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Spring in my step

Trovata shirt (Gilt), J.Crew skirt (Buffalo Exchange), Frye heels, The Bridge gladstone bag (Ebay-$27!!!)

I paired up two of my recent purchases yesterday: an AMAZEBALLS The Bridge gladstone/doctors bag that I scored at a STEAL on Ebay and a J.Crew skirt that I randomly picked up at Buffalo Exchange. The skirt was an impulse grab, I was more excited about two Corey Lynn Calter skirts that I found but this one had the better fit. And once it was on I started picturing it with this Trovata asymmetrical top. Match made in heaven, I say.

My coworker told me that I looked like I should be pushing a pram something something Downton Abbey and I said, “That’s the best compliment anyone could ever give me. I’LL TAKE IT.”

I’ve had a lot of thrifting luck lately, but I find that the more I score something incredible the more I’ll get obsessed with what I’m going to find the next time and the next and I feel like I can’t walk away from a store without making a purchase. I’ve bought a couple of things lately that upon reviewing them later at home I’ll wonder, “WHY did I buy this?” Five dollars or fifty, crap is still crap.


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Saddle up!


Shirt: Trovata

Belt: Lady Bird’s General Store

Pants: Buffalo Exchange (J. Crew)

Shoes: Bass

This outfit needs suspenders!

I’ve been finding some great stuff at Buffalo Exchange lately. These pants are pretty spectacular, right? I took them to a seamstress to have them shortened, and when I tried them on she exclaimed, “Whoa, nice pants!” INDEED. I love the way they look with my saddle shoes (which, by the way, are still on sale)!

Wait…there’s a saddle BOOT? A bit much, I think.



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Maryanne Shipoppins

Hat: Porch Light

Coat: Nordstrom (Tulle)

Shirt: Trovata (Gilt)

Skirt: Lived-in Lover (which is sadly no more)

Shoes: Nicole

The first time I wore this skirt a woman curled her lip at me and said, “I wore a skirt like that in Catholic school. Why in the world are you wearing my Catholic school skirt?!” NICE LADY! I was bummed for a second but then I noticed that she was wearing tevas and I realized we spoke completely different languages.

Anyway, this outfit is so Mary Poppins +

Anne Shirley, AM I RIGHT?

Very nanny. Very school teacher. My first year in college, at the ripe old age of sixteen (going on seventeen *spins round in a gazebo*) I was told that I looked like a school teacher. Just what a young girl wants to hear. Then, when I decided to major in English everyone said, “I KNEW IT!” Except I didn’t want to teach, nuh uh NO WAY. It just made way more sense than anything else.

Check out Anne Shirley. Besides her oversized puff sleeves, her outfit is made of win. *grabs clock brooch* And Gilbert…OH, GIL.

Anne, I am so mad at you right now. Stop. RESISTING.

I am not ashamed of loving this series SO MUCH (okay the third one sucked, but I still own it). I wrote Jonathan Crombie’s name with hearts next to it in my grade school (okay, and high school) journal. I still have dreams of visiting Prince Edward Island just so I can walk on sand dunes and say things like, “But you hurt my feelings EXCRUTIATINGLY.” to the ocean waves.

Apparently there’s a musical too? Be still my beating heart.


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