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Home sweet home

Well, we got back in town on Wednesday night (around midnight). It was hard getting up the next day and going back to work. Getting back into the swing of things. But, I do have to say, we are happy to be home – dreary weather and all! It’s weird, but when people ask me how Hawaii was I feel like my answer isn’t bubbly enough for them : “Well, we survived it!” 🙂 Meh. I don’t have the time to filter out what people don’t want to hear.

Zain and I outside Primitive Rhythm in Paia. I bought this beautiful bangle from there, so happy that I FINALLY found some silver jewelry that didn’t have turtles, dolphins, or huge gaudy pearls on it.

In some antiques store that sold the usual assortment of household items…and X-Men comics.

We went to Flatbread Pizza Co. in Paia…SO GOOD! Best nitrate-free pepperoni pizza I’ve ever had.

You got pineapple in my poi! You got poi in my pinapple! Together they taste like crap. Actually…poi is pretty nasty on it’s own.

At the luau.



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Waste your brain, wax your board, pray for waves.

Okay, I’m going to try and write this in the two seconds I have before Zain wakes up.

Hmmm. Let’s see. I sort of snorkeled yesterday, but realized that it’s not really my bag. Maybe someday I’ll feel more comfortable breathing through my mouth underwater. I did successfully see some fish and other things that I could see at an aquarium for several minutes before I started freaking out though. I decided I’d rather swim instead. And so I did. And then Andy took the gear and I took Z, who practically climbed me like a tree to keep from touching the water. I ended up speaking with some guy (who lives right across the street from our resort) for a while. I would NOT want to live here. Tourists everywhere. Crowded beaches most of the year. I’d rather live in UpCountry. So gorgeous. There are really cool shops and old buildings, beautiful hills and trees and farms. A LOT of gigantic churches. We walked around Makawao for a bit and drove through Pa’ia. Today we’ll really check it all out, and then head off to a luau later on.

(Oh! Saturday was our 5th anniversary. We celebrated with burgers and fries- courtesy of Cool Cat Diner on Front Street. :P)

Random: everything that could possibly get on my clothes this trip has. Grease, chocolate, grape juice, aaaaand bird shit. YES. I should be a walking advertisement for that Tide-to-go pen. I think my siblings used to call me “hole-in-chin” when I was younger because everything I put in my mouth would invariably leak onto my clothes. I blame this recent relapse on pregnancy.

And now: gaze upon these…


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Aloha and stuff

Andy already (!) posted a blog, so here I go.

We. are. in. Maui. There are times though, that we could fool ourselves into believing that we’re back in California, like maybe that building over there reminds us of one in Santa Barbara, or hey…doesn’t this area remind you of Paso? BUT NO. Every radio station (and there are a LOT) plays a helluva lot of Hawaiian music. And Reggae. So we’ve got to be in Maui. America….FUCK YEAH! (Yeah…don’t ask)

Anyway, we just got back from taking a dip in the pool here. I got a couple of tans (the design on the suit was actually TATTOOED on my back) and Andy avoided getting a sunburn. Z splashed and splashed to his heart’s content. There were some annoying lushes there, so we didn’t stay as long as I would’ve liked. Tonight we’ll head out to the ocean. Earlier we drove to LaHaina to check out Front Street (which you can’t get to from jump street, might I add) and shopped a bit. Did I mention that things (i.e. EVERYTHING) are really overpriced here? Yeah. Especially food. ETA: Actually…looking at the receipts now, we didn’t pay much more for clothes/swimwear then we would’ve anywhere else. They were on sale though.

Sidenote: Z is staring at himself in the mirror right now, gurgling and doing this really creepy weezy laugh that he just perfected. He is so precious I could crush him.

So it’s hot and lovely here. It’s definitely weird having a toddler with you on vacation, I never appreciated the freedom that I had before to just get up and do whatever without a thought to anyone else. And-I’m pregnant, so that adds a layer of exhaustion and crankyness. Poor Andy. He’s got two babies on his hands. I’ll let him go snorkeling first. 😛



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Dream a little dream

Sorry, this post isn’t about Corey Feldman. Maybe we’ll chat about him later. I just needed a witty title for my dream post. So, I had some incredibly vivid and weird dreams last night. The first one took place in a hospital. I think I had just gotten a job there. One of my co-workers, a curly headed scrubs wearing male introduced himself by hugging me. While he did this, he managed to grop my ass for an extended period of time. And I -enjoying the butt massage- did nothing about it. I just let him feel me up. Then afterwards, the guilt sank in. Why did I let him do that? I had to find him and make him apologize! When I finally did find him, I realized I hadn’t. I mean, it was a girl with the same hairstyle. And she couldn’t understand for the life of her why I was bothering her with such nonsense. “I’m sorry!” I said, “But you all have the same hairstyle, I couldn’t tell you apart!” Everywhere I looked, I saw brown curly heads of hair. I finally found the guy again, but he had turned into this sickly little creature who had a nasty cough and was shuddering violently. I suggested that he see a doctor…after all, he WAS in a hospital. Then all of sudden, I was in the cafeteria surrounded by nurses and hospital workers, talking about the horrible conditions at the hospital, and about how they (the higher ups?) cared more about vending machines than about paying us what we were worth. Then someone, I’m guessing my superior, wheeled in a vending machine as a gift to all of us. ???

My second dream was at a beach somewhere with my two sisters Anastasia and Bethany, Z (who was walking!) and Andy, who would look like himself at one point, and then Thomas Haden Church at another. When he was Thomas, he wore a black and white striped long sleeved shirt with a black and white striped skullcap. And he had a incredibly thick southern accent.

Maybe I’m dreaming of beaches because I’m anticipating our anniversary trip to …MAUI! in September. I cannot wait!

I think I’m going to get two new bathing suits. One will be lime green, definitely. 🙂


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