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Lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with youuuuuuuu

Sweater and Skirt: Fossil. Polo: AE. Tights and Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Tretorn.

More chunky sweater goodness.

I’m so excited about my little-big sister Bethany, brother-in-law Josh and nephew Ezra visiting for Christmas! Can’t. Wait. It feels like ages since we’ve seen each other, but apparently we visited in March? What’s that good old trite phrase again? Oh, right. Time Flies. But it’s so true. River is a tank already and I’ve only got two* weeks left of maternity leave… oh, and I’m THIRTY-ONE now. I was too busy pushing out a baby to really focus long and hard on the fact that I am getting old…er.

Man, I’m such a whiner.

Not too much more to say so here’s my ever-growing Christmas/general want list (no pressure):


OTBT Rockdale bootie


ASOS Premium Belted Coat


Happy Socks big dot tights

4.Miz Mooz Dorian flat in grey. Dorian Grey. HA!

*ETA: Just re-calculated and realized I have THREE weeks left. WEEEEEE!


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A wrinkle in time

Target beanie. Fossil Cardigan. Old Navy shirt. Thrifted (Ladybird’s General Store) skirt. HUE tights. Sock Dreams socks. Frye boots.

An outfit from a couple of days ago. My new skirt shall herewith and forevermore be called Rip Van Wrinkle. Lovingly! Lovingly. True story: I picked it up from the cleaners, paid as the woman who worked there prattled on about how they had to painstakingly iron each and every pleat with care, took it home maintaining the pleat perfection, etc. Rubbed my hands in anticipation before I took it off the hanger. I put it on. Moved an inch. And then? PLEAT OBLITERATION.  NOOOOOOOO.

Still love it though. Maybe next time I’ll pull the outfit together with a belt or something?


I’ve been dreaming of the perfect coat lately, what with the freezing rain and bone chilling breezes that have graced Portland the last couple of days. It would have a full skirt, longer in the back. A hood. The slightest puffed sleeves. Something like a princess/dress/frock coat. Here are some awesome ones that I’ve found online so far:

ASOS Premium Dip Back Coat

Topshop Princess Coat

Topshop Heritage Dress Coat


And of course my favorite (*waves at Heritage Dress coat*) would be an INSANE amount of money. ARGH.


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