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18: R&R

Sweater: Target. Dress: Zara. Belt: Anastasia’s. Tights: drugstore. Saddle shoes: Bass.

18 of 30.

Resting up before the drive back home tomorrow. Yiiiiiiikes. Not looking forward to that.We usually drive at night so that the boys can sleep, but we’re kind of tired of driving while delirious so here’s hoping they don’t flip out. And it’ll be nice to actually see some scenery.

So I really tried to cheat today. We went shopping and my sister and aunt left with bags of stuff but I wasn’t impressed by anything. Which is good, right? But I’m compiling a list: bow tie, black oxfords, brown Frye boots, sweater clips, pocket watch brooch. Soon, my lovelies. SOON.

I’m off. Toods!



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Sweater: Fossil. Shirt: GILT (Trovata). Jeans: Urban. Saddle shoes: Bass.

14 of 30.

Another busy fun-filled day in California. Visiting with in-laws, meeting up with old friends, eating In N Out, and hopefully seeing Harry Potter later tonight!




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