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Zach Galifianakis!

Andy and I just got back from seeing Zach Galifianakis (I’m pretty sure I spelled that right), one of my fave comedians. He and I are both That’s So Raven fans. It makes my heart sing.

It was in the Crystal Ballroom where we saw Tegan and Sara blow hard (it wasn’t their fault, the sound sucked), a McMenamins venue/club/ballroom that is known for it’s warped floors and not really the first place to come to mind when I think “comedy club”. I was surprised at how many folding chairs they managed to cram in that space and not so surprised at the amount of drunken annoying fools. My stomach got a lot of weird looks, like “What is that doing here?” Dumb asses.

Anyway, long story short….of all the people there Zach decided to talk to Andy and myself. And a handful of other people, but I mean come on. It was awesome….in retrospect. I got nervous, of course. He went through the whole “What do you do?” schpiel and basically made (oh so gentle) fun of our responses. My “Office Specialist” was a hit, cuz who says that? Dude, I was nervous! And it’s on my business card. I also forgot UP’s mascot, even though I’ve been working there for 3 months now (and go a couple of times a week to the Pilot House on campus, and instruct students to login to PilotsUP). Some girl sitting behind me kind of poked me and yelled fiercely “Pilots!” Well, damn. Don’t mess with with Portlanders and their fucking mascots! It’s Zain sucking me dry, I swear. My memory and general intelligence? There ain’t no there there. Yeah…. But, whatever…as much as I like to obsess about how much of an idiot I make myself look like occasionally, it was all to the good. He used us as a segue into his own fictional interracial relationship joke, then quickly harrassed some girl named Martha or Bertha.

His opening act was pretty good too (Hari Kondabolu)…I’d write more but I’m tired. Maybe I’ll elaborate more tomorrow. For now, good night.

*ETA: So I checked out Zach’s Myspace page to see if anything had been written about the show and some broad posted “The University of Portland’s team is the Pilots. I know this and I went to PSU.” Well, applause bitch! I love that she is so proud of this fact, and that it’s the part of the show that most stood out for her. Not even the fact that he was dressed as LITTLE FUCKING ORPHAN ANNIE prompted more than an “I love your dress.” It truly is the little things in life that make all the difference. Of course, she didn’t have a spotlight shining in her face or a microphone a couple of inches from her mouth, but hey. You can have massive balls if you’re not put on the spot. So congrats, little miss prove-herself-to-Zack-Galifianakis-who-couldn’t-care-less! We all salute you.

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