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Mad Woman


Look what I found at Little Edie’s for twelve dollars.

You know how you see a dress on a hanger and it looks unassuming but for some reason you grab it and take it to the dressing room to try it on and you start hyperventilating while you’re pulling up the zipper because it’s made of so much win you can’t breathe?

And then you get kind of cocky and belligerent and start talking to yourself in the mirror like: “Huh? What’s that?! THOUGHT YOU KNEW.”

Oh, that’s just me? Okay.

So, so pretty. Look at that collar! And the sleeves! It came with a belt too, but it doesn’t hold well so I replaced it with this little black number for now.

I feel so Mad Men when I wear it.

Fossil cardigan, thrifted dress (Little Edie’s Five and Dime), thrifted belt (Bombshell vintage), HUE tights, Nicole Mary Janes

In conclusion, HUZZAH.


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My sweet Auntie Annie sent me this lovely skirt as a birthday present – it’s my new favorite!

I’m excited to be able to wear tights again. So many colorful options! I got these yellow ones for a steal at Zara’s in NY, they’re the perfect pick-me-up for the Doom And Gloom to come. Speaking of which, Andy recently ordered us one of these:

Take that, SAD!!


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Happy Legs


Tights: Happy Socks. Everything else: Same old stuff.

Finally got those tights I’d been lusting after for a year. Actually, I bought them a while ago but it hasn’t been cool enough to wear tights until recently. They’re crazy itchy so I have to wear another (softer, much more comfortable) pair underneath, but they’re hella cute. And I couldn’t resist pairing them with my polkadot dress.

Speaking of happy legs…

My eldest, Z, started kindergarten a month ago. His school has a code of dress: collared white, navy blue or burgundy shirts/sweaters/vests and khaki, navy blue, or blue/red plaid pants.

Naturally, I had to find him a pair of plaid pants. What’s up, Ebay?!

Loves him some piggies!

And check out that super cute lunchbox I found on sale at OMGizzle.

Everyone at school can’t stop talking about his awesome plaid pants. “He’s the best dressed kid in school!” one of the teachers told me.

That’s my boy.


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Flapper Girl

This morning as I was getting out of my supremely hip minivan, a group of ROTC kids ran by me. “Check out that amazing view, gentlemen!” one of them grunted. There were more grunts of agreement and I’m not gonna lie: I began to strut. Then I noticed the splindiferous sunrise behind me. Pinks and Blues and Yellows, totally upstaging me.

Ah, well.

Check it.

Porch Light cloche, Fossil cardigan, Nordstrom blouse, (old!)Express skirt, Chie Mihara mary janes

As I was leaving the bathroom this afternoon I heard a man say, “You look like you’re going dancing!” I looked behind me, just in case. Nah, he was talking to me. No sunrise in sight. Also, I looked like a damn flapper.

“Thanks?” I said.

He laughed and walked off and I totally missed my chance to do this:



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