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SAM_0883Fossil cardigan, thrifted scarf, Bonjour Biqui dress, HUE tights, Sock Dreams socks, Frye boots

I was born on this day 33 years ago.


I was a bit of a chunk, so my Dad nicknamed me Bubble.

It’s funny, when I was younger I always thought about how much easier things would be when I was in my thirties. By that time, I’d be super confident, I’d know who I was, I would have NO FEAR. I’d be married with kids and everything would be perfect. Well, I am thankfully wiser, but I still struggle with insecurities and self-doubt. I worry about being a good wife, a good mother, a good person a good amount of the time. I don’t have everything figured out now, and I don’t expect to in my 40s or any other magic number.  And that’s okay.

*looks around*


It’s a lowkey birthday for me! And that’s how I like it. Here’s what I have planned: dinner at The Observatory, dessert at Saint Cupcake, and I’m going to pick out my own gift at the jewelers: charms for my pandora bracelet. *dusts off hands* That’ll do, pig.

I’ll also listen to this song, probably:

Also,  I just turned on the 33rd episode of Handy Manny for the boys. OMG, CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!


P.S. My awesome aunt is awesome. She sent me a slip for my birthday! Weeee!


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SAM_0803Thrifted dress, Fossil pumps and cardigan

Here are more pics of my anniversary outfit, but sans Andy and with different shoes. This dress…is everything. My seamstress, Terra, did such a great job on it. I really love the fit of it now, it’s so flattering!

We kept things simple that day: dinner as a family at Hopworks and then off to Salt and Straw for ice cream (delish!).

Later that night Andy gave me some tin for our ten:

IMG_0643with a poem inside (burned at the edges and made to look like a treasure map):


It was the perfect gift.



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The greatest of ease




SAM_0753Thrifted dress and belt, Frye heels, Fossil cardigan

Meet my Fly Trapeze dress, I found this lovely 70s dress for $6 at Give and Take Resale in Kenton. The tag says Polly Peck by Sybil Zelker: Made in England. So much potential!



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Do you know what today is?

It’s our anniversary. ANNIVERSARY.

blue0274 - 081099 rollI’ve always hated this picture. My hair was frizzy, my boobs look pointy and I’m carrying a GRIP of stuff (I swear, I’ve never seen that jacket before in my life). But it’s our first ever picture together – and Andy looks so sad! I have to admit, I was freaking THRILLED that he cared so much. I remember how it felt that day, like the world was coming to an end when in reality I was simply getting on a bus (and then a train) back to Sacramento. We were in a WORLD of hurt. We had to wait a month and a half before we saw each other again? OMFG NOT COOL. I remember the girl who took this picture told us, “You guys are so cute!” and we thanked her morosely, pouting all the while. Moments later, I waved through a window and Andy watched the bus leave the station, eyes squinty with emotion, until he finally skated dejectedly away.

CHILDREN, PLEASE! Contain yourselves.

We have been married 10 years today.


I miss my nose ring.

September 13th, 2003. I’m pretty sure we chose the 13th because we knew some of our anniversaries would eventually fall on a Friday. HUZZAH!

IMG_6232I do love this picture, even though I’m making rabbit teeth. But I like the way my dress looks in motion. My dress was INCROYABLE, ya’ll.  At first Andy wanted to wear a purple suit (which would’ve been awesome) and then all white (which would’ve been awesome), and then he just went with the white tie. Which was awesome.

Together we looked great.

I met Andy in 1999, the end of my sophomore year. We lived in the same dorm, San Rafael. I was on the fourth floor and he was on the sixth and he and his roommates were SO LOUD that I would sometimes want to shout “OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, SHUDDUP!”. They’d move their loveseat out into the walkway and watch people in the courtyard, just LAUGHIN’ IT UP.

His hair was blond with black stripes, and sometimes black with blond stripes, and I called him “Skunk Boy” in my head.

me - standing

One day our paths crossed (he was coming from the dining hall and I was on my way there) and he smiled at me. I instantly felt warm and fuzzy inside and I remember thinking, “Aw, he’s sweet.” The next time we saw each other, he was flying by me on his skateboard (barefoot) and he did a double take when he saw me. I think he might’ve said something like, “Whoa, there!” Heh. Or not. It was probably “Heeeey…!” Either way, he ran back to talk to me and we stood there for 2 or 3 hours discussing random things.

This was like a week or two before summer break. I think Andy and I knew each other less than a week before we jumped straight into a relationship. And then we spent 3 months apart. I went home to Sacramento and he stayed in SB. He wrote me the most romantic letters and poems and I wrote back my lovesick replies and we would have these long, sappy phone conversations where we’d each sigh a couple million times.

When I moved back to Santa Barbara? Oh Lord, it’s so embarrassing to think about this because we were UBER dramatic and junk and my sister Bethany witnessed it but we basically did this:

We were in luuuurve.


He missed my scent.

The first days and weeks and months we were walking on air, believe it or not. See what I did there?


These pics were taken on Andy’s birthday in 2000. As happy as I looked, I was feeling pretty low. We’d already broken up once and gotten back together the next day and I was afraid it was going to happen again. I was…ahem…a little clingy. A month later, we broke up.

It was a dark time. On the bright side, I lost, like, 20 pounds.

After barely any contact for almost a year, we went to dinner to touch base. Andy was moving back to Templeton and I still had a quarter left of school to finish. We kissed that night and decided to get back together a couple of days later. And then he left town and we were apart for three months. Again.

mercury - andy&jen

Andy’s birthday, 2001. I was feeling pretty good.

Okay, so he visited me on the regular. He did. And while we were apart he wrote me the most romantic emails and poems and I sent back my lovesick replies and we’d have sappy, yet mature conversations about how much we loved each other.

Then I graduated, Andy moved back to SB, and we got a cute apartment together. We lived in Santa Barbara for a year or two (we even worked together at Borders. Those were good times) and then to LA where Andy went to grad school. Our mutual hatred of Los Angeles brought us even closer together, and one night, kneeling in the street, Andy proposed. With a poem.

Right? Of course I said yes!



Happy Anniversary/Friday the 13th, my love!



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SAM_0708Thrifted dress, Sock Dreams socks, OTBT booties, Fossil pumps, Gee WaWa boots

Today in I Can’t Stop Collecting Dresses News: Say hello to my other $2 find. I love its loud pattern and bronze buttons!

It was a bit big for me, so I had it taken in. And now? Perfection. The only thing that could make this dress better is pockets.


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Jen Burgundy


SAM_0688Thrifted tunic (Little Edie’s), UO jeans, Chie Miharas (Ebay)

I found this really soft, great oxblood/maroon/burgundy tunic/shirt/muumuu thing at Little Edie’s the other day. It is SERIOUSLY the most comfortable thing ever (besides my Chies and my Campers, both of which make my feet feel as if they’re walking on air. Gotta love Ebay!).

SAM_0689Tulle jacket, Camper sneakers (Ebay)


I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this outfit often.

toodsP.S. Wave hi to Mad!

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Shoeless Jen

SAM_0676AA shirt, thrifted skirt

Have I shown you this skirt? I haven’t? Well, I bought this pretty thing from Give and Take Resale a while back and I love its wrinkly folds like whoa.

I won’t be able to hang out on my porch barefoot anymore as THE RAIN IS BACK. 😦 Be prepared for tights and boots in the near future.



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Jen 13

SAM_0658Tiger Army bandana, thrifted dress and shoes



My kids got really excited when they saw the back of my head: “Mama! It’s a tiger head with bat wings! It’s for Tiger Army!” This bandana is TORN UP but I can’t throw it away, I love it so. I got it from a show and I haven’t been able to find another one like it online. Boo.

Here’s my favorite TA song, take a listen:

It’s so dreamy, right? I KNOW.

Today was Z’s first day back to school! My little FIRST GRADER was so excited to put on his backpack and head off this morning. I’m sure his mohawk was a hit.


Love that kid!



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