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 31 weeks. 34 years old.

SAM_1901Thrifted Liz Lange maternity dress, Talula leggings, Miz Mooz flats


I turned 34 last Thursday. Rio turned 3 the next day. Here we are, the birthday kids (HEISSOADORABLE):



Hair update! I compared a picture from last year’s birthday and am soooper jazzed at the amount of growth that I’ve acquired.


Some things I’ve picked up for the babes:


I found a Hayden Harnett EROL tote at William Temple thrift a couple of weeks ago and I thought it would make a fantastic diaper bag.





And now I’m off to check on that turkey soup I’m cooking. I’ve got a horrible cold and it’ll definitely hit the spot.



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SAM_1896Thrifted Dear Creatures dress (Buffalo Exchange), Talula tights, Miz Mooz flats



YASSSSS. It’s all coming along. I’m hoping I just have another 7 or 8 weeks, and then we can finally meet these babies! We’ve chosen names already, so it’s been a welcome change to Baby A and Baby B. I’ve disclosed the names to some family members and friends and the concern trolling has been relatively mild. One of my sisters told me, “Oh, don’t do that!” and I responded with, “Sorry, this is happening.” Another family member jokingly threw out some over the top absurd names on FB for the twins. I found it amusing the first time around, not so much the second. I get it: people know not to expect traditional names from us; when Madrox was born I was treated to “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!”, etc. It’s amazing how many people own crystal balls: “He’s gonna get teased and it’s all your fault!” What I wish I could have predicted was how difficult it would be for people to simply pronounce his name. Mad Rocks? Really? I got a call from the dentist’s office the other day confirming his appointment and the receptionist called him Matrix, I’m pretty sure. That’s just sad. When I suggested his nickname to one of the kindergarten teachers at his school (because seriously, stop butchering my kid’s name, I’m giving you an out here), who after multiple tries still couldn’t wrap his head around the complicated pronunciation, the ADULT said, “Well, I don’t want to call him Mad, because then I’ll get mad and he’ll get mad…” Andy: “Yeah, he doesn’t like that.” For shame. What are you doing, teacher of children? I’ve yet to have a kid tease Mad about his name. Adults, on the other hand? Ya know, people who should know better? Yep! Reading this post made me nod my head until it almost fell off. My whole thing is: there are plenty of names that I think suck (a lot of “normal” names top that list btw), I just don’t go around acting like my opinion actually MEANS something. I talk shit behind closed doors, like you should do.

River and I have birthdays coming up next week! Sadly my morning/all day sickness is on an upswing lately and I haven’t been feeling up to much. Andy has been pushing me to schedule a prenatal massage and so that’ll be a nice birthday present. I can’t wait.

30wksAt the children’s museum today, trying to find a scrap of shade. Soooo hoooooot. My feet and fingers are swelling as we speak. I never thought I’d pray for rain in Portland but if there’s a god…hear my prayer.



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Woman of Steel


SAM_1855Thrifted Bailey 44 column dress, Pink Studio mary janes


SAM_1857TWENTY NINE WEEKS, U GUISE. This is when I tell you how nervous I am about going into labor even though I’ve done it three times. Because I’ve never done a two-fer. HOW DOES THIS WORK. (Don’t answer that)

So this is not a maternity dress, no duh doy. I’d first seen many versions of this column dress pop up on style blogs that I frequented like, yeeeears ago, and I loved the look of them but the price not so much. When I came across it on Anthromollogies, where it was worn during pregnancy, I thought, “How cute!”

Well, I found the EXACT same version at Value Village the other day (HELLSYEAH). It’s pilling a bit but still looks to be in pretty good condition and it stretches quite nicely over my engorged belleh! I would never have attempted to wear this dress during pregnancy if not for Anthromollogies, and I know it’ll translate quite nicely when I slim down after squeezing these kiddos out. HUZZAH!

Here’s another number:


He loves me so much he trimmed his beard for me.


DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY IS? It’s our anniversary. Anniversary. It’s our anniversaaaaaaryyyyyy.

Wow. I’ve been married to this red bearded dude for a really long time. I love him even though he mentioned a SIXTH kid while I have two inside of me right now.

To celebrate we went and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 with the boys while eating pizza and burgers and hot dogs.  We also got choked up because pregnancy hormones, u guise. >.> Tonight, there will be ice cream.

Also, Mad’s a kindergartener now! It’s kind of weird having two kids in school.

IMG_2112He’s adjusting really well. I’m glad but also sad because well…my baby. He’s growing up!


Anyway, here’s some more pictures from this pregnancy:

IMG_2078Rio being adorable, geez.

SAM_1795 IMG_8382Taken three years apart at the Oregon Aquarium. I like to go when I’m heavily pregnant, apparently.

SAM_1805An outfit from last week.



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