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Red, White and Blue All Over


Target cardigan, Fossil shirt, JCrew skirt, HUE tights, Happy Socks socks, Gee WaWa boots, Pyrrha necklace

twoarrowsA close-up of my new arrow hairpins. Man, I love Redux. Aren’t these puppies cute? Thinking of going back for the pink pair as well.

More things that I love:

1. Honey Hemp Conditioner by Oyin Handmade

It makes my hair feel and smell yummy.

2. Old Chevy/Ford Pick-Up Trucks


I saw this sweet thing on a walk with the boys. NEED.

3. Making dresses into skirts


4. Danny Castellano

My sister Bethany and I can’t get enough of The Mindy Project, mostly because of Danny and his ability to be awesome at every turn. He’s everything Mindy needs in life, why can’t she SEE that? LOVE that guy.

Also, we’ll talk later about how I want to raid Mindy’s closet. Fictional Mindy. Actually, real Mindy too.



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Dappled Donna

Fossil cardigan, Gap dress (Buffalo Exchange), thrifted belt, Biviel t-straps, self-made monocle necklace

I feel like Donna Reed in this dress.

Has anyone seen my bigger knife?

Coincidentally, I just did a GRIP of laundry yesterday. But not in this dress. On my stay home days during the week, there’s no way I would be wearing this dress to do laundry and clean things. Because that’s just stupid. I stay in black sweatpants and a shapeless top (the easier to breastfeed in). I’m usually covered in drool (River’s) and possibly boogers (also River’s). Sometimes I even forget to brush my teeth. Kids, it’s not a pretty sight. Not like perfectly coiffed Donna up there.

Oh, Donnas.

Go on and break me off. BREAK ME OFF!


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Lucky Number 7

Hat: Porch Light. Tights: HUE.

Necklaces: exex, Pyrrha, self-made

Cameo: thrifted

Outfit number slevin: very black and white, so I added my favorite heels for a pop of color. I love pairing this vest with this skirt. I can’t wait to add a bow tie to the mix.

Ugh, Monday. But! This is a short work week for me. It makes up for the fact that I’ll be working late tonight and won’t see my boys at all today. Just gotta make it to Wednesday. This weekend went by so fast as usual; I ended up watching a ton of Merlin on HULU.

It’s kind of like the Smallville version of the King Arthur legend, young people destined for greatness (or EVIIIIL) and all that. Loads of foreshadowing. Merlin’s cleaning leach jars now but just you wait until he grows that enormous white beard! Gwen’s a servant (and black, hi!) so she and Arthur are constantly doing the whole “As you wish, sire.” “Don’t call me sire! Now fetch me that water pitcher.” sort of thing.

And their love triangle needs work: Lancelot only shows up once a season, so the angst level is only a fraction of what it could be. MOOR LANCELOT.

Yesterday was Andy’s birthday but he was sick so we didn’t get to go out as planned. I’m hoping that when we’re in California one of our parents can watch the boys so that we can get some drinks or something. Gotta take advantage!



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Teal me something good

Shirt: Nordstrom

Skirt: JCPenney’s or Macy’s…really old

Shoes: Biviel

Belt: Thrifted (off another dress)

I feel a little Mad Men-y (Mad Minnie?) in this outfit. I think pencil skirts have that effect. I need more in my life, they are good for my hips and there aren’t that many things out there that are good for my hips.

I also need more shirts with peter pan collars. Just because.

When I bought these shoes there were only two colors available. I had more than enough pairs of black shoes so I went outside my comfort zone and went with teal. I hate buying things that won’t work in multiple ways, and you can never go wrong with black. But I was surprised by how perfectly these shoes fit in my closet. I still want the pair in black, though.


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