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Insert witty title here

San Diego Hat Co. cloche. Fossil cardigan. Express pants. Doc Martens wingtips.

Thanks for all of the sweet comments, everyone! My back feels 100% better, by the way. I’ve decided to call it quits, though, simply because I’m just not in the remixin’ mood. Just call me Party Pooper in PDX.  I’m sure I’ll try again at some point; I had so much fun challenging myself last time!

Aaand I’m pooped. Off to bed.



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Not feeling it

Cardigan: Gap. Shirt: AE. Jeans: Urbn. Booties: Unisa.

Ebay vintage fur collar. Fossil cardigan. JCrew shirt. Urban jeans. Doc Marten wingtips.


I am so not feeling this challenge the second time around. Most of it is the fact that I’ve been feeling horrible (mentally and physically) and don’t want to get out of bed, much less get dressed. Not to mention the fact that I hate like 99% of the pictures I’ve been taking.

God. I really have to pull myself out of this funk. Anyway. Maybe I’ll do a 15 for 30 or a 20 for 30?

Sorry to be such a bummer.

Here are some outfits that make me happy:

all via The Sartorialist



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My back hurts

Gap sweater. Fossil shirt. Anthro skirt. Drugstore tights. Sock Dreams socks. Doc Marten Boots.  Monocle necklace.

It really does.

So I was thinking, what if I included 3 more pairs of shoes this time around just to wear my Frye boots every. single. day? Ha. Wouldn’t that be funny? I skyped with Bethany earlier and she was threatening to burn them when we arrive in Montreal later this month. Aaaand now I plan on wearing them harder. Take that, Bethany!

Okay, FINE.

Anyway, not much to say today. My back hurts (I was helping the boys put on their shoes and suddenly…FIRE) and I’m feeling kind of down, like I’m not good enough, not smart enough, etc. Even when I’m trying to be serious I cannot write anything vaguely serious ever, apparently. Le sigh.


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Two by two

Typewriter key earrings. J. Crew shirt. Anthro dress. J. Crew tights. Sock dreams socks. Frye boots.

Day Two! Two by two, hands of blue.

Okay, watch me work a segue out of that Firefly quote. Ready? Man, it was so cold today my hands were blue!

Yikes. No worries, I wore a coat. But who wants to see a picture of that? Also, for some odd reason I was sweating buckets. Does anyone else sweat a ton when it’s freezing outside? It’s so weird.

Also, my shirt is totally the same color as my tights . Not to go Psycho Matchy McMatcherson on you or anything, I just wanted you to know. I liked this outfit okay. I think it would’ve looked better if the shirt were a turtleneck. And I’m not even into turtlenecks, but it just seems right.

Did everyone have a happy Groundhog Day? I’m not quite sure what a happy Groundhog Day entails, maybe not being stuck in a temporal loop? Happy linear time day.

P.S.I had that damn Pennsylvania polka song stuck in my head all day.


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I am a beautiful and unique snowflake

Target beanie. exex necklace. Fossil cardigan. Buffalo Exchange shirt. F21 skirt. HUE tights. Sock Dreams socks. Frye boots.

I thought this was the perfect cardigan to jump start the 30 for 30 winter edition! I love its extra long sleeves and chunky buttons.

Did you know that “snoflinga” is Swedish for snowflake? It’s true. It was my nickname for about a millisecond. I was being given an impromptu Swedish lesson by this guy that I flirted with while Andy and I were broken up in college. I can’t remember why we were talking about snowflakes in a place where it never snowed, but anyway, I mentioned that I liked that particular word and so after that he would greet me with “Hello, Snoflinga.”

Andy hates that story, by the way. It could be told better, it’s true. Next time I’ll add dragons and guns.

Snowflake in French? Flocon de neige. Since it’ll be snowing in Montreal when we visit later this month,  I’ll have AMPLE opportunities to toss out that little nugget. Right, Bethany? RIGHT.

So long snoflingas!



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