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Year he, year he

I have just bought the coolest ish you will ever EVER see…drumroll please…

yes. that is what you think it is.

For the mentally challenged: It’s the C.O.P.S. cartoon DVD set!!! *awesome*

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Get out of my dreams…

I’ve been having craaaazy dreams lately. Last night Jake Gyllenhaal was doing stand up at the Oscars. He didn’t score a lot of laughs, poor fellow. And last week I had a dream about fucking scary ass Chyna and her young transvestite son. It was wacky. It was weird. It was frightening. The kid looked just like her, he wore really dark eyeliner, he might’ve even had her scary she-man voice. I had just watched a preview for this new film The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things earlier that day, so I think that it instigated my little nightmare. It’s this supposedly “gripping” film where director/actress Asia Argento “puts it all out there”, a film that will “shock you!”. Hang on to your butts people! I smell a recipe for lame.

It’s based on the book by J.T. Leroy, an author whose childhood was just raw enough to become the fodder for a bestselling novel, only to have it come out later that this transgendered author who is also a recluse (ding ding ding…clues are falling from the sky people) is actually some chick in her forties. And the whole time everyone’s chowing down this dude’s novels and singing his praises for his rawness and realness, fucking Hollywood actors/directors are like, claiming to have known him since his tortured childhood/adolescence. And I mean the fictional “him”, not the lady in drag. CHORTLE! (here’s the actual “bio” if you want to get technical).

R.I.P. Octavia E. Butler. Her novel Kindred is one of my absolute favorites. She was one of the first black female sci-fi authors and I definitely hope not the last. I’m actually pretty surprised that Kindred has never been optioned by the film industry…not that they would do it justice. I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the rest of The Door in the Floor, which is based on A Widow for One Year, another one of my favorite novels. Kim Basinger reeks; she can’t act for shit! Just hearing those classic lines being uttered by her and that Fanning child who is NOT Dakota but merely a blood relation…made my eyes and ears bleed.

Where are all the Foo Fighters dead? In the heart or in the head? This album was so awesome. I remember when it came out how Bethany and I would listen to it forevers and evers and it was still good and pure and wonderful.

A little High Fidelity for your ass: Sub-question: is it in fact unfair to criticize a formerly great artist for his latter day sins, is it better to burn out or fade away?

A little something from the random scrambler: So…um… what is it about Levi’s that makes them hug a black girl’s plump ass just right?

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Where are we…what the hell???

Is going on….it’s March and it’s been snowing here (albeit lightly). Or sleeting. Whatever technical terms you want to use, it’s not springtime weather. Jack, where’d the sun go? It’s late and I’m bored. Let’s keep this whole stream of consciousness thing going, shall we? I’m reading Fast Food Nation (yes it took me forever to jump on that train) and my gag reflex has been tested many times over. It’s like when I was working in that Infectious Disease/OBGYN office in L.A. and I was finding out about illnesses that I didn’t even want to know existed. Can’t wait to see Beth, Josh and the boys next month! It feels like forever since I’ve seen everyone. We’re all moving so far away from each other…now Andy and I might be moving to the other side of the country…so there’s that. It’s all an adventure.

Good times. Good times.

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