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Days of Thunder

Andy and I witnessed a scary ass car accident today. Let me premise this by saying that I am a better driver than most of the idiots I encounter on the road and I haven’t even had my license for a full year yet. Yes, you read that correctly. So I’m lazy.

So there he was, the idiot in question, driving this souped up Honda rather erratically. You’d think that a guy with a car like this one would be pretty deft at maneuvering it…or maybe that’s just my logic. I guess you could say these speed freaks just like to drive fast and inappropriately. Anyway, this guy was careening around, barely giving anyone time to register when he was changing lanes. Andy and I saw him at the same time swerving into our lane repeatedly…Andy slows down and we’re both shaking at heads at this guy. “What a fucking dumbass!” I say to Andy and he’s like “Yeah, I know.”

So the guy continues to swerve back and forth to the right and then decides, fuck it and just careens into the car in the next lane knocking him sideways and into the divider and then he spins out of control and in front of our car and to the opposite end of the freeway where it slammed into the divider on that side and still continues…slamming into the divider until it chugs to a complete stop. The guy in the Range Rover who was going about his merry way until Days of Thunder guy cut it short, has this insanely calm look on his face as he pulled over kind of like “Oh, okay. This sucks.” And as Andy and I drive by the reject in the now destroyed Honda I see that he has two other passengers in the car and one is A FUCKING CHILD.

(Thankfully, they were okay.)

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