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Bundled up!

Beanie and sweater: Target. Blazer: Vintage. Skirt: Fossil. Tights: HUE. Shoes: Bass.

Plaid, argyles, elbow patches and tweed: these are a few of my favorite things. I wore this a couple of days ago to work. I doubled up on the skirts and the tights and was pretty warm and cozy but am never wearing these shoes in the rain again as my feet were soaked! Boo.

I got this blazer from Lady Luck Vintage, a shop I loved to frequent until it closed several years ago. They had the best coats EVER. This one in particular is a little small but I love it so much I don’t care. I bought another one from there, ankle length and green with little shoulder puffs – that one is a work in progress, and by “work” I mean that a tailor is going to do all of it and I will pay her.

Anyway, for some reason I think that a pipe would really complete this outfit. Maybe it’s the tweed? Not a corncob pipe, though. And a hoodie! I adore hoodies under blazers.

Here’s what I wore yesterday:

Coat: Tulle. Cardigan and Dress: Fossil. Tights: HUE. Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Frye. Hat: Goorin. Gloves: UP Bookstore. Scarf: Andy’s.

This dress is so soft and comfortable. I love wearing it under layers and all by it’s lonesome in the summer months, it has the cutest little square neckline and cap sleeves.

I’ve been wanting to wear my red beanie lately but it’s disappeared, much like these gloves did for several months (they were in my underwear drawer, duh). Who knows where it could be hiding? Things go missing in this house and it’s not like we’re super messy or anything, but between two forgetful adults, two hoarding toddlers and a cat it truly could be anywhere. Alas, I am too lazy to look so I must purchase more.

Tomorrow is Friday! Yay!

P.S. I looooove this cover:





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23: Macho man

Bowler hat: Goorin. Vest: Old Navy. Coat: Tulle. Newsboy hat, shirt, and jeans: Urban. Earrings: Haute Keys. Tie: Belt from dress. Boots: Frye.

This began as a, “Let’s pair two plaids together again!” moment and evolved from there. I took the tie from my dress because I’ve been wanting to wear a tie for days and for some reason Andy only has a bright red striped one? I could’ve sworn he had more. Anyway. I’ve always had a penchant for menswear and the structure that it adds to an outfit. Also, it’s fun to dress like a dude. When I was in high school I would sometimes wear a dress shirt, slacks and suspenders to school. There was this one girl that it always got a reaction from, she would slap her forehead and shout, “Where do you SHOP?” and I’d laugh and say the thrift store (which is where I did most of my shopping as I had no money). I wasn’t always so inspired though, sometimes I would wear a CK shirt and jeans all week.

I love Jess of Stylepint’s adorable take on menswear inspired outfits, she also cued me in to this great post by The Style Blogger.

Oh, and I made a bow tie out of a scarf my Mom gave me:

The things I do while my kids nap…


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The 6th Day

Hat: Goorin. Earrings and Purse: Fossil.

Ah, The 6th Day. I’ve never seen it, but I have read this review about a million times and it makes me cry tears of joy every. single. time.

This outfit is so comfortable.  I really like how the cardigan compliments the dress, and I dig the little sleeve puffs. I wore a skirt under the dress to make it a little fuller, but took it off because it kept slipping down. I also doubled up on the tights to keep my toes warm and  toasty.

I want these:

the perfect addition to this outfit, which I will buy in about 24 days. Or so.

Today has been the usual kind of Saturday, not too busy and mostly boring, but I don’t mind. 🙂 We did some grocery shopping, and then stopped by Target and Best Buy to prep for our drive to California on Thursday night/Friday morning. This challenge will definitely make packing easier, but I don’t know how I’m going to restrain from shopping while there, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’m off to go curl up on the couch and watch Merlin!





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Sweater: Target

Skirt: Vintage

Tights: Target

Boots: Frye

Bowler: Goorin

My coworker said this outfit made her want to go shopping, that it was perfect for fall. I was surprised because I felt pretty “meh” about it. I knew that I wanted to wear this skirt, but I didn’t want to think too much about what I paired with it. Black tights and cardigans make life easier that way. Maybe next time I’ll be a little more daring.


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Bowler hat: Goorin

Sweater and tights: Target

Dress: Buffalo Exchange

Boots: Frye

I managed to take these pictures the two seconds the rain decided to take a break. Sorry they’re so dark!

I was going to pair this dress with my new saddle shoes, but after I saw the pools of water forming outside I decided it was a boots kind of day. I love these boots, the second I have 2oo or more dollars to randomly blow I won’t think twice about getting another pair. So awesome.

The bowler hat I love in theory but I’m not sure it works on my head.

And now on to the music portion of the show:

One of my favorite songs with rain in the title. Old school. College, to be exact. This song will always remind me of being young and overly dramatic. Well, I’m not so young anymore at least. Anyway, I can’t listen to this song without also listening to “Sleeping Satellite” by Tasmin Archer and “Come Here Boy” by Imogene Heap (check out those names, right?).

They all have the same kind of sound and elicit the same feeling in me, like I’ve (to quote “Into the Ocean” by Blue October) “relaxed and floated into space”. Yeah, I’m gonna add that song to the list as well.


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