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I can’t remember how exactly I found this site…but I can remember walking through bookstores ever since I was a little kid and seeing the covers of those trite Cassie Edwards books in the romance section. It was always some dark haired Fabio with glistening pecs standing on a mountain top with the breeze flowing through his hair, wearing buckskin and holding a tomahawk. I grew up reading a series of books that had the same sort of theme: the exoticized (and in Edwards’ case, oversexualized) native americans with a beautiful blond blue-eyed girl/woman in the forefront. I remember being annoyed at it even then. How many times did the author have to bring up the fact that the main character had such lustrous blond hair? There was so much attention to that one detail! Someone was always focusing on it, stroking it. Ugh. I didn’t understand what the big deal was. I got tired of reading about it.

Check out these classic titles: Savage Courage, Savage Torment, Wild Rapture….? Who reads this bullshit? Hey, here’s a title: Keep calling me Savage and I’ll show you torment…involving ruptures.

Speaking of rupturing, try not to laugh too hard at this.


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Hey Bo Derek? You look like an idiot.

Remember this? Well, the good times just keep on comin’. I’m still wondering why white actresses continue to slap on curly wigs or wear cornrows to appear ethnic/questionable when it would probably be easier (and a helluva lot less distracting) to just go straight to the source.

Okay, I know why. And it pisses me off.


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Note to self

Do not look up search engine terms.

I’m not even going to acknowledge some for fear of Creepy McCreepsters being directed here. But here are some of the funny ones (mostly if you watch BSG):

fracking Dualla

“guess you got the house” apollo

pictures of geeks

baby born with teeth

shopping and fucking justin theroux

shit in her mouth

what does t’aimer mean in french

my sister is my daughter

“the force is strong in this one” onesie

The top search on my blog is apparently Big Love. Who’d have thought?


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He's a small oneder

Andy and I decided to spend Z’s birthday at the zoo. It wasn’t as sunny as I would have liked, but we had fun. He focused more on random strangers than the animals, though. We had a picnic lunch there, and Z had a couple of bites of a bald cupcake before letting it fall to the ground. We bought him a stuffed rhino before we left.

Here are a couple of random shots from the day.

And Z finally has a tooth coming in! It’s causing a lot of sleepless nights.


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Dream a little dream

Sorry, this post isn’t about Corey Feldman. Maybe we’ll chat about him later. I just needed a witty title for my dream post. So, I had some incredibly vivid and weird dreams last night. The first one took place in a hospital. I think I had just gotten a job there. One of my co-workers, a curly headed scrubs wearing male introduced himself by hugging me. While he did this, he managed to grop my ass for an extended period of time. And I -enjoying the butt massage- did nothing about it. I just let him feel me up. Then afterwards, the guilt sank in. Why did I let him do that? I had to find him and make him apologize! When I finally did find him, I realized I hadn’t. I mean, it was a girl with the same hairstyle. And she couldn’t understand for the life of her why I was bothering her with such nonsense. “I’m sorry!” I said, “But you all have the same hairstyle, I couldn’t tell you apart!” Everywhere I looked, I saw brown curly heads of hair. I finally found the guy again, but he had turned into this sickly little creature who had a nasty cough and was shuddering violently. I suggested that he see a doctor…after all, he WAS in a hospital. Then all of sudden, I was in the cafeteria surrounded by nurses and hospital workers, talking about the horrible conditions at the hospital, and about how they (the higher ups?) cared more about vending machines than about paying us what we were worth. Then someone, I’m guessing my superior, wheeled in a vending machine as a gift to all of us. ???

My second dream was at a beach somewhere with my two sisters Anastasia and Bethany, Z (who was walking!) and Andy, who would look like himself at one point, and then Thomas Haden Church at another. When he was Thomas, he wore a black and white striped long sleeved shirt with a black and white striped skullcap. And he had a incredibly thick southern accent.

Maybe I’m dreaming of beaches because I’m anticipating our anniversary trip to …MAUI! in September. I cannot wait!

I think I’m going to get two new bathing suits. One will be lime green, definitely. 🙂


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