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When I started watching the first episode of the second half of the new season I knew something was up. It was simply, too good to be true. There was Dualla! On the screen! Speaking words! I thought someone had actually listened to me. But then she blew her brains out. So. I’m pretty sure that means no more Dualla?? Yeeeeah.  And although it was shocking, it kind of wasn’t. Of course she would die. At her own hand, no less (EXCLAMATION POINT). And of course all of the annoying assholes would live another day. President Roslin? I’m looking at you. You too Gaius. Let’s just get this season over with, shall we? TEDIOUS.

This? Not a good movie. Looking at this poster you’d think Angelina was the main character or something seeing as she’s about 3 times the size of James McAvoy. No, she’s just what brought the boys to the yard. And I…am…confused. Like Andy said, she looks like a Lollipop girl with that big ole head stuck on her negative pound frame. Not sexy. NO.

I had a huge issue with the storyline even though I’ve never read the comic. It was, as I said when the credits started rolling, “kinda lame”.  Who decided this garbage was fit for human consumption? Why are assassins running textile mills? Oh, there’s names hidden in the weaving? Names of people who need killing? That’s…stupid. Then there’s the usual wimp/loser/ball-less wonder becomes major super badass montage. And although it’s completely unnecessary, a kiss between Angelina and James. *yawn*

It’s snowing here. Again. I am…enraged.


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Let's have some words.

Oh, hey D. What’s up. Where ya been? Counting down somewhere, I’m sure. We can always count on you for that. How can we jump without your steady “In five…four…three…”

But seriously…? Where in the frack have you been hiding? Definitely not under Apollo, I gather. I just finished watching episode Six of One and all I got was Apollo hugging you tearfully and saying, “I guess you got the house.” Which of course means you two have divorced. Of course. Since you should have never gotten married in the first place!!! One stupid wrestling match and then doe-eyed love? Not buying it. Especially when Billy (*bites fist*), like, bit the big one two seconds beforehand. And did I mention that Billy was AWESOME? I’m sure he would never have cheated on you, not only because he was totally in love with you…but since he knew you could easily kick his ass.

But even as I cheer this relationship’s demise, I fear that now there’s no excuse to give you any screen time.

*shakes head*



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