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I love lamp

Just drooling over the stuff at Restoration Hardware.

Rowan Pharmacy Task Table Lamp

Franklin Pharmacy Task Table Lamp

Mayfair Steamer Chest

Kensington Upholstered Studio Sofa

Versailles Domed Burlap-Backed Chair

That chair looks like something out of an insane asylum but it’s still the stuff my dreams are made of.

Oh! I scored a free globe last week:



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March Madness

Mad turned one earlier this month. I can’t get over how fast this last year has gone. Where did my baby go?! He’s been replaced by a walking, talking boy with FOUR teeth. He can say Mama, Daddy, more, banana and no (but of course). The first time I saw him sign “more” I almost fell over. It’s so strange how excited I am to experience all of these firsts again. I suspect it will be the same with the next child (and the next, and the next…just kidding!). Everything they do is the best, I’m so in love with my children! Even when they throw their food on the ground and pull my hair straight out of my head…

Anyway, I took his birthday off and we went to the zoo with our friends Jennie and her daughter Lena. I brought some organic chocolate cupcakes that I made, but alas, they came out completely dry and gross. But the day was perfect – sunny with a breeze. Not too hot, not too cold. We saw a drugged rhino and something that looked like a baboon but wasn’t.  Such a scary, scary bright red ass.

“Check it out guys!” Andy said. “It’s a baboon!”

“It’s a mandrill,” a ten year old girl corrected him. Andy refused to believe her, even though the sign clearly said Mandrill. He grumbled, “I’m pretty sure it’s a baboon!”

But there were lions and tigers and bears (actually the polar bear was MIA)…all fun times. We bought a snow leopard (Leopard Nimoy) and an elephant (Elephant Gerald) for the boys at the gift shop.

Oh, my Mad Miles. I love you to the moon and back.


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Good love

I found a doctor bag! On Etsy! For relatively cheap!

It’s the weirdest thing: finally finding one and sinking my claws into it has only made me all the more ravenous. NO STONE LEFT UNTURNED.

The one that got away. *tear* I hate Ebay, have I ever mentioned that? I do.

*BTW Andy finds my fascination with Doctor bags wildly confusing. He doesn’t understand the need to buy more than one. “That’s like  me buying the same comic book twice!” he just yelled. Oh, sweetheart. NO.  He also just called them “old lady bags”. Ha.

Anyway, the dress (and the sweater) is from one of my favorite stores, Fossil. It’s got epaulets! Epaulets are the best. And pockets! It’s the most comfortable dress ever, and it looks damn good with my burgandy Docs.

Shift Lock

Back Space

Typewriter earrings! Another Etsy purchase. I’m getting a little obsessed. There’s such good stuff on there! The list of things I want grows longer and longer. I’m thinking of doing all of my birthday/Christmas shopping on there too.

I gotta go to bed.


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