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SAM_0883Fossil cardigan, thrifted scarf, Bonjour Biqui dress, HUE tights, Sock Dreams socks, Frye boots

I was born on this day 33 years ago.


I was a bit of a chunk, so my Dad nicknamed me Bubble.

It’s funny, when I was younger I always thought about how much easier things would be when I was in my thirties. By that time, I’d be super confident, I’d know who I was, I would have NO FEAR. I’d be married with kids and everything would be perfect. Well, I am thankfully wiser, but I still struggle with insecurities and self-doubt. I worry about being a good wife, a good mother, a good person a good amount of the time. I don’t have everything figured out now, and I don’t expect to in my 40s or any other magic number.  And that’s okay.

*looks around*


It’s a lowkey birthday for me! And that’s how I like it. Here’s what I have planned: dinner at The Observatory, dessert at Saint Cupcake, and I’m going to pick out my own gift at the jewelers: charms for my pandora bracelet. *dusts off hands* That’ll do, pig.

I’ll also listen to this song, probably:

Also,  I just turned on the 33rd episode of Handy Manny for the boys. OMG, CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!


P.S. My awesome aunt is awesome. She sent me a slip for my birthday! Weeee!


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Noir et Blanc




SAM_0572Thrifted JCrew shirt, Bonjour Biqui skirt, Born brogues

It’s been said so many times before but there really is something about pairing white and black together that is so fresh and so clean. C’est Bon! Pour reel!

Although…green and blue looks pretty good too! 🙂 I guess I’m just a huge fan of (chevron?) stripes.

IMG_0365Emarald Ripple Dress





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Thursday’s Child


SAM_0500Dizzie’s dress, Bonjour Biqui skirt, vintage doctor bag, Pink Studio sandals

I could’ve sworn today was Wednesday. *Blink*

I’m all turned around from our California trip. We spent two weeks there driving to and fro seeing family (some of them for the first time in five years!) and I completely lost track of time. Which reminds me, I need to do a Cali post soon.

When I got back I completely inhaled Orange is the New Black.


Also? I have a crush on Vicky Jeudy. She’s so beautiful and her hair is GORG!!!!



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Black, White and Floral




Aw, look at my little Rio photobombing! Presh.

This is an outfit from a couple of weeks ago, before the haircut. You know, I really dig this whole floral-stripe-combo thing. Thanks to whoever got that started. Also, do you see how the floral side of the  skirt is popping out to say hello to the tank? How sweet.

Yeah, I’m a dork.

That’s really all I came here to say.


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Title TK

What’s new and exciting?

I cut my hair again. I know! But this time I specifically got a curly cut. I managed to find a Devacurl salon and I have to admit, my knees buckled when I saw the 70 year old white man who was going to be my stylist. I had to ask (HAD to, I say!) if he knew how to cut Black hair even though I’d asked the woman who made the appointment for me in the first place about two or three times. This is what happens when a French woman butchers your hair within an inch of its life, folks.  Sure, I was a little worried. I have to say, though, Lee did a hell of a job! I told him that I wanted more of a rounded shape and that was pretty much my only request. Oh, and DON’T THIN IT PLEEEEEASE. He was horrified that I would even SUGGEST such a thing. *chuckles* Well, then.


I’ll probably be wearing it curly for a while, it’s the mood I’m in. Which means a lot of bad hair days as I figure out what works best for my hair. So prepare yourselves for a lot of scarves! They’re necessary on bad hair days or when I just don’t feel like plumping up the curls.

Hopefully one day soon my hair will look like this:


I’ve been wearing the crap out of this JCrew striped shirt, I just can’t get enough. I love layering it under dresses.



I also love the zipper on the back, which gives me shivers.




JCrew Factory shirt, Bonjour Biqui skirt, Hansel from Basel tights, Fossil Flora pumps

And I’m off.



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Jupe means skirt in French

One of my Christmas presents was this fantabulous Expedition skirt by Bonjour Biqui. Beautifully made, it’s like a party in the front and business in the back. Flirty flowers and steady stripes.


I paired up my floral tights with the floral side the other day. Got a little crazy there for a moment.



1st pic: Fossil sweater and shirt, BB skirt, HUE tights, OTBT booties, Fossil bag.

2nd & 3rd pic: Tulle coat, gifted scarf, JCrew shirt, Hansel from Basel tights, Sock Dreams socks.


The black and white stripes begged to be paired up with a bow tie, oxfords and my houndstooth cap.



UO hat, Buffalo Exchange shirt, Thrifted belt, BB skirt, HUE tights, Born oxfords. The tie is just a strip of Liberty Ornithology fabric.

Every time they see me in a full skirt my boys have been asking me: “Mama, are you a princess?”  Most of the time it’s when I’m wearing Bonjour Biqui, and I have to say, I definitely feel like one when I’m wearing their clothes.



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Birthday Dress

Warning: Gratuitous capslock. Reader discretion is advised.

I’ve been acquiring a lot of really cool, one-of-a-kind dresses lately and with each purchase I still clench my fists and cry into the mist, “Somewhere…out there…BENEATH THE PALE MOONLIGHT! Some dress is even MORE awesome than this and I will find it, mark my words.”

Then I spied the Studio Dress by Bonjour Biqui and lo, it blew my mind.

Two dresses in one. With pockets.

REVERSIBLE?! POCKETS?! REVERSIBLE?! Oui, s’il vous plait!

I told Andy, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY HOMG.” And he said, “So buy it.”

What a great man.

I can’t decide which pattern makes me happier.

A more awesome dress I’ll never find. It’s just so incredibly well made and simply gorgeous and I know I’ll cherish it forever. And if wishes were dresses, I’d um…have SIX. Because I’d have three.


Anyway, I’m already saving up for a skirt. Need all the things, toute de suite.


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