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Skirting the issue

So I just realized that I’ve been wearing my Thakoon for Target skirt wrong. For um, A GOOD LONG WHILE. I wondered why one pocket was on the side and the other in the back. It just made sense that the buttons should be in the middle. Well, that’s what I get for thinking INSIDE the box.

Who knew how awesome it would be to have TWO pockets at my disposal?


What a lovely concept.


A resounding Whoops!


toodsP.S. My hair is growing! Operation BIG hair is a go!


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Defying Gravity


It’s been a while. Since we last talked my eldest turned FIVE.

Just a bunch of goofs.

O, Z. My pensive, sensitive little dinosaur. I love you like whoa.

Z starts kindergarten in the fall and that’s all I’m gonna say because I don’t want to wahhhhhhh all over this blog. Too much of the emotions.

What I’ve been wearing:

My favorite dress paired with Thakoon for Target skirt and Biviel t-straps

Goorin hat, Ralph Lauren Rugby shirt, J. Crew pants, otbt booties

I love me some Happy Socks.

I found this really cute Gap dress at Buffalo Exchange:

It matches my Chie Miharas perfectly.

And here’s a little piece I like to call Defying Gravity:



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February Stars

Floating in the dark. Temporary scars.

Fossil cardigan, thrifted shirt and skirt, HUE tights, otbt booties

I found this great Thakoon for Target skirt at Goodwill last weekend. Then I stopped by Little Edie’s Five and Dime and snatched up the cutest plaid Laura Ashley dress with a peter pan collar and matching belt. I can’t wait to wear it but sadly it’s not conducive to breastfeeding so *waves sadly to dress*. See you in 7 months! C’est la vie.

La vie.

Also, just found out how conducive is really spelled. Thanks spellcheck!

So, Little Edie’s.

LOVE THAT PLACE. So much of the good in so little of a space. And yet, it still feels like I haven’t REALLY seen everything that it has to offer. I obsessed about it all week and went back today and rifled through clothing and bags whilst listening (and laughing) to This American Life. It was the perfect shopping experience even though I went home empty handed.

Off to finish re-watching Star Wars Episode One with Andy! Jar Jar Binks is even more annoying than I remembered!!


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