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Crazy beans

The dreams are getting crazier. Last night I had two wacky dreams. Two, not one, cuz I had to get up in the middle to go to the bathroom. Yeah, so in the first dream I had a robot that was a shapeshifter, it would change from a young woman to an old woman to a man that looked like Justin Theroux…crazy mcrandom. And they/it totally did my bidding! In the second dream Jason Bateman was driving my brothers around, buying them stuff from Foot Locker. Then he dropped them off at me and Andy’s house and I was pissed that he hadn’t bought me anything. I think he was their (but not mine?) father, because he kept lecturing them. And they were still in their pre-teens. 😦

I kept hugging my brother Christopher and wishing him a happy birthday (it was 2 days ago…he’s 22! I can’t tell you how frightening that is. I still think of him as being 15…obviously). And then this woman was like driving a train around town, she veered off the tracks and was causing some serious damage. CRAZY BEANS. I haven’t even watched anything with either of them in it recently!

Don’t even get me started on one a couple nights ago where this dude kept shooting people in the head…and they wouldn’t die…*rocks back and forth*

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We're having a (semi) heat wave!

It’s currently 90 degrees outside.90. Degrees. Yesterday I took a nice long walk and was rewarded with sweat dripping down my back. Last night Andy and I slept with no blankets and woke up covered in a nice glaze…normally I would be complaining, but I’ll soak this up for the time being. Rain is nice and all but several months of it can start to wear on you.

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For true boo?

Did there need to be a bogus journey? Wasn’t one excellent adventure enough? Andy and I were flipping through channels last night and came across that horrendous flick that shall not be named and almost gouged our eyes out. Oh, wait…that was just me. Yeah, yeah…in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Socrates is mackin’ on chicks, Napoleon is hanging out at “water-lube” (Oh God, the pain!), Beethevon can hear…yeah yeah. It still rocked. That…bogus thing? REEKS.

I tried it. I couldn’t fight it. I just want to get back to meeeeee…oh baby!

Back into the man I used to be! *rocks out eyes closed, fist clenched, biting lip*


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