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We got out both days this weekend which is rare. Well, lately anyway due to the weather. In the warmer months we’re often out and about. But when it’s cold? I like to sit on the couch in my robe under Zain’s favorite blue blanket.

Everything was swallowed in fog on Saturday so naturally we went and spun around in it. FYI – I’m freezing in those pics because I took my coat off so that you could see the super cool snowflake and stripes action. Mad was smart and kept his on, looking incredibly adorable as usual.



Sunday the fog burned off and we got some sun so we took the boys to the park to drive their new cars around. This time I kept my coat on. I hardly ever wear this one, mostly because I feel like it makes me look like an eccentric bag lady. But it’s incredibly warm so I pulled it out. Why did I ever think of giving this coat away? It’s awesome. It’s got these great puffed shoulders and an awesome collar/lapel all in this great sturdy green tweed.

Rio looks like such a big kid casually walking behind me, where did my baby go?


Here’s me jumping. Z could care less about my skillllz.


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Jupe means skirt in French

One of my Christmas presents was this fantabulous Expedition skirt by Bonjour Biqui. Beautifully made, it’s like a party in the front and business in the back. Flirty flowers and steady stripes.


I paired up my floral tights with the floral side the other day. Got a little crazy there for a moment.



1st pic: Fossil sweater and shirt, BB skirt, HUE tights, OTBT booties, Fossil bag.

2nd & 3rd pic: Tulle coat, gifted scarf, JCrew shirt, Hansel from Basel tights, Sock Dreams socks.


The black and white stripes begged to be paired up with a bow tie, oxfords and my houndstooth cap.



UO hat, Buffalo Exchange shirt, Thrifted belt, BB skirt, HUE tights, Born oxfords. The tie is just a strip of Liberty Ornithology fabric.

Every time they see me in a full skirt my boys have been asking me: “Mama, are you a princess?”  Most of the time it’s when I’m wearing Bonjour Biqui, and I have to say, I definitely feel like one when I’m wearing their clothes.



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Twenty Thirteen

A week ago, Andy and I rang in the New Year. And by “rang” I mean “slept through”. But! We did manage to drink some alcohol: I had a glass of some expensive Merlot Andy’s coworker gave him and Andy had a glass of Woodford Reserve. I had a tiny sip of WR and it tasted like lighter fluid. My own drink tasted like woodchips. Together they tasted like BURNING FLAMES IN MY MOUTH. I’m still pretty certain that alcohol can occasionally taste good. I once had a glass of wine several years ago at my grandmother-in-law’s saloon. I have no idea what the brand was or what type of wine it was but daaaamn, it was smooth. I never knew wine could taste like that.

Anyway. Here’s to 2013! There are some big changes in store for me – this is my last week of work, and then it’s going to be adventures in staying at home 8 days a week. In case you think I can’t count the number of days in a week, that was a reference to a highly successful Beatles song. I’m glad we’re clear on that. Anyway, I’m a little nervous and hope to god I don’t screw up my kids. Because MISTAKES WILL BE MADE. *chuckles maniacally* Probably.

My resolutions for 2013 HOLLLLLER

1. Don’t screw up my kids

2. Speak up in the moment more often instead of obsessing over things not said

3. Write every day

4. Curb unnecessary spending

5. Have more dates with Andy

And with that friends, countrymen…check out these lovely floral tights that I bought on sale from Hansel from Basel for 6 dollars.







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Seek thee out the diamond in the rough

So. I recently saw on Facebook that my favorite shop Little Edie’s Five and Dime was closing in a month. “Of course!” I wailed to Andy. See, I had just been telling him THE DAY BEFORE that every time I find a diamond in the rough, a perfect shop, it’s snatched away from me ruthlessly by THIS GUY:

Dude. Relax.

Nah, not Jafar. Maybe the sands of time?

Whatever/Whoever it is, stop it!

Anyway, January was to be their last month open and I told Andy, “So I basically have to go there every day and buy all of the things. I HAVE to.” He nodded, understanding my plight.

I dropped by yesterday preparing to find goodness as usual. I asked the woman who was wheeling out the dollar bin, “You’re open, right?” Because I was not leaving WITHOUT MY MAGIC LAMP. She smiled sweetly and said yes and I chuckled maniacally and said, “Fantastic.”

I got to work. Looked at some scarves. Checked out some oxfords, looked at the coats, some suspenders. Went to the dress rack, held my breath and found it.





This is what I’m saying.

As I was checking out, I told the woman at the register/iphone that I was so sad that they were closing, etc. She was, by the way, wearing one of the cutest dresses I’d ever seen: full skirted and multicolored with a lace overlay and DIVINE. She told me it was from Topshop via Nordstrom which I will have to check out. ANYWAY. The woman who had wheeled out the dollar bin was also there, and she perked up when I described my sadness and said, “Oh! Meet the new owner! Little Edie’s is staying open!” and I just kind of. um. SQUEALED. It turns out she was Penelope, the former owner, and she was so tickled pink by my enthusiasm for the shop that she pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek and when I told her, “I’m sorry, I just love this place.” she said, “This place loves YOU.”

HOORAY! Little Edie’s lives to see another day!

And how about this dress?! I can’t get over it. It didn’t have a tag, but I did find a Fruit of the Loom copyright on the fabric. Andy said, “Cool, your dress is made out of underwear!”

Amazeballs. I’m off to go stare at it some more.



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