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Moody Mumford

Bruce Springsteen has ruined me for other bands.

His show was just that: A SHOW. He and the E Street band played for 3 hours. He took requests, he pulled people onstage, he crowd-surfed, he made me FEEL THINGS. Seriously, who’s the Boss? THAT dude.


Andy and I went to a Mumford and Sons show Monday night. And, well…meh. First of all, Marcus seemed to be in a bit of a mood. And well…knock it off, son. This is your job. Entertain me. Make me feel like I’m the only person in the room. I can see you have some chops there, and ya’ll sound hella good in concert. I was clapping and swaying to the music and feeling your strings section. But I was expecting a bit more warmth. And conversation! Not two openers and barely an hour and a half of the headlining band! We got a babysitter! ENTERTAIN ME!

Hey, look at my overpriced T-shirt!



SAM_0468Shows can make or break a band for me. I fell out of love with Pete Yorn many moons ago after hearing him sing through his teeth. I became aware of Frank Black’s genius after accompanying Andy to a show. Same goes for Tiger Army (could seriously see those guys over and over).

You dropped the ball M&S!! Be more like Springsteen! And seriously, as I was thinking that very thought during the show, they broke into “I’m on Fire.” That’s not what I meant boys, but nice try. I kept telling Andy how disappointed I was that they weren’t more like Bruce and all he could do was grin like a fool, because he’s the Springsteen guy, and say: “I’m so glad you enjoyed the show.” Well, yeah…but WHAT ABOUT MUMFORD?

Thank God for Ben Lovett, ya’ll. He tried to connect. And his shoes kept a lot of my attention, I wish I’d gotten a better look at them. Because they looked amazing.


toodsP.S. I’ll probably buy the next album but I’ll definitely be sitting the next show out. And probably the next. Mums the Ford, INDEED.

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Petals and Stems




SAM_0362Target beanie, thrifted scarf, Old Navy cardigan, JCrew factory shirt, UO jeans, Chucks

I was wandering around a tiny bookstore in Cannon Beach several weekends ago when I heard:

“Well, alright! Green!”

I looked behind me and then back at the man sitting on a folding chair in the corner of the store. “Huh?”

“Your jeans are green,” he said. I remember him having long hair to his shoulders, a bushy beard, and that he was wearing a tie-dyed shirt but that might be my memory playing tricks on me. “Right on!”

These jeans spread joy everywhere they go. 🙂


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California, here I come




Goorin hat, Fossil cardigan, UP shirt, thrifted skirt, Born brogues

I’m off to Cali for a few days for my older sister’s graduation (congrats Anastasia!). You’d think I was going to be gone for a month or something by the way I’ve been carrying on. I tried to talk about my trip to the boys and Mad got pissed. He said he wanted to go too, and then when I said that he couldn’t, he told me he wanted to get on a helicopter and fly away from me. It made me laugh. And cry.  Zain yelled at Mad for being mean and Mad just got meaner: he told me that he was cross with me, that he was greatly displeased. Ouch!

Man, I love that kid.

I’m off to watch Zach Gilford related things.


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Read by Mama

Whenever I read a book to the boys I do it a-la Reading Rainbow. I tell them who wrote it, who illustrated it, and lastly: “Read…”

And the boys all answer: “By Mama!”

So when I got up this morning there was a card for me with the words “Read by Mama” written on it (Andy rocks).










I’m so lucky.

Also, could Mad’s expressions be any more hilarious?!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and to all the mothers out there: Happy Mother’s Day!


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At Mt Tabor Park on 420. Place was packed with YOUTHS.


Feeling very Dr. Seuss here.


O hai high-waist pants! You know, suspenders would really bring this whole outfit together. Also: Urkel.


Man, those stairs are funny. CHUCKLE!

Dudes. I’m just sitting here sweating, looking at these pictures where I’m wearing things that cover my limbs. Man alive, it is HOT right now. And I love it.

Me: I love Portland. We could stay a while. Let’s stay a while.

Andy: You say that every time the weather gets nice.

Me: I do, don’t I?

Andy: Shhhh. It’s okay.

Today we took the boys to Jamison Square and I let the boys splash me to their hearts content after which I went over to Andy where he sat under the shade of a tree, watching Rio climb in and out of the stroller and gave him a nice big HUG. Or twelve.

Andy: Okay, okay. Don’t be a douche.

Me: What?

Andy: You suck.

Me: Why aren’t you hugging me?

Andy: I am!


There were a ton of people there, lots of little boys named Asher (Andy: Aren’t you happy I vetoed that one?) and little girls in bikinis (Me and Andy: O_O) and this bodybuilder guy who had the longest, NASTIEST yellow toenails.

Andy (whispering): Hey, when you get the chance, turn around and check out this guy’s toenails behind you.

Me: Are they scary?

Andy: Just unexpected.

Eff that, they were SCARY.



Hope everyone had a happy Cinco de Mayo!

I’m off to watch some Graham Norton on Youtube.



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