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Doctor, Doctor

Thrifted coat (Little Edie’s), Fossil cardigan and dress, Sock Dreams tights and socks, Gee WaWa boots, self-made monocle necklace, doctor bag (Etsy)

I’ve bought three doctor bags in the past two weeks. Two of them need a little work done but I couldn’t just leave them there. Andy’s eyebrows are now permanently at hairline level, “Another one?” he asks politely.

Last weekend I found this at Little Edie’s:

And this beauty is on it’s way to me from Bordeaux (Etsy):

Sigh. I just can’t get enough.


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Dear hood scarf

Hood scarf: Pistil (via Imelda’s).  Coat: Tulle.  Sweater: Zara. Dress: Gap. Tights: HUE. Brogues: Franco Sarto. Doctor Bag: Etsy.

Dear hood scarf,

Remember when we first met? I saw you at Imelda’s and thought, “Oh snap! That’s hot sauce. I need that in my life.” Then I took you off of the shelf and saw that you cost one hundred dollars and thought, “Oh snap! NOPE.” and I walked away in anger. But. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I would tell everyone about you: “Dude, there’s this hood scarf at Imelda’s that I am in love with, it’s soooo soft and pretty.” and then finally my husband said, “BUY THE DAMN THING SO YOU WILL STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.” And so I saved and saved and finally you were mine. The end.


P.S. I thought black and white was appropriate for the third shot since I look like I’m about to go kneel in front of a crucifix. *softly sings Ave Marie*

P.P.S. I love this bag but I don’t love HOLDING it. It looks good on porches and fences though, don’t it?


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Good love

I found a doctor bag! On Etsy! For relatively cheap!

It’s the weirdest thing: finally finding one and sinking my claws into it has only made me all the more ravenous. NO STONE LEFT UNTURNED.

The one that got away. *tear* I hate Ebay, have I ever mentioned that? I do.

*BTW Andy finds my fascination with Doctor bags wildly confusing. He doesn’t understand the need to buy more than one. “That’s like  me buying the same comic book twice!” he just yelled. Oh, sweetheart. NO.  He also just called them “old lady bags”. Ha.

Anyway, the dress (and the sweater) is from one of my favorite stores, Fossil. It’s got epaulets! Epaulets are the best. And pockets! It’s the most comfortable dress ever, and it looks damn good with my burgandy Docs.

Shift Lock

Back Space

Typewriter earrings! Another Etsy purchase. I’m getting a little obsessed. There’s such good stuff on there! The list of things I want grows longer and longer. I’m thinking of doing all of my birthday/Christmas shopping on there too.

I gotta go to bed.


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