minute!

What else? A lot of playdates and A LOT of book reading. A lot of cookie eating. A lot of changes: my babies are disappearing before my very eyes, I can’t get over how Z will start kindergarten in the fall. I’m pretty nervous about it actually, so I try not to think about it too much. Mad is loving puzzles lately, and Rio is *this close* to crawling and gets frustrated when he can’t make his body do what he wants it to. After a while of dragging himself all over the place he uses his raptor shriek to let me know that he’s done doing all of the work so could I please hold him under his arms while he lurches around to his heart’s content? Thanks Mom!



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Flower Girl

Ralph Lauren Rugby shirt, Fossil belt and pumps, Gap skirt, The Bridge gladstone bag (Ebay)

I bought this skirt for my dad’s shotgun wedding several years ago and I haven’t gotten that much use out of it, oddly enough. It’s the perfect skirt for a day like today and I couldn’t resist pairing it with my Fossil Flora pumps and my flower stud earrings (hidden by hair).

Wait. *hums*

Flowers in my hair. FLOWERS EVERYWHERE.

I actually strolled today, the weather was so nice. I bent my knees real good and everything.

Spring, spring, spring! Wow, Ephraim really needs to dial it back. When my sisters and I were kids WE were the brides of the seven brothers: Frank and Gideon were mine, Anastasia got Adam and Benjamin, and Bethany chose Caleb, Daniel and Ephraim. I can honestly say that if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing. *nods* I chose well. Of course, when it came to choosing Chipmunks, I didn’t have much sense. Theodore? What was I thinking?! Alvin, all the way.

Andy: Who chooses CHIPMUNKS?

Says the guy who crushed on Thundercats.


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Spring in my step

Trovata shirt (Gilt), J.Crew skirt (Buffalo Exchange), Frye heels, The Bridge gladstone bag (Ebay-$27!!!)

I paired up two of my recent purchases yesterday: an AMAZEBALLS The Bridge gladstone/doctors bag that I scored at a STEAL on Ebay and a J.Crew skirt that I randomly picked up at Buffalo Exchange. The skirt was an impulse grab, I was more excited about two Corey Lynn Calter skirts that I found but this one had the better fit. And once it was on I started picturing it with this Trovata asymmetrical top. Match made in heaven, I say.

My coworker told me that I looked like I should be pushing a pram something something Downton Abbey and I said, “That’s the best compliment anyone could ever give me. I’LL TAKE IT.”

I’ve had a lot of thrifting luck lately, but I find that the more I score something incredible the more I’ll get obsessed with what I’m going to find the next time and the next and I feel like I can’t walk away from a store without making a purchase. I’ve bought a couple of things lately that upon reviewing them later at home I’ll wonder, “WHY did I buy this?” Five dollars or fifty, crap is still crap.


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