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Queen for a Day

Thrifted shirt (Etsy), Fossil cardigan, Atlantic treefox Crown badge

Thrifted skirt (Ladybird’s General Store *sniff*)

Sock dreams tights and socks, Gee WaWa boots

1. So you know when you go to a kid’s birthday party and you try to make awkward conversation with the other parents and fail? Just fail SO HARD? Oh, just me? Right. So, to make a long story complicated: I was talking to the mother of the little boy whose birthday party we were all attending. She mentioned that her father lived on our street, and I said: “Oh, where? It’s a pretty short street.” Turns out he’s our next door neighbor? Weird! We stood there nodding appropriately. This is where the conversation should’ve ended.

“You look like him!” I said.

Andy was shaking his head beside me. “No, it’s her father-in-LAW.” he said and my stomach made a pit stop at my feet. To make matters more awesome, the actual offspring of our neighbor (his son, her husband) decided to check in to the conversation at that moment.

“Oh. Gosh.” I laughed nervously. I had to save myself. “Um, you do look like him though. So I guess you could say you and your husband look like siblings. You know…”Aaaand exit stage left. To Andy’s credit, he just smiled at me sweetly as if to say, “Oh my dear sweet wife, at it AGAIN!”

Yes, when in doubt JOKE ABOUT INCEST. NAILED IT.

2. We went grocery shopping later. As I’m checking out at Trader Joe’s the cashier decides to try and make polite conversation with me. Doesn’t she know that’s a bad idea?!

“So, um…what are you weekend plans?” she asked.

“Well, today I went to a birthday party for a two year old. Awkward.”

“Oh, why was it awkward?”

“Well, you know. Having to make polite conversation with people. I’m not good at it.” Oh, and have I mentioned that I love self fulfilling prophecy?!

“Oh,” she stammered. “Really?”

“Yeah, I have this problem? It involves my foot and my mouth.”


But not really. We continued talking since she hadn’t finished scanning my frozen fruit. And then I tried to walk NOT RUN back to the car.

“You’re the only person I should talk to ever,” I told Andy as I slid into the passenger’s seat.

He smiled, already knowing where this conversation was headed. “What’d you do?”

I told him and he laughed and said, “Oh my dear sweet wife, at it AGAIN!” No, he didn’t. But he gets me. I love him.

3. And I love this show:

4. I’m trying my luck at selling some shoes on Ebay. Check it out if you wear 7.5!




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Mottled Flowers


Thrifted sweater, Fossil dress and earrings, DIY tights (Sock Dreams), Gee WaWa boots

This is me playing around with my work iPad since it’s been a little wet on my favorite stoop.





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Joy to my world

My Chies have come! Let Earth…receive….*trails off*

So I’ve mentioned my love of Chie Miharas once or twice and now I can finally say I own a pair! It doesn’t matter that I bought them (gently) used on Ebay. LOOK!

They’re so pretty! I told Andy, “I’m so excited! My first pair of Chies!” He gave me this funny look (I had just been talking about how they’re usually  3-4 hundred buckeroos, except I probably said dollars) and said, “You mean your ONLY pair?”

Silly child.



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Rockin’ Rockdales

ZARA shirtdress, vintage jumper, thrifted belt, HUE tights, otbt rockdale booties, Atlantic Treefox fox badge

It began to snow while I took my pictures.

I’ve had this jumper for a while, I bought it at this truly fantastic vintage store in Eugene that I can’t remember the name of (I remember my friend Meg being lucky as well and finding an GAH-MAZING black swing coat). I think it’s handmade, I like to think of it as someone’s labor of love. I knew immediately upon seeing it that it had so much potential (and pockets!),  but ended up barely wearing it because I thought it looked awkward on me. I’ve since had it shortened and taken in on the top and am quite pleased with the result. And my fox badge compliments it perfectly!


The OTBT booties that I’ve been lusting after for LITERALLY (like that, Andy?) eons are finally mine! I went with black instead of grey, though. Aren’t they lovely? With their laces and rounded toe and THE FRILLY TONGUE THAT IS OUT OF CONTROL OMG.

Don’t mind me. I’ll just be in the corner, crooning to my shoes.

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Le Random

Tulle jacket, Dizzee’s hoodie, Fossil shirt, J. Crew skirt, Sock Dreams tights, Unisa Ranier boots

1. Tulle had this amazeballs sale this past holiday season (50% off all jackets and coats, including those already marked down!) and it gave me the nudge I needed to finally buy this jacket that I’d had my eye on for several months. I love the ruffled back!

2. So I was looking at some of the google (spellcheck is pissed that I’m not using a CAPITOL G) search terms that people use to find my blog lately:

photos girls wearing saddle oxfords and panties

“dress stuck in”

wellies pregnancy

Consider me AMUSED.

3. DOWNTON ABBEY. Season Two, ya’ll. Finally.

Holy Crap, I love this show.

Ah, William. You are my favorite with that thing you do with your mouth that makes me want to clutch your head to my breast and fight all your battles (geddit?!). I love William so much that I’m afraid they’ll Wash him. Not with soap and water but you know. You know. *sob* Oh, Wash!

Cora, you are NOT my favorite with that thing you do with your mouth, what is WITH the pouting and Marilyn-esque delivery ?

Can’t resist Matthew and Mary, and because I can’t and neither can you, they’ll probably never get together just to make sure I PINE FOREVER. Oh, and tune in. Which I will. Because I am a fool.

4. Also? I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while:

Oh, swoon. This movie is so delicious. Utter perfection. I foolishly decided to (try to) watch the other (2 million) versions of Jane Eyre to compare them all. BAD IDEA. Couple of thoughts:

If Mia Waskowska is the best (and she is),

Anna Paquin is the worst. I mean, just look at that expression. Narrowed eyes? REALLY? Come now.

And William Hurt?


I’m sorry, I have to cleanse my palette:

Ah. That’s better.


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2012 and DIY OMG

First off, HAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s how I rang it in:

I watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes with my nearest and dearest, a movie I had no interest in watching previously but Bethany INSISTED. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least, might’ve even teared up a bit.

If anything, this spoonful of sugar definitely helped the medicine go down:


Heh. I amuse myself.


So I’m a little obsessed with Hansel from Basel kneepad tights, which I’ve mentioned before. I bought some once during an incredible sale from Anthropologie a while ago but sadly they didn’t fit (STILL BITTER)  so I settled for some brightly colored knee highs.

Here they are on my legs my first day back at work.

M and Z decided to join me in my head turning picture taking.

Cardigan and Skirt: ZARA. Shirt: Trovata (Gilt). Monocle necklace: Self-made. Socks: Hansel from Basel kneepad knee highs. Boots: Gee WaWa.

But I still want kneepad TIGHTS, you know? Because knee highs fall down and all that, and how annoying is it when that happens a million times a day? So when I found this blog post I was super excited! Then I GOT TO WORK.

My inspirations:

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fall 2009.

Hansel from Basel tights, duh.

Here are my grey tights with a turquoise blue kneepad. They came out a little rough around the edges, but it was my first pair after all.

I tried hearts the second time around. I was expecting these tights to be a little lighter, more of a heather brown. But I’m still pleased with how the hearts came out, even if they are a little hard to see. BTW, I love my new jacket from Tulle ($30!)!

Both tights are of course from Sock Dreams (Foot Traffic Combed Cotton), and I used Jacquard Textile Colors as suggested.

Do you like to do it yourself?


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