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Lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with youuuuuuuu

Sweater and Skirt: Fossil. Polo: AE. Tights and Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Tretorn.

More chunky sweater goodness.

I’m so excited about my little-big sister Bethany, brother-in-law Josh and nephew Ezra visiting for Christmas! Can’t. Wait. It feels like ages since we’ve seen each other, but apparently we visited in March? What’s that good old trite phrase again? Oh, right. Time Flies. But it’s so true. River is a tank already and I’ve only got two* weeks left of maternity leave… oh, and I’m THIRTY-ONE now. I was too busy pushing out a baby to really focus long and hard on the fact that I am getting old…er.

Man, I’m such a whiner.

Not too much more to say so here’s my ever-growing Christmas/general want list (no pressure):


OTBT Rockdale bootie


ASOS Premium Belted Coat


Happy Socks big dot tights

4.Miz Mooz Dorian flat in grey. Dorian Grey. HA!

*ETA: Just re-calculated and realized I have THREE weeks left. WEEEEEE!


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The Bees Knees

Fur collar: Archives Chicago (who I found through the 30 for 30 challenge!). Sweater: Target. Skirt: Anthropologie. Thigh Highs: Hansel from Basel. Wellies: Tretorn.

Turns out I’m one step closer to my dream of being Nacho Libre.

Seriously though, I never saw that movie. Didn’t seem worth it. Now I might, if only for a glimpse of those awesome tights!

These socks (I also have them in red and white) are the closest I could get to the kneepad tights that I have been lusting after. Because as I’ve mentioned before (with much bitterness), they don’t fit over my thighs. So thigh-highs seemed the logical conclusion. But dude. They never stop trying to roll their way down my legs. In conclusion, I also need sock garters in my life. Knee patches belong on one’s KNEES, not on their ankles! It’s just not right.


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Fishwives and Beanie Babies

My response to Andy telling me that he was “about to get all up in my grill”. We have fun.

Beanie and gloves: Target. Tank: J.Crew. Dress: Goodwill. Hoodie: Nordstrom Rack. Tights: HUE. Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Tretorn.

I felt very The Edge of Love today. After I saw that movie, I scoured the internet for affordable wellies to wear with dresses. I eventually settled on my Tretorns, but sadly, they don’t  fold over. They do have some mighty cozy faux fur lining, though.


So this isn’t a dress I would ordinarily buy for myself: too much going on pattern-wise and a size too big but it was only 3 dollars, so. Done and DONE. I’m thinking about making it into a skirt. And by make, I mean folding the top inside – it’s made for a girl far bustier than me.

Sock Dreams is like crack, I just bought these socks and I want more already! I’m also in love with my new gloves and beanie. When I was in college I wore a beanie every day for a full semester, I had a really bad haircut that was growing out weird – the portion in the back of my head stayed short while the front and sides continued to grow naturally. Everyone called me Beanie Girl disdainfully, like “Take that thing off, already!” My crush (well, one of many) actually pulled it off of my head at one point and threw it across my dorm room.

But I would still wear a beanie everyday if I could.


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Hey there

It’s been a while. I’ve been a little busy. I took two classes this past couple of months, a fiction workshop at the university where I work, and guitar lessons. Both are done for now, I might resume the guitar lessons in January. Re: the fiction class, I feel like I accomplished what I set out to. I had to write, so I did. AND I let other people read and critique what I wrote without curling into a ball whilst I screamed bloody murder. I wanted to, though. Every class session my stomach would get agitated and would grumblegrumblegrumble as loud as embarrassingly possible. Every. class. session. One time people actually commented on it.  I die. So now I am enjoying some down time, which isn’t much with work and parenthood. But still! There is a sliver.

The boys are both changing in leaps and bounds. Mad Miles is almost walking, he’s pulling himself up and crawling and sitting down on his own. He just cut his first tooth, 3 months before Z got his! He loves to yank my and Andy’s hair, he actually pushes my head to the side while he’s breastfeeding to get a better grip. He pulls DVDs out on the floor, and is really good at dumping my cereal all over my lap. He also is fascinated by any room that he’s not allowed to crawl in (kitchen, bathroom).

Z’s vocabulary has doubled. He’s talking in complete sentences. He blesses me when I sneeze and tells Mad that everything is okay when he screams and cries.  He mimics everything! He actually tried to say Pachycephalosaurus yesterday. Both are incredibly needy, and they only seem to need ME. This is very stressful, because I can’t even go to the bathroom without either of them freaking out. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I bought a new skirt at Anthropologie. It has pockets. POCKETS! I would never have noticed it on the website, but I saw it in the store and LOVED it. The material is thick and warm and lovely.

I also got a new pair of rain/snow boots since my awesome pair from JCrew are far too big. They’re Tretorns and green and basically the most comfy things evar.

I recently saw the thing that is New Moon with Meg and Sara. I had to cover my face several times during the movie. It was all kinds of ridiculous. The hungry kissing, the excessive pecs, and Kristen Stewart’s FACE were just too embarrassing. Oh and Edward’s slow motion walk from his Volvo at the beginning. O_O FOR REAL TWIHARDS? I’m also trying to understand why Graham Greene thought it necessary to take on “Drunken friend who dies so that Edward could mistake his death for Bella’s and do something completely cheesy and dramatic in Italy”. There’s GOT to be something better out there for Native actors, right? RIGHT? *looks around* Oh, right. And back to KS: I swear. to God. Probably the most irritating actress ever. Keeps the hair mussing, lip biting schtick on repeat and it has got to stop!

Andy and I are watching the rest of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight. I’m not feeling it just yet, maybe the last half will win me over. The problem could be that I couldn’t understand a fucking word anyone said. British people! Open your mouths and enunciate!!

The End

For next time: the glory of The Room!

//<—I hate you WordPress.



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