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Only in dreams (you’ll see what it means).

Zain has been sleeping the past couple of nights for at least 6 hours. And I’ve been a good girl, I’ve been going to bed before 10 and I can’t even explain what’s it’s like to get a good amount of sleep again. Yes I can: it’s HEAVENLY.

I had several interesting dreams last night. I don’t know if had anything to do with the food I ate (it was a cheeseburger and tater tots, plus raspberry cheesecake for dessert. All courtesy of McMenamins.) but it was all very vivid. Here’s what I remember, plus some song lyrics about dreaming thrown in for good measure.

The first involved Justin Theroux. This is the second dream that I can remember having about him. I think I have a crush on him. Anyway, I was at Fred Meyer’s, and he walked up to me carrying a copy of his film Dedication and a bag of popcorn. He said that if I bought a bag of popcorn I could get his film half off. I said, “Uh… sure!” I took it from him and then I proceeded to follow him around the store. At one point he asked me where the books were. I told him and together we looked at the book selection. Somewhere in there Andy and some random girl joined us.

All your dreams are over now.

But not really. In the second dream Andy and I went clothing shopping. I remember looking at some red skirts and deciding to write on them. I wrote on the inside of each some deep, Mother Theresa quote. I then hung them back up. Then I got concerned that someone would accuse me of plagiarism (yes, this is what I worried about, nevermind the fact that I just defaced the store’s property!) so I tried to cross out what I had written. I watched helplessly as two of the skirts were bought so I could only “fix” one.

Dreaming. Dreaming is free.

The third dream involved Zain having a full mouth of teeth. The scary thing was that they looked like dentures: big scary teeth in a little baby mouth. Ew. I kept telling Andy “Oh my god, they came in overnight!” but he kept looking and couldn’t see them.

I must be dreaming or pinch me to waking.



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Don Cheadle

Bethany told me about this special. Wow. Just…wow.


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I really want to see this film. I want to walk down the street and sing in French! Not to mention Louis Garrel is tres attirante…

This film is by the writer director of The Station Agent, so it’s on the list as well. Richard Jenkins’ characters in Intolerable Cruelty and Flirting with Disaster are some of the funniest I’ve seen. Most people know him as the deceased dad from Six Feet Under, and he was pretty great in that too.

I finally watched Dedication and Why Did I Get Married?. Neither were what I expected.

Dedication (directed by Justin Theroux) is about an obsessive compulsive (i.e. quirky) children’s book author, Henry (Billy Crudup) being forced to pair up with an illustrator, Lucy (Mandy Moore, wearing eyeliner) and his subsequent battle against falling for her. His former collaborator/illustrator recently passed away but Henry continues to seek his advice, as he has no other friends. Henry is an annoying prick for the most part, but since he’s played by Billy Crudup I kept thinking, ehhh he’s not so bad. Looooket that face. He gives Lucy a hard time of it in the beginning, but for some reason…ends up thinking she’s “princess shit”. No wait, that doesn’t sound right. Not the shit from a princess’ bowels, more like you know “uh huh this my shit.” Got it? Anyway, I didn’t understand what exactly it was about her that made Henry want to stop stacking books on his chest (he feels a lot of pressure), or start driving cars, or start turning things clockwise. And I think it all happens after a week of knowing her! Whatever. There are some cute scenes between the two, but the film could have packed a bit more punch.

Why Did I Get Married? was one of the cheesiest, corniest films I’ve ever seen. 4 successful couples vacation together every year. They use this time to chit-chat about how successful they all are and ponder why the hell they all got married, because it sure does confuse the hell out of them. *There’s a lot of arguing, mostly about who is more successful or makes more money. There’s also a lot of talk about sex, venereal diseases and the lord our God. In that order. At one point Janet Jackson’s character, a psychologist, gives the couples exercises to encourage discourse. One of her exercises: writing lists of the good and the bad. ??? Please! I thought a lot of the situations that these couples were put in weren’t very believable, but were used for purely dramatic effect. Nothing really rang true for me. It felt like everyone was trying a little too hard. I think everyone should be able to watch a movie and feel like they could point at a character and say “I know you!” or at least a variation of the character. But I have no idea who any of these people are. Why they would do they things they do. And who sits around and says, “I’m a successful pediatrician/lawyer/pilot/rocket scientist. And look at you! You’re a self made millionaire! Who knew we’d have so much money?” *rolls eyes*

And are people really kicked off a flight if they are overweight?

Why did I watch this movie?



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Say what now?

*unsheathes sword*


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Who knew it was spelled Berenstain?

I thought it was Stein. Or Steen.


Anyway, Andy and I have been buying more books for Zain; our recent additions are Big Book of The Berenstain Bears (5 in 1) and A Hatful of Dr Seuss (5 or 6 in 1). I’m not liking the bulk books and will buy them separately from now on, I’m good with the whole trying to ease a dictionary sized book out of Z’s hands while I’m reading it. Too awkward. Anyway, reading these books to Zain made me realize how much they suck. Specifically The Berenstain Bears. And by the way, I really hate having to write out Berenstain every time I mention the book. Ah well. Jan and Stan…wait, what? Their names are JAN AND STAN? Hmmm. Of course, I’ll have to take that into account.

So I could blame the scardicious nature of the books on the time that they were written but…come on. Mama and Papa Bear don’t tell Brother Bear (then called Small Bear) that Mama is pregnant until she’s about to pop? Really? Because…it would make his head explode? Wait, Mom and Dad made the beast with two backs? Oh right! Husbands and wives slept in separate beds and had sex once a month through a sheet. Yeah, I know…obviously this is a children’s book NOT titled “The birds and the bees.” But still…clue the lil fella in, mmkay? So he knows he’s about to be replaced a big brother.

My favorite part was when Brother and Papa Bear went to go make a new bed in the forest and come back to find the baby has already been born! It’s all so magical! It’s good to know that with my next child, I can just send Andy and Zain off to run errands while I calmly give birth alone! Alls it takes is a couple of good grunts, ya know? Just a lazy afternoon.

I really should write my own children’s books.


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Oh Tyler, you do beat all…

Dear Tyler,

I just watched the preview for your new movie Meet the Browns. First off, can I just say that I appreciate the fact that you are creating more roles for black actors and I love that your movies continue to open at #1 even though the previews only seem to play on BET or Sunday night on the CW (what a nice F U to the naysayers).

But seriously…the whole movie was crammed into that there trailer. Do you want to leave ANYTHING to the imagination??? Wowzers. I also remember one preview for Daddy’s Little Girls where you were hyping up the movie, “You will be moved. You will be amazed.” Uh, Tyler? Chill on that, mkay? I’d like to form my own conclusions thankyouverymuch.

Yeah. I’m done.


Anyway, that (Daddy’s Little Girls) reminds me… Gabrielle Union ? Your character on Ugly Betty? Not. Feeling. It. Take that ish somewhere else. Although you can’t be blamed for shoddy writing. But I still love you. I love you so much that I’m renting “The Night Stalker” through Netflix and trying really hard to like it. It’s not bad, just merely… meh. I also got Constellation a couple months back. I tried to go see it when it was in the theaters but it was only here in Portland for like…a week. Weird little flick, but I liked it. Billy Dee Williams+Rae Dawn Chong+Lesley Ann Warren=too awesome to miss. Lesley Ann Warren was in this movie called A Fight For Jenny in the late eighties with Philip Michael Thomas from Miami Vice, I remember watching that when I was a kid and being enthralled by an interracial romance on television. Although I was a bit befuddled as to why Philip was rolling around on the ground with the lady with the really annoying mouth from Cinderella. Anyway, Lesley plays one of Billy Dee’s wives (or past lovers) in the film and Rae plays another. It’s so I love the eighties!


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Go Z Racer, go!

Zain is crawling!!!! He started scooting right around the time we went to go visit Andy and Meg in Eugene and then a couple weeks later he was focused and determined! It’s so insane how fast it’s all happening. Suddenly I’ve got to worry about putting Z in one spot, turning for one second and there he is, across the room and eating the XBox. He’s also really fascinated with the table in the living room and the exersaucer. All of these things I would prefer him NOT having his mouth on.

Dear Z,

You look great in houndstooth, have I told you that?

Oh and btw, you’re awesome.

Love, Mama


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