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Extreme Thunder!


Thrifted shirt (Etsy), UO jeans, Chucks

I’m actually way more jazzed about this shirt than my face lets on. EXTREMELY. JAZZED. And who wouldn’t be with lightning bolts zig-zagging across their chest?

I found this shirt for Z’s birthday party in June. The theme? Puppies. Just kidding. MONSTER TRUCKS! The plan was for all of us to wear the tackiest shirts that I could possibly find, the ones that I’d always spied at Goodwill and the like. I’d always wondered, “Who would buy that thing?” Ha! Me. Apparently when you actually want to buy tacky monster truck shirts they vanish? So I took to Ebay and Etsy. Wow! People expect a LOT of money for these things! Who knew? So Andy had to go without. All of the men’s shirts were priced up the wazoo.I know he felt left out…but what can you do?

Cool, that rhymed.


There. A little more jazzed.

These jeans are the love of my life. They are the life of my love. I used to think that Levi’s were the only way to go, but then I saw a post of Orchid Grey‘s and I decided to give Urban Outfitters a try. It was a good decision. I have five pairs now and my hips are HAPPY.


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Green jeans are the Ant’s Pants

Saw some green jeans on Cakies and I had to have them tout de suite:

I love them. They rock my world.

We just put the boys to bed and they keep calling out to me and Andy: Daddy! Give me 40 kisses! or Mama! Give me zero kisses!

It’s very cute if not a little heartbreaking. Is it too much to ask that my kids like me the best?

We’re heading to Victoria and Vancouver (BC) later this week, I can’t wait. It’s been too long since our last vacation. Although I’m not sure that’s the right word for a trip taken with three rambunctious boys (did I mention that Rio is WALKING now? Crazy cakes.) but it should be fun! I keep telling people that we’re going to Alberta and I have no idea why, maybe because they’re both female names? But no, whoops. I’m not going anywhere near Alberta. Not that I don’t want to. Some day I’ll make it there, and Toronto and Labrador Retriever and PEI because well, duh:



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I dream of Giraffe with the long, long neck

Mmmm, dresses.

Cooperative Liz Dress – Urban Outfitters

Lucy dress – Fossil


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(4) Real Simple

Hat: Urban Outfitters. Everything else: see remix items post

Real simple. For real.

The last several Thursdays (my day off with the kids) I’ve stayed in sweats/pajamas all day long. But it continues to be nice out and I figured I should probably get dressed if I’m going to leave the house. I kept it simple: my favorite jeans, my new favorite cardigan and my all time favorite hat.

And since I’ll take any excuse to play a Replacements song:

I’m really enjoying this challenge. I played it safe and chose  pieces that I wear frequently, but I’m actually finding new ways to wear them which is so awesome. I’m thinking that after this challenge I might go through my closet and purge a bit, I have quite a few things that I never wear that are only taking up space. I also have my eye on things that I want, which is funny because I wasn’t even thinking about shopping until I agreed not to for thirty days! Now isn’t that ironic? Don’t you think? No, really, is that irony? I forget. It seems like it.




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Tooth of Hounds

Hat: Urban (my favorite!)

Tanks: Target

BDG Jeans: Urban (on sale!)

Shoes: Same old Chucks

Because the world’s too cold for a girl like that

With a Blackfoot soul and a cowboy newsboy hat

Everything she loved went down the dragon track

She had a fear of trains

I really only listen to one Magnetic Fields album, and that’s The Charm of the Highway Strip. It’s a country themed album and is kind of over the top. There are lots of mentions of  trains and the open road and the lead singer has the most distracting deep croon, sometimes it sounds like a belch is on it’s way. Basically it’s awesomesauce.

There’s just something about mustard yellow, black and white. Such a great combination. I wear this hat any chance I can get, and so the rest of the outfit just fills in the blanks: what would look good with this hat, etc. A lot, it turns out! 😛 I went to Urban this weekend and tried to find some more to add to my collection, but alas, I could barely fit them on  my head. One size fits all? Hardly. It’s too bad because they were all soooooo cute! 😛 BUT I bought these “jeans” and FLURVE them; all jeans were on sale for $39 so I made sure to scoop some up.


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